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Julie Kelly is a senior contributor to American Greatness.

Media’s Defense of Ali Watkins Exposes the Swamp

In an attempt to defend its hiring of Ali Watkins, the young reporter caught having an affair with a now-indicted Senate staffer responsible for protecting some of the country’s most delicate secrets, the New York Times needs the reader to believe several incredible things: President Trump, the Justice Department, and “right-wing” commentators are

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Restaurant Resistance: No Justice, No Eats!

It appears that the only place where Trump administration officials can safely dine these days is Chic-fil-A. The renegades of #The Resistance have exchanged pitchforks for salad forks and now are harassing Trump associates (and their families) while they try to eat dinner. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family, which includes young children, were kicked

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What You Missed from Michael Horowitz’s Testimony

In the media’s rush to exploit the plight of migrant children this week, the public testimony of Michael Horowitz has been buried or, more likely, ignored by the news media. Horowitz, the Justice Department’s inspector general, testified for more than 10 hours on Capitol Hill, taking questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on

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G-Man Tied to Clinton, Trump-Russia, Mueller Out at FBI

Peter Strzok—the ubiquitous FBI agent connected to the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the Trump-Russia counterintelligence probe, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team—reportedly was escorted out of FBI headquarters on Friday. It's unclear what prompted Strzok's departure, but it is probably not a coincidence that his exit took place the day after the Justice Department's Inspector General released his report on

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Moms to Daughters: Don’t Be Ali Watkins

The case of Ali Watkins offers mothers an opening to have an uncomfortable yet necessary conversation with their daughters: Don’t sleep your way to the top. One would think in this #metoo, female empowerment, equal pay, don’t-even-tell-me-my-dress-is-pretty climate of workplace taboos, that conversation would be unnecessary. Twentysomething women and their successors have been

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Media: Constitutional Rights for Me But Not For Thee

Responding to news that the phone and email communications of New York Times reporter Ali Watkins were seized as part of the FBI's investigation into leaks of classified information, folks in the media are crying foul. Watkins is referenced in a three-count indictment against James Wolfe, the man once in charge of classified information for the Senate Intelligence Committee, who was arrested and charged this week

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Bullies in the White House Press Corps

Of all the post-2016 credibility casualties—the Clintons, the FBI, Hollywood, professional athletes, late-night comedians—the American news media is the most bloodied. After fluffing Barack Obama for a decade—so much so that the former president still claims with a straight face that his presidency was scandal-free—the press is going after the Trump White House

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