Six Feet Under

There will be plenty of soul searching after this crisis abates: demanding to know the scientific rationale for keeping us six feet apart when people needed each other most should be at the top of the list.

Are COVID-19 Deaths Being Overreported?

Playing loose with the number of fatalities or giving local officials the greenlight to inflate those figures is inimical to the public’s need to get a firm grasp on the danger of the disease.

Dangerous Curves

If this is the new normal, where incomplete data and media-fueled panic rule the day, that is an even more frightening prospect than what’s happening right now.

No Thanks: Biden Promises ‘Return to Normal’

President Trump, for all his flaws, has exposed the arrogance, ignorance, and failures of Washington’s ruling class. That’s why they’re desperate to oust him, even if it means replacing Trump with a man way past his prime who’s exhibiting more alarming behavior each day. There’s nothing “normal” about it.

Get Out of Afghanistan

It doesn’t matter if the peace deal is good or bad, whether it halts the fighting or causes more strife. The American people want out.

NeverTrump Burns Leftist Cash on Failed Impeachment Crusade

It’s only a matter of time before more left-wing largess flows Bill Kristol’s way and he’s running ads on Fox News trying—unsuccessfully—to convince Republicans to vote for Bernie Sanders. It will be NeverTrump’s inevitable, and humiliating, endgame.

A Week of Political Karma for the Democrats

President Trump now stands acquitted. The Democrats must confront the debacle that is their presidential primary field and run on a nonexistent record of achievement as the 2020 campaign season kicks off. Karma, indeed, is a bitch.