Donald Trump Announced His Candidacy 30 Years Ago Today

Wednesday morning, September 2, 1987. It started out with news item on a Philadelphia area morning drive-time show featuring Atlantic City casino owner Donald Trump spending almost $100,000 ($207,000 in today’s dollars) of his own money to take out full-page newspaper ads attacking Japan and Saudi Arabia—and indirectly, President Reagan—for allowing the United

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Trump—Compared to What?

Tu quoque is a classical Latin term for “you too.” It is sometimes considered a logical fallacy: you do not defend your position, but instead point to someone else’s that is worse—in the fashion of a guilty child seeking to avoid parental discipline by claiming his unpunished brother “did it worse.” But in

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A Deplorable Conservative Response to Charlottesville and Bannon

President Donald Trump’s responses to the violence in Charlottesville have garnered the typical reactions from all the usual suspects in the conservative sphere of influence. Luminaries such as David French, Erick Erickson, and Ben Shapiro took the field against Trump, trying to prove the Leftist narrative that he sympathizes with white supremacists. One

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In Iceland, Where ‘Life is Grey,’ Eugenics Reigns

You might have missed an exceptional report on CBS News this week. The network dispatched its “On Assignment Team” of Julian Quinones, Arijeta Lajka and correspondent Elaine Quijano to far-flung Iceland, a nation of considerable news interest because “few countries have come as close to eradicating Down syndrome births.” How on earth did

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The Kristol Crackup

In a Venn diagram of NeverTrump conservatives and anti-Trump liberals, a photo of Bill Kristol would appropriately fill the growing intersection of the two. Like many NeverTrumpers, Kristol has abandoned any attempt to promote conservative ideals and policies and instead is focused merely on destroying Donald Trump’s presidency. While the NeverTrumpers’ daily whipping

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