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Christopher Gage is a British political journalist.

The ‘Red Tory’ Moment

Just a few miles from my hometown sits the Welsh Rust Belt—the south Wales Valleys. Stamped onto those verdant galloping hills is what remains of the industrial revolution’s once convulsing heart. Legions of coal-dusted men once winched down into the pits, day after day after day, chipping away at the other black gold.

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Davos Is Dead

The people who ruined the world all gathered high in the Swiss Alps this week to insist, to themselves at least, that all is well and good. Yes. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, everything is just swell. President Trump wasn’t there because he is busy demanding a wall across the southern

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Mayday Redux

It should serve as immutable proof of cultural decline that “people on Twitter” are regarded as an authority of Socratic relevance. Ladling opinions that once never would have seeped beyond the confines of urine-fragrant public transport, such corrosive waffle now booms through all political discourse. But reading the greatest hits from that symposium

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Brexit Boils Over

The definition of words matters little these days. This week, a handful of yellow-vested protestors harangued a British lawmaker outside Parliament. The bleary crew demanded that Anna Soubry, a virulent Remainer, acquiesce to their apparently unreasonable suggestion their vote to leave the European Union actually count. They used the F-word. They called her

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Theresa May’s Merry Christmas

I’m old enough to remember when the most substantial event in British politics involved a leader of the Labour Party struggling to feign humanity while eating a bacon sandwich. Ed Miliband, a hapless Labour leader before hapless Labour leaders became a thing, tried to burgeon his working-class credentials by performing this simplest of

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Revolt of the Elites

Upsetting people named Jolyon or Gaia was the main reason I voted to leave the European Union. People like me—you know, ordinary types who don’t feel out of place in a pub, who drop our Gs, who couldn’t care less for politically correct mannas and other luxuries of confected middle-class oppression—got an unhealthy

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May Lives On

If there is one saving grace to pluck from the laughable wreckage that is British politics, it’s that Theresa May, still prime minister, has promised to stand down. After surviving an attempt on her premiership this week, May clings on—her Brexit deal clutched firmly to her chest in spite of the fact that

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Je Suis, Gilet Jaune

Good intentions are expensive. But seldom is the bill footed by the well-intentioned. I forked out $1,100 this week to an auto-mechanic to fix a “problem” non-existent just six months ago. My Volkswagen, you see, is no longer fashionable. It’s a dirty diesel. That trusty lump of German steel failed its annual roadworthiness

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