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Lyin’ Comey: Can the Former FBI Director Unite America?

As I've written before, Donald Trump has given the Republican Party some cojones. The Republican National Committee has released a video - "Lyin' Comey" - to remind Democrats about that time way back in late 2016 when they all believed former FBI Director James Comey was a villain. Comey is peddling his new book, A

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Pompeo Hearing: The Democrats’ One-Act Show

All the characters in the Democratic Party made an appearance at today's Senate confirmation hearing for Mike Pompeo, President Trump's nominee for Secretary of State. Pointless, pink protestors made a half-hearted attempt to disrupt the start of the proceedings. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)—another symbol of unpunished, arrogant Democratic corruption—badgered Pompeo about conversations he had with the president

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New Pro-Mueller Ad Overlooks His Sketchy History

Following the FBI’s shocking raid Monday at the home, office, and hotel room of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, Republican lawmakers are rallying behind the still-unjustified investigation into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russian government to influence the 2016 presidential election. (Like just about everything else the probe has produced so

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Millennial Visits Nursing Home, Explains Technology

It's nearly impossible to feel bad for a 33-year-old Lefty billionaire, but a joint committee of the U.S. Senate today turned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg into a sympathetic figure. We've all been in Zuckerberg's shoes: We felt his pain in trying to explain technology to senior citizens, or attempting to hide a look of utter bewilderment at a question that made absolutely no

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Kristol Cheers FBI Raid on Trump’s Lawyer

Our favorite NeverTrumper wasn't kidding when he said in 2017 that he prefers "the deep state to the Trump state." Bill Kristol was like a kid on Christmas morning, giddy over yesterday's raid on the home and office of Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, and cheering it as a "huge escalation" in the Mueller investigation. Rather than express any skepticism

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Twitter’s Jack Likes Article Vowing War on Republicans. Bring It

When two California progressives write a sophomoric think piece about how to dispense with the country's ruling political party, most sensible people don't take it too seriously. But Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, apparently thought this idea had merit. Jack—as he’s known on the social media platform he helped to create—caused a bit

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Take the Loss, NeverTrump, and Move On

It’s a certain indication that NeverTrump is miserable when it turns on Rich Lowry, embraces Michelle Obama, and imitates Hillary Clinton. Perhaps rattled by new poll numbers showing President Trump with rising approval ratings, NeverTrumpers seem particularly unnerved this week. To some degree, their columns and tweets expose (again) their fundamental contempt for

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When the EPA Was Really Corrupt

Who said this? “The EPA is one of the most toxic places in the federal government to work. If you don’t get rid of the toxicity of the employees at the EPA, we are doing a great disservice to this country. I have serious questions about [the EPA administrator’s] ability to actually administrate.”

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Why is the Media Suddenly So Interested in the EPA?

Funny what happens when a Republican wins the White House. The media mob suddenly develops an interest in transparency and fiscal responsibility. This week—in a story that has been developing over several months—all eyes are on the Environmental Protection Agency. For eight years, President Obama’s two EPA administrators—Lisa Jackson and Gina McCarthy—received very

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