The Coming Coronavirus Stagflation

As you find yourself buying bulk rice and toilet paper to prepare for the effect of coronavirus, let me offer one piece of advice: I can’t tell you whether gold or real estate will be sound investments. But there’s one can’t-miss place for your money: pay off your credit cards.

The FISA States of America

Republicans and Democrats should join together to curtail the unchecked and unpunished abuse perpetrated by our own government.

Trump Should Keep Shaming the Justice Department on Twitter

The Justice Department has taken the blindfold off Lady Justice so it can protect its political allies and punish its enemies. Courts and Congress have been powerless to shame them. If a few tweets are causing mild discomfort inside the department, the president should keep tweeting about this as often as possible.

Every Family Has an Angry Aunt Nancy

Increasingly, though, the angry accusations sound like the ravings of a street corner preacher condemning to Hell everyone who isn’t just as unhappy as they are.

Lev Parnas Is Another Fake Bombshell

All of these stories end the same: Before the dust can settle to reveal the last dud, another one explodes to distract us all. The formula is getting tiresome. Is there anything good on Netflix tonight?

James Comey Should Be Arrested

The former FBI director authorized and lied to perpetuate an investigation that tore this country apart. He didn’t want the truth about Carter Page. Quite the opposite.

Top 12 Get-Trump Bloopers of 2019

If you enjoy watching Trump haters fall flat on their faces, 2019 was a year of political bloopers even more side-splitting than the best cat videos on YouTube.

Revisiting Rosenstein’s Cover-up of Crossfire Hurricane

In the absence of consequences, there’s nothing to deter continued lying to courts to spy on Americans and interfere in elections. The former deputy attorney general’s unmolested freedom proves his promises of accountability were as false as the FISA application he signed.