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Mueller Whiffs (Again) on Russian ‘Troll’ Case

A federal judge on Saturday denied a motion filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to postpone the first hearing on Mueller's so-called "Russian troll" case. Team Mueller had asked U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich to continue the May 9 arraignment for Concord Management and Consulting, one of three companies named in an eight-count indictment announced

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The Rape Culture of Politics by Investigation

Former Trump campaign advisor Michael Caputo condemned the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday following his closed-door testimony. His words, no doubt, resonated with every Trump aide, associate, and family member ensnared in the bogus Trump-Russia election collusion scam. “God damn you to Hell,” Caputo told the committee—an impassioned conclusion to an emotional statement

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Judge’s Warning in Manafort Case Could Spell Doom for Mueller

One week after a Senate committee approved a bill to protect the special counsel from being fired by the president, both of Robert Mueller’s high-profile cases appear to be in legal jeopardy. On Friday morning, a federal judge accused Mueller’s team of weaponizing its prosecutorial authority in an effort to take down Donald

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Bill Kristol Doxxes Trump’s Lawyer

Bill Kristol - the bitter, vindictive, and childish leader of NeverTrump  - sunk even lower in his public conduct Wednesday afternoon when he tweeted this: The editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard is now doxxing White House lawyer Emmet Flood because Kristol hates President Trump. ("Doxxing" is the act of releasing personal information online in order to incite

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‘God Damn You to Hell’

Longtime Republican political consultant and former Trump campaign advisor Michael Caputo was interrogated Wednesday afternoon by investigators working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Nearly a year after beginning its probe into the possible crime of election collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, Mueller's team of Democratic sympathizers finally contacted Caputo's lawyer last month to ask if

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Drop in Public Support for Mueller Probe

The New York Times has published a series of questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller allegedly wants to ask President Trump as part of his free-wheeling investigation into the Trump-Russia election collusion crime. (Remember that?) While the source of the questions is unclear (there has been no public confirmation from Mueller's team since the Times posted

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Obama Amnesia and the EPA

The Obama Amnesia afflicting our friends on the Left is particularly acute when it comes to the Environmental Protection Agency. It is as if lead-contamination oozed into our water supply; toxic chemicals that were deemed safe for eight years randomly started killing unsuspecting Americans; and algae blooms from agricultural run-off began popping up

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CNN Follows Order From Obama KGB, Wins Award

Let's set aside the crudeness on display at Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Dinner because the farce is justifiably being blasted by both sides today. The real folly is that at the same time sanctimonious journalists were congratulating themselves as defenders of the First Amendment, the Washington press corps really revealed itself (again) as the

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James Comey as Nathan Thurm

"I'm not defensive. You're the one being defensive." Nathan Thurm, a fictional character played by Martin Short on "Saturday Night Live" in the 1980s, was a paranoid, chain-smoking lawyer who defended Big Business in make-believe interviews with reporters. Thurm would act defiant, play dumb, or turn the tables when pressed to answer questions. Short's portrayal of

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