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Julie Kelly is a senior contributor to American Greatness.

Media Continues Its Slow Suicide

After reviewing last week’s news coverage, I would encourage President Trump to come up with a more accurate taunt than “fake news.” Maybe “garbage news.” Or perhaps “bottom-feeding news.” Even try “we-are-a-collection-of-dishonest-miscreants-who-are-unworthy-of-an-ounce-of-the-American-people’s-trust news.” But “fake news” is tame in light of the media’s misleading, destructive, and willfully ignorant reporting last week that was

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Science Joins #The Resistance, Makes Up Hurricane Deaths

Before I started writing about politics, I wrote extensively about scientific issues such as agricultural biotechnology and climate change. The day after Trump was elected, I saw many scientists I once respected turn into raving lunatics. For weeks, I debated these folks on social media, cautioning them against their united pledge to stop Donald Trump.

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Hurricanes, Death Tolls, and Trump

It’s Hurricane Katrina all over again. Since the election of climate denier Donald Trump, the politicization of major hurricanes—along with a torrent of hysterical news coverage and blame-laying—is back en vogue. During last year’s unusually active hurricane season, the media, Democratic politicians and scientific activists claimed the devastating storms were Trump’s fault even

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The Banality of Barack

Capping off a week where Senate Democrats embarrassed themselves at what should have been the semi-serious vetting of a Supreme Court justice, along comes our foot-stomping former president to remind Americans of who, ultimately, is responsible for infantilizing national politics. While lecturing college students assembled in an auditorium in central Illinois—the adopted home

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Christopher Steele: International Man of Mystery

Not Christopher Steele Who exactly is Christopher Steele? The answer depends on who you ask. According to our media overlords, he is simply a former British spy, well-regarded by the international intelligence apparatus for his skill and deep connections, and someone whose “integrity, excellence and diligence” should not be questioned. Reporters

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DOJ Investigates Comey’s FBI on Nassar Case

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Department of Justice is investigating how James Comey's FBI handled serious allegations of sexual abuse against Larry Nassar, the former doctor for the women's U.S. gymnastics team. The DOJ's Inspector General will review why Comey's FBI delayed for months an active investigation into Nassar, who now is in

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N.Y. Times Throws Up a Smokescreen for Bruce Ohr

If this weekend’s bombshell story in the New York Times is to be believed, the nation’s top law enforcement agency under Barack Obama was not only corrupt, it was really dumb, too. In an effort to get ahead of the release of Bruce Ohr’s private congressional testimony—which undoubtedly will include more stunning details

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