Foggy Bottom Has the Sadz
(and That’s a Very Good Thing)

The real “crisis” for former State Department bureaucrats and their colleagues who have been recycled back to the Ivy League campuses from whence they came is not that Trump poses an existential threat to national security—it’s that he poses a legitimate threat to their professional sinecures.

A ‘Farm Kid’ Thwarts the Coup

“That’s why the establishment, the press, the permanent bureaucracy, the tech oligarchs, the urban aristocrats, the Deep State and all the rest of the ugly beautiful people, will never forgive Devin Nunes,” Lee Smith writes in his dynamite new book. “It belittled them that he didn’t care he wasn’t their sort but was proud to be a farm kid.”

The Swamp’s Swingline Stapler

We are to believe that crying EPA employees, out-of-the-loop ambassadors, holier-than-thou law enforcement chiefs, and jobless assistant deputy undersecretaries for blah-blah affairs are the victims of a rogue president who must be removed from office for hurting their feelings and challenging their authority.

Inside the ‘War’ on Biden-Ukraine Reporting

The goal is to protect Joe Biden, the only candidate most Democrats think can beat Trump, both from any political fall-out for his son’s shady dealings in Ukraine as well as how the Democrats enlisted Ukrainian help to sabotage Trump’s presidential campaign.

The Anonymous Coup

History is littered with bloodless coup attempts. But in the Trump era, enemy combatants not only are spared bloodshed, they don’t even have to give their names.

Where’s Lindsey?

Graham should spare pointing fingers at Republicans who are fighting back and start doing some counterpunching of his own.