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Carter Page Seeks Justice While the Real Trump-Russia Perps Sweat

If you are the karma-believing type, this week is filled with events that should nourish your political soul. A few of the masterminds behind the bogus Trump-Russia collusion tale finally are getting some payback—and one of their targets is going to court to get his reputation back. Two years ago this week, the

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Celebrities Use Fading Star Power Against Nunes

The message from the aging rock star about the California Republican was succinct: “F*ck Nunes.” Those gripping words were tweeted earlier this year by Axl Rose, the frontman for Guns N’ Roses. The rocker apparently was miffed after Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) suggested that the Obama administration spied on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign

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Climate Change’s Ever-Shifting Goalposts

A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change offers a timely reminder that much of the Left’s doomsday hysteria can be traced to the modern-day environmental movement. Like Democrats’ dire warnings that everything from tax cuts to net neutrality will result in mass casualties, the climate cabal’s Grim Reaper estimates are

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McKibben Stirs the Mob on Climate Change

According to CNN hosts, no one should use the "mob." Therefore, I intend to use it as much as possible just to see Don Lemon lose his mind. Anyhoo, the Left is in a frenzy this week following the release of the latest doomsday report on anthropogenic global warming, also known as climate change. The

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Someone Needs to Hold Ben Sasse

In many ways, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) embodies everything wrong with Washington. He whines about the Senate's impotence, but has no legislative achievements of his own. He ridicules his colleagues for craving media attention, but is a regular on cable news and Sunday talk shows. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, he has been

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Trump Should Not Delay Declassification Much Longer

After weeks of threatening to act, President Trump last week finally demanded the declassification of key documents related to the Justice Department’s investigation of his campaign team. The White House wants the DOJ to disclose specific passages contained in the final renewal of the FISA application to wiretap Carter Page; the reports made

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