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Christopher Gage is a British political journalist.

The Blair Kitsch Project

The insufferably honest chap who cajoled Great Britain into the Iraq War based on “intelligence” not even Buzzfeed would credit, thinks his countrymen’s historic vote to leave his beloved European Union was “riddled with lies.” Tony Blair, who touted a “sexed-up” dossier to jump into bed with president George W. Bush before ablazing

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Can Anything Shock a Khan?

London sautéed in blood this week, as its furied denizens stabbed, shot, and robbed, eclipsing for the first time New York City’s murder rate. Meanwhile, Mayor Sadiq Khan, darling of the anti-Trump British faction, schmoozed and selfied with preening liberal groupies in Texas. But, don’t worry. All is well on this sceptred isle.

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The Condition of the Twerking Class in England

The country that gifted George Orwell to civilization is about to jail a young comedian for making a joke. Yes. Great Britain, one-time incubator of modern liberal democracy, now chief exporter of Piers Morgan, isn’t too keen on anything that could upset anyone. The offender in question, Mark Meechan, a.k.a. Millennial YouTube “personality”

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View from Britain: Bonfire of the Pieties

Liberals haven’t taken the election of Donald Trump in stride. No, the seemingly grown adults who’ve spent the last 12 months donning pussy hats, then deeming said hats “transphobic,” and next screaming at the sky and weeping madly at every salt-mining Trump tweet, haven’t quite progressed to the acceptance stage of grief. Not

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The Tragic Case of Marshall Mathers

Imagine still hanging around parking lots—wearing a hoodie—in your mid-40s. Such is the tragedy of Marshall Mathers’ (a.k.a., Eminem) rebirth from pitchfork picador to corporate captive and shambling figurehead of the increasingly untethered anti-Trump Resistance. It’s all rather funny. Mathers’ Damascene conversion is painfully obvious to all but him. In a staggering feat

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What Millennials Want

All of the world’s problems began the day we started handing fat kids participation trophies for wheezing into last place. Promised, I can attest, a totemic mound of salty fries and enough Coke to slake Death Valley, we Millennials of the more globulus persuasion marshaled our heaving bundles across the finish line, valiantly

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Better Than Football

For the politically demented, 2016 was a vintage year. Well, at least for those whose blood warms when seeing their foes splay and spasm like wounded squid. Watching pious progressives meltdown in real-time has become something of a spectator sport. Now, this sounds a little abrasive, perhaps. But after eight years of slumberous

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S*** Happened

Ernest Hemingway once settled a bet by writing this six-word short story—“For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” Review of "What Happened" ­by Hillary Rodham Clinton (Simon & Schuster, 512 pp., $30) Now comes Hillary Rodham Clinton to best this feat of literary genius. The entire story of her election loss is offered on

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