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Julie Kelly is a senior contributor to American Greatness.

Womansplaining the Women’s Vote

I have always liked Michelle Obama. I admire her personal story and respect how she conducted herself as our First Lady. I find her smarter, more authentic, and more good-humored than her husband. Although I strongly disagreed with her school lunch program and wrote about it extensively, I always prefaced my criticism by

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More Unsettled Science on Climate Change

Call it another dispute about the “settled science” of climate change. According to a report published in Nature Geosciences last week, we have more time than we thought to stop the predicted meltdown of the planet. Not only are climate models way off—“running hot” by overestimating temperature increases—but the warming we were supposed

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Weathering the Punches

As the nation continues to debate the critical, constitutional question of who can be punched and who cannot be punched (I vote for permitting the punching of slow drivers in the left lane and anyone who drinks Riesling), it appears the “peaceful” Left has a much more expansive list of acceptable human-punching bags.

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Climate Cult Exploits Harvey

Shortly before Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, meteorologist and climate writer Eric Holthaus unleashed a Twitter torrent confessing his depression about the new president. Holthaus admitted he was seeing a counselor due to his “climate despair” and whimpered that it was difficult to work or do much of anything. “We don’t deserve this

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Trump Pumps are the Envy of Frumps

Standing at almost 5’10” in my stocking feet, I’ve never been much for wearing high heels. I feel freakishly tall in them, but that’s never stopped me from envying women who can pull off towering pumps and sandals—particularly the sexy, spiky kind—because it is much harder than it looks. Gracefully navigating sidewalks, stairs,

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The Gift of Anti-Trump Irrationality

Several polls released over the past few days have gauged not just what Americans think about Donald Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, but offered some critical insight into the hysterical minds of anti-Trump Democrats who bear much of the blame for our poisonous political climate. In some cases, their views reject

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The Kristol Crackup

In a Venn diagram of NeverTrump conservatives and anti-Trump liberals, a photo of Bill Kristol would appropriately fill the growing intersection of the two. Like many NeverTrumpers, Kristol has abandoned any attempt to promote conservative ideals and policies and instead is focused merely on destroying Donald Trump’s presidency. While the NeverTrumpers’ daily whipping

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