Articles by Julie Kelly

NeverTrump Parasites Won’t Give Up on Destroying Their Host

he past several days have been filled with accolades and attention for NeverTrump, the wee collection of self-proclaimed “conservatives” working against the president, in the corporate media. The Washington Post published a lengthy puff piece on two new nonprofits that are targeting not just President Trump but Trump-supporting Republican senators up for re-election. Post reporters, […]

Where the Hell Is John Durham?

n May 2019, Attorney General William Barr made an announcement millions of Americans had been waiting for: A U.S. attorney outside the Beltway would investigate the corrupt origins of the FBI’s probe into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and government efforts to sabotage the incoming president after he was elected. For the past 14 months, we […]

The Great Fireworks Rebellion of 2020

f Donald Trump’s Independence Eve address at Mount Rushmore was a battle cry for the republic, millions of Americans seemingly joined forces with the president the next evening with their own sort of ammunition: fireworks. Lockdown orders and “social distancing” decrees canceled official Fourth of July fireworks displays across the country—the latest in a long […]

Weapons of Mass Collusion

“The Clinton campaign got a bunch of dirty cops to frame and spy on their opponent, the Trump campaign. After Trump won, they rolled this dirty tricks operation, this spying campaign, into a coup.” —Lee Smith, author of The Plot Against the President  he biggest scandal in American political history started with NeverTrump conservatives. Desperate […]

Sheep in Elephant Costumes

magine for a moment that this is how Senate Republicans had used their power over the past three and a half years:   Objected to the appointment of a special counsel into an imaginary crime most Republican senators already knew at the time didn’t happen and denied funding for the probe when it was stacked […]

Social Media’s Election Interference

college senior raised in a conservative household now posting Black Lives Matter propaganda on her Instagram account. A son-in-law berating his wife’s self-made millionaire family about racism and Donald Trump. A twentysomething graduate of one of the country’s top universities informing his attentive, loving parents that he’s ashamed of how he was raised in a […]

Obama and his Gang of Untouchables

n the 1987 classic “The Untouchables,” federal crime fighters take on legendary mafioso Al Capone and the Chicago mob during the Prohibition era. At the time, Capone controlled every power base in the city—from local newspapers to sitting judges. The film spawned a famous line—“he pulls a knife, you pull a gun”—from the scene where […]

The Con of the Surrender Cons

he column, written in the heated aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, sounded like a typical anti-American screed published in the New York Times or posted on MSNBC. “Racism in America is a fatal wound,” the author lamented. “Every time another incident occurs we put a Band-Aid on it, but the Band-Aid keeps falling off. Band-Aids […]

The Rebirth of John Bolton

n 2008, a British environmental activist attempted to perform a citizen’s arrest on John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, during a speech in London. He failed. Top officials with George W. Bush’s Administration, Bolton in particular, were widely considered war criminals for their role in launching a deadly war in Iraq, […]

No, Trump Didn’t Radicalize the Left

new poll offers grim but realistic news about America: One-third of our fellow countrymen, including 40 percent of Republicans, say we are on the verge of a civil war. It is a dangerous time—terrifying for parents of children of any age—as the radical Left’s 50-year incursion into every American institution finally is reaping long-sought dividends […]

Democrats, Not Republicans, Protect Dirty Cops

buse and inequality—at the hands of American law enforcement—comes in all forms. The death of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has been condemned broadly—by everyone from the Republican president and leaders of both parties to Americans of every color, religion, and partisan affiliation. The nation now is engulfed in a heated and inarguably […]

The Suicide of Expertise

n his 2017 book, The Death of Expertise, author Tom Nichols argued that know-it-all Americans were tuning out the credentialed class at great risk to the country. “We rely on delegating decisions to other people who we assume are going to have some better knowledge of these issues than we are,” he said in an […]

Ben Sasse Rescues Obamagate Conspirators

fter years of foot-dragging and empty threats, Senate Republicans finally seemed poised to hold ObamaGate conspirators publicly accountable for their complicity in the biggest political scandal in U.S. history. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) last month issued a list of more than 50 Obama-era officials he threatened to subpoena and compel to testify […]

No, Trump Should Not Rescue Cities Again

hen looters threatened to bring their mayhem and destruction from the city of Chicago to my suburb on Sunday, our town’s leadership acted quickly. Snow plows were used to block access to the major shopping mall and big-box outlets; police SUVs and undercover cars patrolled heavily-traveled streets carrying cops with riot gear. Stores and restaurants, […]

Chris Wallace and the Weekly Standard-ization of Fox News

hat is happening to Fox News Channel? With the exception of its primetime lineup and a few regular contributors, Fox News increasingly is indistinguishable from its cable news competitors. The network, once considered the sole antidote to dominant left-wing news organizations—both print and broadcast—is making a fatal brand mistake: Alienating its customer base. For nearly […]

The Curious Flynn-Kislyak Call Gets Curiouser

he infamous phone call between then-incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, like so many tales of Russian collusion, is not as it first appeared. In light of new evidence, it’s likely there’s no truth to the running narrative about the December 29, 2016 phone call that has been the basis […]

Useless Senate Republicans No Match for the ‘Bums of Steele’

he letter, signed by one of the most powerful lawmakers on Capitol Hill and addressed to Fusion GPS, indicated the jig was up. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) asked Glenn Simpson, Fusion’s co-owner, 13 questions about his involvement with the so-called Steele dossier and ties to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. “When political opposition […]

Fraudulent Models, Fatal Consequences

t was the model that shocked the world. In mid-March, British researchers issued an alarming study that predicted 2.2 million Americans would die of COVID-19 by August without immediate, draconian measures to halt its spread. As the virus rampaged across the country, more than 80 percent of Americans would be infected, the experts warned, causing […]

The Moral Busybodies Strike Again

here’s a weird cognitive dissonance happening right now that is as revealing as it is alarming. Just as we learn more details about all the ways Barack Obama and his henchmen weaponized powerful federal agencies to punish Donald Trump, Americans, oddly, are surrendering their own power to the same type of god-like government authorities under […]