Transcript Reveals Russia Collusion Hoax Cover-up

Is it possible that the DNC and CrowdStrike would falsely accuse the Russians of cyberespionage? The answer is yes, and there have been not one, but two subsequent cases in which the Russians were falsely accused of hacking.

Government Disgrace in Marquee Russian ‘Election Interference’ Case

The Department of Justice forced a foreign company to spend millions to defend itself for the non-crime of running a few thousand dollars worth of ads on Facebook. Now instead of apologizing, it issues a shameless dismissal in which it simultaneously maintains there is secret evidence of the company’s guilt.

2009 Stimulus Was an Ineffective Tidal Wave of Nothing

When the government uses stimulus money to buy or build something it actually needs, it creates meaningful jobs and grows viable companies. Handouts, in contrast, increase dependency and slow economic recovery. Let’s not repeat our mistakes.