The FBI’s Darkest Hour

Our Constitution won’t protect us unless our own cops with guns respect it. After 2016, one wonders whether the FBI looks upon the most famous alumnus of its Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, with fear—or envy.

New FISA Court Order Slams FBI

On December 17, 2019, Rosemary M. Collyer, the Presiding Judge of the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court issued an order requiring the FBI to […]

Adam Schiff Better Have a Warrant

It’s time to stop mocking the House Intelligence Committee chairman as some harmless tin pot. He’s dangerous—and Republicans had better wake up to his authoritarian tendencies while there is still time.

Impeachment Is Trump’s Punishment for Questioning the Intelligence Community

It’s difficult not to question every assumption that went into the Russia collusion hoax. If the Russians did attempt to interfere in the 2016 election, then the intelligence community totally undermined public confidence in their assessment by tying that interference to false allegations accusing Trump of conspiring with that effort.

Will Joe Biden Take the Fifth in a Senate Trial?

The spectacle of the former vice president testifying before the Senate would be a disaster for Democrats. Not only does Biden have a huge problem with accurately retelling stories without embellishment, but he was also inside the Obama Administration's inner circles. Imagine what he knows.

Bribery? That’s Ridiculous

Nobody has ever suggested Trump offered to pay money directly to the president of Ukraine. Neither Trump nor the Ukrainian president is putting anything in his own pocket. Unlike Hunter Biden.

Why the Whistleblower and Schiff Must Testify

We’re being told both by Schiff and the accuser that we’re not seeing the whole picture and that there’s more to the story than just the transcript. Both of them are making these claims. Now they have become indispensable fact witnesses in the case.

Schiff’s Dishonesty Is Certain to Morph Again

This Ukraine farce will end the way all supposed Trump scandals end: with Democrats finding “evidence” of another scandal. Perhaps this explains why the House resolution retroactively endorsing the “impeachment inquiry” doesn’t actually establish a crime to be investigated or a scope for the investigation.