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Christopher Gage is a British political journalist.

Mayday for Brexit

President Trump managed to ruffle a few feathers during his visit to Great Britain this week before Air Force One even stroked the runway. Then, when he arrived, he nuked the entire country. The disruptor-in-chief, sugar-blooded from shaking a few defense pennies from spendthrift NATO allies, brawled into Prime Minister Theresa May’s headspace,

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Abolishing the Democrats

It’s almost as if the Democrats cultured their newest and shiniest pet in a petri dish. Person of color? Check. Not male, pale, or stale? You bet. Millennial? Goody. Tenuous link to the struggles of people Democrats used to care about? Gotcha.   Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez is the “future” of the party, at least

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Hillary and Brexit

Scientists are so smart these days they can tell how someone voted in the 2016 Brexit referendum by asking how they like their steak prepared. Those who voted to Remain prefer their sirloin cooked “medium-rare.” Brexiteers like theirs charred. Some of these culinary arsonists also insist on slatherings of ketchup. Like President Trump.

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Ms. Merkel’s Malady: Migration

Germans like to apologize. During a brief trip to Munich last year, tensions between locals and newly arrived migrants often flared into fizzing commotions of swinging fists, splatting saliva, and the kind of primal chest-beating one cravenly enjoys from the safety of a Barcalounger and in high-definition on a screen, but rarely relishes

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Democrats and Black America

Kanye West is not shy. As Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that followed disemboweled New Orleans in a frenzy of immutable destruction, West told the watching world that President George W. Bush had little motivation to help the city’s mainly black denizens. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” West said—on live television,

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Do Even Democrats Believe What They’re Selling?

Donna Brazile was 9-years-old when she cut her political teeth. After hearing that a local candidate for New Orleans city council pledged to build a playground in her hardscrabble working-class neighborhood, Brazile joined the campaign and pamphleted every block. The candidate won. Brazile’s neighborhood got the playground.   Impressive, but the former chairwoman

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The Italian Establishment’s Coming Crash

After a political saga an Italian newspaper compared to a “Monty Python” sketch, Italian populists have cobbled together a government the Financial Times likens to “Modern Barbarians.” All good, then. The heady brew of alt-Left Five Star and hard-Right Lega forms Western Europe’s first unabashedly populist government at the beating heart of Western

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Feeling Berned in Budapest

During a recent trip to Budapest, I met an American liberal who took just 47 minutes to tell me to go and screw myself. Well, she dressed that suggestion in more forceful garb, I’ll admit. The triggering of such familiar vitriol was innocent enough. I “deceived” her, she said. She was “so mad

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‘Vaffanculo!’ What Americans Can Learn from Italy’s Election

Italian populists, whose slogan suggests that their opponents to go and fornicate elsewhere, are set to form a government with the Mediterranean edition of President Trump. Liberals the world over should be bawling into their Himalayan goat saliva smoothies anytime now. After months of wrangling, Luigi Di Maio’s Five Star Movement, whose “vaffanculo!”

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Fahrenheit 140°

Donald Trump’s presidency is done. Over. No, seriously. This time, his obsessives insist like meth-mottled street urchins—gaunt, moon-eyed and festooned with weeping chancres, it really is the last time. They promise. Yes, those whose admirable consistency lies in being wrong about everything, are certain, kind of, that we are in the end stages

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