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Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.

Report: Trump May Use Insurrection Act to Remove Illegal Aliens from the U.S.

President Trump is reportedly thinking about using an obscure federal statute to remove illegal aliens from the United States. Multiple senior administration officials have told the Daily Caller that the president may invoke the “tremendous powers” of the Insurrection Act, which would allow the U.S. military to help with deportation efforts. The Insurrection Act states:

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AG Barr Dismisses Democrat Attacks, Says ‘They Might be Concerned About the Outcome of a Review’

In an revealing interview on Fox News that aired Friday morning, Attorney General Bill Barr said that he's been "trying to get answers to questions" to questions regarding the government's counterintelligence activities during the 2016 election, and has thus far "found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate." When asked about the Steele

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Stripe Deplatforms Independent Candidate Tommy Robinson Days Before EU Election

Tommy Robinson, a right-wing activist and independent candidate for the EU elections, was bounced off of Stripe this week, severely limiting his ability to fundraise in the crucial final weeks of the campaign. Robinson is an official candidate on the ballot for the EU Parliament election in the North West of England on May 23rd.

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President Trump Announces Merit-Based Immigration Plan

President Trump on Thursday announced an immigration proposal that he said would dramatically reshape immigration policies "to create a fair, modern and lawful system" for the United States. Trump unveiled his plan during a press conference in the White House Rose Garden, saying that if adopted it would be "the pride of our nation and

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Revealed: Dossier Source Who Falsely Claimed There Was a Russian Consulate in Miami, Also Behind ‘Pee Tape’ and Wider Russia Conspiracy Theory

The source who told former British spy Christopher Steele that there was a Russian Consulate in Miami (there isn't) is the same source who pushed the Moscow "pee tape" hoax and is the key source behind the overall conspiracy theory that there was collusion between the Trump campaign & Russia involving Paul Manafort and Carter

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Report: Strzok-Led FBI Team Received State Dept.’s Red Flag on Steele Dossier Well Before 1st FISA Warrant Application

The FBI team leading the Trump-Russia investigation received an email from the State Department questioning the credibility of former British spy Christopher Steele's unverified dossier, well before they used it to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Trump's campaign, the Hill's John Solomon reported Tuesday. Last week, Solomon reported that

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Former Top FBI Lawyer James Baker Feeling ‘Nervous’ that DOJ Inspector General Will Find ‘Mistakes Were Made’

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker is telling people that he expects the Justice Department inspector general to find that the bureau made "mistakes" in its handling of the Trump-Russia investigation. Baker was General Counsel to former FBI Director James Comey during both the Trump-Russia collusion investigation and Hillary Clinton email investigation, and served as

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‘You Suck!’: Mayor De Blasio’s ‘Green New Deal’ Rally Inside Trump Tower Backfires Badly

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's bright idea to hold a Green New Deal rally inside the lobby of Trump Tower Monday, backfired badly when a  crowd of Trump supporters showed up carrying signs that read “Worst Mayor Ever,” “Trump 2020, "Failed Mayor," and "LGBT for Trump." The rally was supposed to be held

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Trump Dings FBI Director Christopher Wray for ‘Protecting Gang that Tried to Overthrow President’

President Trump over the weekend tweeted recent comments made by Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton slamming FBI Director Christopher Wray, signaling that he may be souring on his own FBI director. During an appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” last Thursday, Fitton complained that Wray seems to be protecting members of the bureau

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More than 1,000 Conservatives Rally at Philly Planned Parenthood Where Unhinged Dem Bullied Pro-Lifers

Over one thousand pro-life activists rallied outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood clinic on Friday, in reaction to a Democratic state lawmaker who taunted an elderly woman praying a Rosary last week, and threatened to doxx a group of teenage girls who prayed in front of that same clinic last month on Holy Thursday. “We

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