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Julie Kelly is a senior contributor to American Greatness.

Media: Constitutional Rights for Me But Not For Thee

Responding to news that the phone and email communications of New York Times reporter Ali Watkins were seized as part of the FBI's investigation into leaks of classified information, folks in the media are crying foul. Watkins is referenced in a three-count indictment against James Wolfe, the man once in charge of classified information for the Senate Intelligence Committee, who was arrested and charged this week

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Bullies in the White House Press Corps

Of all the post-2016 credibility casualties—the Clintons, the FBI, Hollywood, professional athletes, late-night comedians—the American news media is the most bloodied. After fluffing Barack Obama for a decade—so much so that the former president still claims with a straight face that his presidency was scandal-free—the press is going after the Trump White House

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Carter Page is the Biggest Victim in the Trump-Russia Hoax

It’s hard to get a read on Carter Page. Since the Trump campaign volunteer became a central figure in the Obama administration’s plot to sabotage Donald Trump’s candidacy and undermine—if not destroy—his presidency, Page has been the target of numerous death threats. He is mocked by opinion writers and the public. (Just check

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Dear Ex-Friends in #TheResistance

Hey, what’s up. Long time no talk. I think the last civil conversations we had occurred just days before November 8, 2016. You were supremely confident Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election; you voted for her with glee. As a lifelong Republican, I bit down hard and cast my vote for Donald

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Trump Haters Weep Over Migrant Children in Cages—Until They Find Out Obama Did It

In a land and time not so far away, millions of Americans lived in blissful ignorance, unaware of mundane stuff like which cabinet members flew on private planes, or how often the president golfed on the weekends, or how the children of illegal immigrants were cared for. I call these halcyon days, "The Obama Administration." Few of our

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The Open Secret of the FBI’s Investigation of Trump’s Campaign

For the past several days, the American public has been treated to quite a spectacle. Since President Trump first suggested in March 2017 that his campaign had been “wiretapped” by President Obama, we have been assured by our betters across the political spectrum that claim was not true and Trump’s accusations were the

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Did the Obama Administration Spy on Michael Flynn?

In his controversial tweet on Sunday, President Trump indicated that he would direct the Justice Department to investigate “whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes—and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!” Is the president hinting that he thinks

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Trump Demands DOJ Investigation; Heads Explode

Since the New York Times casually dropped the news last week that four Trump campaign associates were being watched by the Obama Justice Department right before the election, and that a spy, er, informant, er, confidential source tried to frame two Trump campaign volunteers, the political class has been scrambling to defend this egregious abuse of

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