Don’t Laugh, Clinton Might Run Again

Clinton possesses an impressive inventory of assets. While Warren has raised $35 million for her campaign, that’s a tiny drop in the bucket compared to what Clinton raised in 2016 (more than 20 times that figure!).

Stop Parroting the Quid Pro Quo Talking Point

Washington is squealing because the Biden-Ukraine model has been used so often to make the families of “public servants” into millionaires. But those squeals should be ignored. America deserves a full accounting of what happened.

Christopher Wray Has Some Explaining to Do

We are at crossroads in the history of our constitutional republic. We count on agencies like the FBI to protect Americans from China-style tyranny, not import it. Our government must not be allowed to scoff at our Constitution as the Communists do in China.

The Ukraine Hoax is About Protecting the Side Hustle

Corruption in modern D.C. is shaped like a triangle. A person or entity seeking a favor doesn’t hand the money directly to the politician or public official. Instead, the money goes to a trusted family relation under a vague “consulting” or “speaking” arrangement. This golden triangle of corruption appears over and over again in the Russia collusion hoax.

A Chance at Exoneration for Michael Flynn?

President Trump's first national security advisor agreed 18 months ago to plead guilty to lying to the FBI. He still hasn't been sentenced. Now a new motion filed Friday by Flynn's attorney threatens to explode the government’s case.

The Magical Mr. Price

He works behind the scenes. Nobody has actually met him. He can take all the information in the world about something and convert it into one number. That makes him the most powerful person on earth.