FBI Assigns More Agents to Portland While City Council Cuts Police Funding

The Oregon FBI announced it is adding more staff and reassigning officers from other divisions to deal with the ongoing violence and vandalism in Portland, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.

This announcement came after another night of violence, in which rioters smashed windows in Portland’s City Hall and vandalized the building. The mob threw bottles and eggs at police and used metal bars to damage police vehicles.

“Demonstrators have repeatedly targeted police buildings, police union buildings, city and county offices and federal buildings with vandalism that includes setting fires, spraying graffiti and smashing windows and security cameras,” reports Gillian Flaccus in the San Diego Union Tribune story. The disturbances have gone on for nearly three months as mobs of rioters, looters, and other criminals openly harass and brutalize the city’s residents and the state and local governments refuse to provide people with basic protection.

The activity escalated over the weekend when a caravan of Trump supporters entered the protest area and one of the Trump supporters was shot to death in the resulting confrontation. Police have opened a homicide investigation.

With the level of violence escalating, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler once again rejected President Donald Trump’s offers of assistance.

“You’ve tried to divide us more than any other figure in modern history,” Wheeler said at a Sunday press conference denouncing Trump. “And now, you want me to stop the violence that you helped create. What America needs is for you to be stopped so that we can come back together as one America.”

Acting U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf told The Wall Street Journal the real problem in Portland is that the local and state officials have prevented law enforcement officers from doing their jobs. The police could put an end to the criminal behavior and make the city safe for families and businesses if the politicians would let them, Wolf said.

Urban violence worsens poverty and inequality and traps low-income people in poverty and despair, writes columnist Holman Jenkins in The Wall Street Journal.

“The single best thing you can do for any child in the U.S. is get him or her out of a high-crime, high-poverty neighborhood,” Jenkins writes.

The high crime rates in urban neighborhoods disproportionately affect blacks, Jenkins notes, citing studies documenting the benefits of living in a safe neighborhood and the demoralizing effects of living in crime-ridden areas.

“By now a large literature has established that living in such a place, where everyday survival is often a challenge, is not conducive to acquiring the habits for success in the larger society,” Jenkins writes.

The public should be concerned about the long-term effects of criminal violence on their communities, Jenkins says, citing Ghettocide (2015), crime reporter Jill Leovy’s work on life in Los Angeles neighborhoods in the decades since the destruction caused by the 1960s Watts riots.

“Where the criminal justice system fails to respond vigorously to violent injury and death, homicide becomes endemic,” Leovy writes. That destroys the local economy, and street gangs arise to fill the power vacuum left by the absence of civil society and law enforcement. Vengeance culture and perpetual power struggles become the norm.

“A new group of thugs will emerge, and you will have battles between thugs,” retired police officer and detective Al Simballa told Budget and Tax News. “It’s just like other gangs. They will take what they can get and fight each other for more. They are not exactly going to sit down and negotiate.”

“There needs to be a respect for the law” in order for social and economic improvement to take hold, Simballa said. “Cops represent and implement the law.”

Similar tacitly government-endorsed mayhem occurred in Washington, D.C. after the last night of the Republican National Convention last Thursday. Several attendees, including Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and his wife, were ambushed by mobs on the D.C. streets as they attempted to walk to hotels. Members of the mob yelled threats of murder at the Pauls and tried to break through the group of police surrounding the senator and his wife, almost succeeding at one point. Paul says he is convinced that the mob would have tried to beat them to death had they been able to get past the police.

Paul expressed his gratitude to law enforcement officers for escorting him and his wife from the scene.

“Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob,” he tweeted.

“What happened to Rand Paul and his wife should not be a surprise, it should be an ominous warning of what lies ahead if the moronic mobs have their way,” writes Chris Talgo for the Heartland Daily News. If an unruly mob is emboldened to harass a senator and his wife not far from the White House, regular citizens can expect no protection at all, Talgo notes.

In her remarks at the Republican National Convention, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem commented, “From Seattle and Portland to Washington and New York, Democrat-run cities across this country are being overrun by violent mobs. People that can afford to flee have fled. But the people that can’t—good, hard-working Americans—are left to fend for themselves.”

In Portland, the mob has controlled the streets for three months, and police have had to neglect other calls for help in order to contain the riots. During one night of rioting, more than 60 emergency calls to 911 went unanswered because police were occupied with rioters.

“Calls about theft, vandalism, suspicious activity, hit and runs, and burglary were put on hold,” writes Danielle Wallace for Fox News.

Consequences to those causing the mayhem have been negligible. Since the protests started, more than 500 people have been arrested, but less than 50 are being prosecuted. Mike Schmidt, the new District Attorney for Multnomah County, says he will not prosecute people arrested for nonviolent misdemeanors. He and other district attorneys are sending the rioters back out onto the streets despite the violence and vandalism.

President Trump sent federal law enforcement officers to protect national government property, and after they left, the rioting and civil unrest resumed. Oregon state police arrived, and they found the effort futile and left as well.

“Unfortunately, the Oregon State Police have left Portland because they were so frustrated that the district attorney there is refusing to prosecute these rioters, who the police are arresting,” Heritage Foundation Senior Research Fellow for Homeland Security Lora Ries told The Daily Signal. “The Oregon State Police have moved their resources back to counties where they say prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority.”

While Portland police are attacked nightly with rocks, bottles, and other missiles, and they are spread too thin to respond to other areas of the city, the Portland City Council is reducing the police budget, Forbes reports. With some members hoping to achieve a $50 million cut, the council passed a $15 million reduction in the police budget, and some expressed frustration they couldn’t take away more money.

During the budget meeting, Mayor Wheeler expressed support for the rioters.

“I hear you, I see you, and I am going to be with you all the way,” Wheeler said as he voted in favor of reducing the police budget and eliminating 84 officers, KGW-TV 8 reports.

“They’ve become more bold,” Ries says of the rioters, “because the political leaders have been so passive about it and permissive. If there aren’t consequences for these actions, the riots will continue, and they will escalate.”

“If you don’t have the establishment behind you, from the city councils to the mayors to the judges, you can’t do your job as a police officer,” Simballa says. “If you give the police support to do their job, you won’t have what you have going on in Portland today.”


Philadelphia Mayor Defies His Own Coronavirus Rules, Dines Indoors

Jim Kenney (D-Pa.), the mayor of Philadelphia, has apologized after a photo was taken of him defying his own coronavirus restrictions to dine indoors, as reported by Fox News.

The photo of Kenney was taken at a restaurant in nearby Maryland, thus implying that Kenney left his own state just to eat somewhere where he would be allowed indoors, sparking massive backlash.

In a Tweet, Kenney apologized for the incident, noting that “some are upset that I dined indoors at a restaurant in Maryland yesterday. I felt the risk was low because the county I visited has had fewer than 800 COVID-19 cases, compared to over 33,000 in Philadelphia. Regardless, I understand the frustration.”

Among the rules implemented by Kenney is a citywide ban on indoor dining, which is set to be lifted next week on September 8th. The photo of Kenney was shared on social media by a Philadelphia restaurant owner named Marc Vetri, who remarked “Glad you’re enjoying indoor dining with no social distancing or mask-wearing in Maryland tonight, while restaurants here in Philly close, suffer, and fight for every nickel just to survive.”

The incident with Kenney is far from the only example of hypocrisy by Pennsylvania leaders regarding adherence to strict rules ostensibly meant to deal with the coronavirus. The state’s Health Secretary, Richard Levine, was revealed to have struck a secret deal to allow a major car show to take place in Harrisburg with over 20,000 people in attendance. He also took extra steps to move his own mother out of her nursing home and into a private facility, immediately after implementing a statewide rule forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients.


Washburn University Quietly Removes Statues of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin

Washburn University, a public university in Topeka, Kansas, removed the statues of two of America’s greatest Founding Fathers last month, declaring them to be a “source of embarrassment,” as reported by Fox News.

The bronze statues of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States and the author of the Declaration of Independence, and Benjamin Franklin, often considered one of the wisest Founding Fathers, were removed by university officials in July, with the university only recently finally addressing the matter.

University President Jerry Farley spoke about the issue to the family of the donor who first donated the statues to the university; as the donor has since died, their family made the decision and agreed that the statues should be removed. As such, Farley claimed that “it was the donors’ decision to have the statues returned,” since “they didn’t want the statues to become a source of embarrassment.”

The move comes over a month after a tumultuous period of mass vandalism all across the country, with far-left terrorists tearing down or vandalizing statues and other federal monuments, ranging from Confederate figures to the Founding Fathers.

The worst of the vandalism peaked in June, and then gradually died down in July, after President Donald Trump signed an executive order expediting the process by which such vandals could be pursued, arrested, and tried for their crimes. However, some statues across the country have still been removed by more “official” means, such as local authorities deciding to have them removed and hidden in storage.


Los Angeles Seizes Property From Church that Defied Coronavirus Restrictions

A major church in Los Angeles that has been defying coronavirus lockdown measures had a significant portion of its property seized by county officials, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Grace Community Church, led by Pastor John MacArthur, was informed by county officials that the nearly 50-year-old lease on its parking lot would be cancelled, and that the county would seize any property left behind in the lot.

The threat was made clear in a letter to Grace by the county, which read in part: “If Grace fails to vacate the premises as required, the District may enter the premises and remove Grace’s personal property in accordance with the Agreement and applicable law, and Grace will be responsible for any resultant expenses incurred by the District.”

Grace Church and Pastor MacArthur had become some of the leading figures in the fight of California churches to hold in-person worship services, after Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) banned such services, even going so far as to ban singing in public, claiming without evidence that singing is one method of spreading the coronavirus.

The church filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County in July, claiming that the restrictions on in-person worship constituted a violation of the First Amendment right to freedom of religion. The lawsuit was filed after Los Angeles officials noticeably turned a blind eye to months of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests and riots, often featuring thousands of people, in clear violation of the same rules that Grace was expected to follow.

Jenna Ellis, an attorney for President Donald Trump and a special counsel to the Thomas More Society, which is representing the church and Pastor MacArthur, released a statement denouncing the move by the local government, noting that the “County is clearly trying to evict Grace Church from use of their parking lot for no other reason than because Pastor John stood firm and is challenging their power,” describing this as “the essence of tyranny.”


Morning Greatness: Biden Emerges From Basement in Scripted Presser

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president arrives at property affected by recent riots in Kenosha, WI
  • President Trump surveys property affected by recent riots
  • The president tours the Emergency Operations Center
  • President Trump participates in a roundtable on Wisconsin Community Safety

Five minutes of hate:

Basement Biden finally addressed the violence, rioting and murder across America as his poll numbers are dropping. FUN FLASHBACK: Remember when Jerry Nadler said there was no such thing as Antifa? Biden warned the country: the violence won’t stop with another Trump presidential term. “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” Is that a threat Joe? Biden also said of Trump that he is “an incumbent president who makes things worse, not better. An incumbent president who sows chaos rather than providing order.” How so? What has Trump done that makes these barbarians set fires, loot and beat people? The left always removes the agency from its protected actors, as if each and every one of the hooligans destroying Americans communities has not made a choice to act. If Trump can make people riot, can he make people not riot?

President Trump is heading to Wisconsin today, despite lefty Governor Evers asking him not to visit. “I am concerned your presence will only hinder our healing,” Evers wrote. “I am concerned your presence will only delay our work to overcome division and move forward together.” The Democrats are worried a visit will “fan the flames.”  Here we see the same maneuver: Trump’s visit will cause the ensuing violence and mayhem rather than the deliberate actions of malefactors choosing to start trouble. There’s no reason thugs need to hit the street and bust up their community unless they chose to do so. It’s not on Trump.

The president will not meet with the family of Jacob Blake during his visit. Blake is the knife-wielding man who was shot after resisting arrest for violating a restraining order. Blake was restrained from visiting his victim because he had broke into her house and raped her with his fingers as her child slept next to her. (Enjoy your hero!) The Blake family wanted lawyers at a possible meeting with the president. Suspicious request.

Our cultural bullhorns have the vapors because President Trump will not denounce Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who defended himself against violent thugs hunting him down while he tried to stop their arson and destruction. Trump said at a press conference Rittenhouse was “trying to get away from them, I guess, it looks like” and that protesters “violently attacked him.” The purpose of denouncing the 17-year-old is to dissuade people from defending their life and their property against roving bandits like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The left doesn’t want anyone resisting the hostile takeover. I think the president knows that and didn’t take the bait. Has anyone asked Biden and every single Democrat politician if they will denounce Antifa and Black Lives matters thugs?

Campaign 2020:

Kamala Harris Has Endorsed Complete Fracking Ban

Biden Says He’s Not Banning Fracking Months After Promising To Stop All New Fracking Projects

Twitter flags Trump campaign for ‘out of context’ clip of Biden attacking himself

Dem mayor in MN endorsing Trump because ‘he is looking out for our way of life’

USPS removes mailboxes every year, despite worries

Kamala Harris makes cameo appearance in record-breaking Brandy vs. Monica Verzuz battle


Riots/violence/Black Lives Matter/crime:

Rittenhouse Attorney: Kenosha Shootings Were ‘100 Percent Self-Defense’

White House blasts Democratic mayors for unrest during protests: ‘Secure your streets’

Alice Johnson Accosted By Demonstrators Outside White House

5 alleged MS-13 members charged in murder of New York teen near reservoir

Protests erupt in Los Angeles after fatal police shooting

Oregon sheriffs reject Gov. Kate Brown’s request to staff Portland protests

Milwaukee police community service officer fatally shot in ‘neighbor dispute’

Kenosha sees nearly $2M in damage to city property so far amid unrest: report

Six Arrested for Assaulting Cops as Disorder Reigns in D.C.

7-Year-Old Shot Dead During Indiana Birthday Party Amid Rising National Violence

DC Police Won’t Say Why They Didn’t Have More Officers Protecting Politicians, Guests As They Left RNC

‘This Is Joe Biden’s Base, And He Needs To Disavow Them’: Rand Paul Blasts Biden For Blaming Violence On Trump

Nunes says Schiff’s DHS protest response probe focusing on Trump, not looters

Florida man known as ‘the Antifa hunter’ gets prison over racist threats

Washburn University dismantles Jefferson, Franklin statues after donor flags potential ’embarrassment’

Video shows Democratic leaders, liberal pundits cheering and condoning violence against political opponents

Portland fatal shooting victim’s friend: ‘They executed my partner. They hunted him down’

St. Louis couple who brandished guns during BLM protest make first court appearance

DOJ ‘targeting and investigating’ leaders, funders of far-left groups and rioters, Wolf tells Tucker

A New Jersey teen was billed $2,500 in police overtime for a Black Lives Matter protest

Jacob Blake’s uncle speaks to CNN about shooting

Wisconsin Republicans take no action on policing bills


Coronavirus news:

County Seizes Property From L.A. Church Challenging Coronavirus Restrictions

Cuomo Sends SWAT Team To College Because Of COVID

Falling Covid-19 cases create opportunity and peril for Trump

94% of Americans who died from COVID-19 had contributing conditions: CDC

FDA willing to fast-track coronavirus vaccine, agency chief says

Philadelphia mayor seen dining indoors while city’s restaurants can only serve outside


Other morsels:

Appeals court deals setback to Flynn’s attempt to end DOJ case against him

Andrew Yang takes lead role in California data privacy campaign

One easy step Trump could take to capitalize on anti-Big Pharma voter sentiment

Trump demands ‘patriotic education’ in U.S. schools

Top CIA spy killed himself in front of wife who later found stash of sex toys, guns

Over $1M worth of cocaine washes up on Florida beach

Steve Bannon, accused ‘We Build the Wall’ fraudsters to face springtime trial

Amazon gets closer to drone delivery with FAA approval

Thousands ask for a statue of Chadwick Boseman to replace a Confederate memorial in his hometown

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Portland’s ‘100% Antifa’ Killer Was Previously Arrested Twice for Illegal Possession of Loaded Firearm

The left-wing agitator who allegedly shot a Trump supporter in Portland over the weekend, is a proud member of antifa who has been arrested and set free twice in recent months for charges that included the illegal possession of a handgun.

“I am 100% ANTIFA all the way! I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters!” the alleged shooter, Michael Forest Reinoehl, posted on social media back in June.

According to the Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo, Reinoehl was arrested during the early morning hours of July 5 outside the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse in Portland and was cited for “possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest, and interfering with police,” but was promptly let go by Portland authorities.

He was photographed at the time fighting cops while on the ground. A gun laid on the ground next to him. He was cited, released and spent no time in the county jail. Like for the majority of those arrested at riots, local prosecutors did not pursue the charges.

The charges were dropped on July 30 with a “no complaint,” according to court records.

Reinoehl also reportedly has a warrant for his arrest on multiple charges stemming from an unrelated incident in Eastern Oregon on June 8 in which he was stopped for driving while in possession of drugs. He was charged with driving under the influence, recklessly endangering another, and driving while suspended and uninsured.

Police in Baker County also found him in possession of a loaded Glock pistol, for which he didn’t have a concealed handgun license during that incident, according to the New York Post. 

It’s unclear why prosecutors would have let Reinoehl walk in July if he’d had a warrant out for his arrest stemming from the June incident, but the decision to allow the dangerous criminal to walk free allowed him to allegedly fatally shoot pro-Trump, pro-police conservative Aaron “Jay” Danielson Saturday night in downtown Portland.

Reinoehl, 48, is reportedly being investigated by Portland police for the homicide, although he has not been formally named or charged fro that crime.

Danielson had earlier participated in a pro-Trump caravan that had driven through the city and clashed with violent rioters.

Danielson, the homicide victim, was shot in the chest in downtown Portland just before 9 p.m. by a man believed to be Reinoehl, who fled the scene on foot. Video recorded of the shooting shows Danielson lying motionless on the ground immediately after two shots are fired. He wore a blue pro-police patch on his shorts at the time of his death. He was a participant in the “Trump 2020” car caravan that drove in and around Portland and was an associate of Portland-area conservative group, Patriot Prayer.

Antifa rioters hurled rocks, eggs and other projectiles and caravan drivers. The pro-Trump drivers and passengers retaliated by shooting them with paintballs and spraying agitators blocking road with pepper spray.

Reinoehl, who has a “black power” fist tattooed on his neck, has “an extensive social media history that shows he identifies as Antifa and has been at many of the riots in Portland,” the Post Millennial reported.

On Instagram, Reinoehl posted in June: “Every revolution needs people that are willing and ready to fight. There are many of us protesters that are just protesting without a clue of where that will lead. That’s just the beginning that’s where the fight starts. If that’s as far and you can take it thank you for your participation but please stand aside and support the ones that are willing to fight. I am 100% ANTIFA all the way! I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters! Even if some of them are too ignorant to realize what antifa truly stands for.”

He continued: “We are currently living through a crucial point in Humanities evolution. We truly have an opportunity right now to fix everything. But it will be a fight like no other! It will be a war and like all wars there will be casualties.”

Reinoehl seemed to be disgruntled, anti-American misfit while serving in the Army, a post regarding his military experience suggests. He proudly shared with followers his preference for fighting fellow Americans over foreign enemy combatants.

“I was in the army and hated it. I did not feel like fighting for them would ever be a good cause. Today’s protesters and antifa are my brothers in arms. This is a Cause to fight for This truly is fighting for my country!” the antifa radical wrote.

“Wow — Portland PD and Antifa-loving District Attorney let this psycho loose only last month after he brought a gun to a riot?” First Amendment lawyer Harmeet K. Dhillon tweeted on Monday. “@tedwheeler— this death is on your hands. You are the police commissioner and YOU let this happen.”



New Study Shows COVID-19 Lockdowns 10 Times More Deadly Than Virus Itself

COVID-19 lockdowns have shortened the lifespans of Americans much more than the virus itself, an eye-opening new study has found.

According to the study, commissioned by Revolver News, Coronavirus lockdowns are ten times more deadly to American citizens than the actual COVID-19 virus, and have devastated long term financial and social stability.

Drawing on existing economic studies on the health effects of unemployment, the Revolver study sought to quantify the net damage of the lockdowns in terms of a metric known as “life-years” and compared that number to how many lives will have been saved by the lockdowns.

… we found that an estimated 18.7 million life-years will be lost in the United States due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. Comparative data analysis between nations shows that the lockdowns in the United States likely had a minimal effect in saving life-years. Using two different comparison groups, we estimate that the COVID-19 lockdowns in the U.S. saved between a quarter to three quarters of a million life-years.

The news outlet opined that the results of the study confirm that “the COVID-19 lockdown measures that Americans have had to endure for the greater part of 2020 represent one of the most dramatic, consequential, and damaging policy measures undertaken in this nation’s history.”

The results are nothing short of staggering, and suggest that the lockdowns will end up costing Americans over 10 times as many years of life as they will save from the virus itself.


The lockdowns were widely accepted early on as a temporary precaution to slow the spread of the virus and save lives, but as time has worn on, many people have noticed a double standard in terms of enforcement, with different rules for different groups based on political affiliation. As new data emerges showing the virus to be less lethal than initially thought, Americans who have suffered dire economic consequences are feeling increasingly rebellious.

The media have consistently spread bad news about the virus, resulting in fear and panic among the populous, but as The New York Times recently admitted, the daily case counts heralded by the MSM have been wildly inaccurate.


The corononavirus death count has also been hugely inflated.

Recent data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that only a miniscule number of Americans have died of the coronavirus alone.

An analysis of deaths between 2/1 and 8/22 2020 found that only six percent of COVID-19 deaths in the United States occurred in people without any comorbidities.

President Trump has made clear that he opposes further devastating lockdowns, pointing out in his recent Republican National Convention speech that they have had a devastating effect on the lives of many Americans.

“The cost of the Biden shutdown would be measured in increased drug overdoses, depression, alcohol addiction, suicides, heart attacks, economic devastation, job loss and much more. Joe Biden’s plan is not a solution to the virus, but, rather, it’s a surrender to the virus,” Trump declared.

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden, meanwhile has indicated that he would impose further lockdowns if “scientists” told him to do so.



D.C. Protester: ‘I’m Ready to Put These Police in the F**king Grave’

Demonstrations and violence continued across the U.S on Saturday, as protests continued after the shooting of Jacob Black last week, The Daily Caller reports.

In Washington D.C., Black Lives Matter protesters marched from Northwest D.C to the White House. As they marched, some agitators set off fireworks, toppled garbage cans, and set fires.

A video shows one Black Lives Matter leader threatening to “burn the White House down” and put police “in f***ing graves.”

The unnamed organizer could be heard shouting to a crowd of protesters on Black Lives Matter Plaza saying he wanted to take his grievances to the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, and threatened he was ready to burn down the White House.

“I’m at the point where I’m ready to put these police in the f**king grave,” he shouted, adding, “I’m at the point where I want to burn the f**king White House down.”

“I want to take it to the senators. I want to take it to the Congress. I want to take the fight to them,” he continued, to scattered applause and cheers. “And at the end of the day, if they ain’t gonna hear us, we burn them the f**k down.”

“I’m one that talk real sh*t,” he went on, saying that he had traveled from New York to D.C. to make his message heard. “The same way I f**k police up in New York, I f**k cops up here in D.C. The same way I bust police in the head in New York, I bust police in the head in D.C.”

He went on to say that there were a lot of people on the front lines, cautioning them to be ready to put their money where their mouths were, according to The Daily Caller.

“Don’t get on the f**king front line if you’re not going to f**king fight,” he concluded. “Don’t get on this front line if you ain’t gonna take a hit.”


Arizona Student GOP Group Slammed for Raising Money for Kyle Rittenhouse

The College Republicans United group at Arizona State University is raising money for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year-old accused of killing two protesters and injuring another at a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this week, Associated Press reports. 

College Republicans United of ASU announced this week that half of any funds they raise during the semester will go toward paying for the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse.

“He does not deserve to have his entire life destroyed because of the actions of violent anarchists during a lawless riot,” the group said in a tweet.

The group was denounced by another Republican group, the ASU Republicans United as a “radical, far-right extremist group,” and urged the university to investigate.

The college said they were aware of the fundraiser, saying while it doesn’t support the fundraiser, there is no policy is in place to prohibit such an effort.

The group is not the only one raising money for Rittenhouse. A self-described Christian fundraising site, GiveSendGo, says it has raised more than $100,000 for his defense.


Shooting at L.A. Pro-Trump Rally Turns Into Standoff

Three suspects were surrounded by law enforcement Sunday following an alleged shooting during a pro-Trump caravan rally in Woodland Hills.

A Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team surrounded an apartment complex building where three suspects were believed to be barricaded inside leading to a 5-hour standoff, according to

“Police responded to a report of gunshots at a caravan rally in support of President Donald Trump in the 20600 block of Ventura Boulevard at about 11:30 a.m. Sunday. No one was wounded in the shooting,” the report said.

After several hours of Ventura Boulevard being shut down, SWAT made entry into the apartment and found no one at home.

The building where the suspects were located was locked down and all nearby apartments evacuated, according to NBC Los Angeles.

At 4:30 p.m., reporter Emily Valdez tweeted video footage of LAPD vehicles and a helicopter overhead and said a tire on a vehicle in the caravan was shot out:

An hour prior, Valdez tweeted photos of the caravan and what appeared to be counter-protesters:

Resident Chantel Bonet lives in a townhouse at the complex in Woodland Hills with her two children and said she heard running and called 911, according to the Associated Press (AP).

“They told me to stay inside and keep the door locked,” a neighbor said, adding, “It was pretty scary.”

Jorge Rodriguez, deputy chief of the LAPD Valley Bureau, said the department obtained a photo of a man with a rifle on the balcony of an apartment unit. It’s unclear what kind of rifle he was holding, according to a report by LA Times.


Democratic Operative Confirms that Vote-by-Mail Fraud is Real



A longtime Democratic operative revealed that voter fraud as a result of a vote-by-mail system is a long-standing problem, and one that he has facilitated for years in the state of New Jersey, according to an extensive piece by the New York Post.


The operative chose to remain anonymous in order to avoid almost certain prosecution. He said that, over the course of many years, he has personally overseen the manipulation of mail-in ballots in multiple locations throughout New Jersey, from Atlantic City, Camden, and Hoboken, to Paterson, Newark, and Hudson County.


The insider said that in “an election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes…it can make a difference. It could be enough to flip states.” He also admitted to having trained teams of as many as 20 operatives to do the same in multiple Northeastern states, from New Jersey to New York and Pennsylvania, the latter of which being one of the most crucial swing states in the upcoming November election.


“There is no race in New Jersey – from City Council to United States Senate – that we haven’t worked on,” he added, noting that “the smaller the race, the easier it is to do.” He also warned that “there is going to be a f***ing war coming November 3rd over this stuff.”

Vote-by-mail has been heavily pushed by Democrats in recent months, claiming that it is a solution to health concerns about in-person voting due to the declining coronavirus. However, President Trump and other Republicans have pointed out the multiple instances of fraud that have occurred with mail-in voting just this year alone. As the Post notes, over 84,000 ballots in New York were disqualified in the June 23rd presidential primary for various errors. In Paterson, New Jersey, a state judge ordered a new election in a city council race after over 3,000 mail-in ballots were disqualified.


DNI Ratcliffe Has Filed Multiple ‘Crimes Reports’ Over Classified Government Leaks

The new Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said in an interview that he has already filed multiple “crimes reports” over the leaking of classified government information to the press by intelligence community operatives, as reported by the Daily Caller.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Ratcliffe, a former congressman from Texas who was appointed as DNI in late May, said that “when I become aware of intelligence community information that is disclosed unlawfully, I do what’s called a crimes report.” He further revealed that he has “done that now on a number of occasions, and so those investigations are moving forward.” The exact timing, however, would be up to the FBI to decide, according to Ratcliffe.

His actions stem from multiple leaks to the press by intelligence community insiders regarding alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, which was eventually confirmed to be a hoax. As a result, Ratcliffe is making multiple changes to the manners in which the intelligence community provides official briefings to the press and to Congress.

In the case of the latter, his most recent briefing to Congress led to multiple members of Congress going straight to the press and disclosing what he had told them, in violation of protocol. In response to his revisions following these leaks, Democrats claimed, without any evidence, that Ratcliffe was limiting the information they could see in order to help President Trump’s chances in the upcoming 2020 election.



Black Man Stabs White Man in Colorado, Shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’

A White man who was walking his dog in his apartment complex was attacked and stabbed by a black man, who shouted “black lives matter” during the attack, according to the New York Post.

The incident occurred on Tuesday as the victim, who only revealed his first name Michael, was walking his dog at the apartment complex where he lives with his girlfriend. He was then attacked by the perpetrator, 30-year-old Steve Sinclair, a black man, who charged at him with a pair of steak knives.

Michael recalled the incident in an interview with a local Fox affiliate, remembering that “he looked at me…and said ‘I’m going to kill you.’ He had two knives and he just jumped on top of me, and he was yelling ‘black lives matter! You should know my name!’”

Despite his efforts to defend himself with a stick, Sinclair managed to stab Michael in the side, collapsing a lung and puncturing his diaphragm. Police eventually arrived on the scene and arrested Sinclair, while Michael was taken to the emergency room, where he is currently recovering. Sinclair now faces a charge of attempted murder, with the charge being treated as a hate crime.

Michael’s girlfriend, who remained anonymous, said that the attacker “ruined our small little happy life right now,” and that they plan to move out of their complex soon. She also revealed that Michael “can’t work for six weeks.” A GoFundMe page has been set up for Michael’s medical bills.

Racially-motivated attacks on White people have been rising across the country as the far-left domestic terrorist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter have stepped up their rioting in recent weeks. After a decline in violence in late July and most of August, riots have flared up again following the police shooting of a black criminal in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who was fighting with police and resisting arrest before attempting to grab a knife hidden in his car.

In addition to riots in Kenosha, the violence in Portland, Oregon has reached a boiling point, with Antifa militants seeking out conservatives, Whites, and Trump supporters to attack, eventually leading to an armed Antifa member executing a member of Patriot Prayer, Jay Bishop, in an unprovoked murder on Saturday night.


Morning Greatness: Violence Escalates in Liberal Hellscapes

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has lunch with the Vice President
  • The president meets with the Attorney General and the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security

Two minutes of hate:

Leftie elected officials in violent hellscapes blame Trump for the violence dominating their sewer cities. Anarchist-occupied Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler told the president, ‘It’s you who have created the hate.’ The president announced he would visit Kenosha, Wisconsin and the lefties running the failed-state don’t want him there, both the Governor and the Lt. Governor have urged Trump not to show up. Don’t buy into the left’s narrative that rioters and hooligans have no control over themselves and have to hit the streets for a fresh crime wave because the president is going to visit. Trump doesn’t make people do things, it’s a choice. If you choose to hit the streets, you should be held accountable for your actions.

A Trumper was shot and killed this weekend in sh!thole country of Portland. A BLM rioter walked up to the victim in broad daylight and shot and killed him. The victim was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat and carrying a bag that had a Blue Lives Matter flag on it. The killer has been identified and BLM/Antifa are elated about their kill.

We found out why the cops were called on Jacob Blake, he’s a real scumbag. Blake had violated a July restraining order issued after he sexually assaulted the woman who would call 911 on him in August. Blake raped the victim with his fingers during the July incident. Enjoy your hero lefties! Police shot Blake seven times after he resisted arrest, put an officer in a headlock, and resisted non-lethal force. He also had a knife. Where are the women’s groups? Blake is exactly the kind of creep who needs to be taken off the streets.

DNI John Ratcliffe will stop giving oral briefs on election security to the House and Senate intelligence committees because partisan hacks on the committees leak sensitive information. Ratcliffe also said he has filed multiple crime reports over classified leaks. House Intelligence (HPSCI) chair Rep. Adam Schiff is angry because he is almost certainly a leaker. The trash on the HPSCI will still get briefings but they will be written despite the Democrats’ spinning and tantrums that information is being withheld.

The attorney’s for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who shot three rioters last week, has released a description of the deadly attack in Kenosha. Attorneys say Rittenhouse was attacked and shot at before defending himself with his firearm. A similar thing happened in Florida where a man was attacked and beaten by thugs at a BLM riot but the man was released as soon as video showed him using a firearm to defend himself.



On C-SPAN, Dems Defect to Trump

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Calls Black RNC Speakers A ‘Modern-Day Minstrel Show’

Biden will not visit Kenosha on Monday


Race riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/violence:

Arizona student group slammed for raising money for gunman

Kentucky AG says his office has received FBI ballistics report from Breonna Taylor shooting

Pollster: Biden denounces Kenosha violence after campaign ‘misjudged how important it was to the American people’

This is quite the roster. This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation

Trump labels Portland mayor a ‘FOOL’: ‘Bring in the National Guard’

Police officers shot in St. Louis, Chicago

‘I’m Ready To Put These Police In The F**king Grave’: DC Protester Calls For More Violence

Alleged stabber shouted ‘Black Lives Matter’ during random attack in Colorado

Rioters, looters could lose unemployment benefits under new bill

Florida cop shot serving warrant, suspect killed in gun battle: officials

Dallas Stars Admit Losing Fans over Black Lives Matter Support

Black Staff Claim BBC ‘Institutionally Racist’, Like Working on ‘Plantation’

4 shot at Kansas City nightclub where past shooting occurred

NYPD uses facial recognition to arrest brazen sex offender accused of attempted rape on subway platform

Maryland state employee fired over posts supporting Kenosha shooting suspect

Police: Shooting at Pro-Trump Rally Becomes Standoff in Los Angeles

Coronavirus news:

Northwestern University freshmen, sophomores will not return to campus

FDA chief says he supports fast-tracking coronavirus vaccine if ‘appropriate’

World coronavirus cases top 25 million with US leading the way

More than 1,000 University of Alabama students test positive for COVID-19 since classes resumed


Other morsels:

Priceless. ‘You Simply Do Not Care About Us’: Neighbors Allegedly Write Letter Singling Out Neighbor For Trump Yard Sign

Ratcliffe Says He Is Coordinating With John Durham, Plans To Declassify More Trump-Russia Documents

Banksy’s overloaded migrant rescue boat saved by Italian government

France horse killings stun countryside after ‘barbaric’ slayings with mysterious, ritual-like mutilations

Louisiana woman arrested after starting barbecue protest outside mayor’s house

Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Blames Trump for Violence After Antifa Agitator Kills Patriot Prayer Member

A Trump supporter was shot and killed in Portland, Oregon, late Saturday after a large caravan of the president’s supporters paraded through the city and were accosted by violent left-wing agitators.

In a press conference, Sunday afternoon, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler blamed President Trump for the hatred and violence engulfing his city. The president, meanwhile, blasted the “the wacky Radical Left Do Nothing Democrat Mayor of Portland” for failing to do anything to quell the violence in Portland.

The shooting of the Trump supporter was caught on video.

According to the AP, a 600-strong pro-Trump caravan “had gathered earlier in the day at a suburban mall and drove as a group to the heart of Portland.” The shooting came on day 95 of the daily left-wing riots in downtown Portland.

The pro-Trump display began on a positive and upbeat note.

Eventually, left-wing radicals went on the attack against the pro-Trump demonstrators.

Antifa militants mobbed vehicles, attempting to block their way, and attacked them with rocks, urine water guns, fireworks, eggs and more, according to on site reports.

Trump supporters reacted with pepper spray and paintball guns to clear the street.

As the two sides clashed, there were also brawls in the street.

The victim of the shooting was reportedly identified by his “Patriot Prayer” hat. Patriot Prayer is a conservative group founded by leader Joey Gibson allegedly to “fight corruption, big government, and tyranny using God for strength and the power of love.” Antifa militants always come out in great numbers to “counterprotest” Patriot Prayer whenever it holds a demonstration.

Hours after the pro-Trump caravan had driven through the city, Gibson was mobbed by hostile antifa militants in Portland and forced to flee to a boarded up gas station for refuge.

Another apparent Patriot Prayer member was brutally assaulted on the street, Saturday night.

Upon hearing gunshots, police responded and located the victim, who had a gunshot wound to the chest.

“Medical responded and determined that the victim was deceased,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a statement.

The antifa rioters celebrated the victim’s death by burning an American flag amid tribal war cries, drumbeats and trumpet blasts.

During the street celebration, one agitator justified the unprovoked murder by bellowing that the victim was “a f—king nazi.”

“Our community held its own!” the woman cried.

She went on to scream through a bullhorn, “I’m not sad that a f—king fascist died tonight!” amid laughter and cheers.

Both the shooter and victim have been identified online, but no arrests have yet been made.

President Trump reacted to the unrest in Portland, Sunday morning, urging the city’s leadership to request federal help.

Portland has been the site of nightly riots for more than three months since the police killing of George Floyd, a career criminal who had resisted arrest in Minneapolis.

Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell held a press conference on Sunday to address the overnight violence.

The mayor blamed President Trump for the violence, claiming he was inciting people through his racist rhetoric.

“Do you seriously wonder, Mr. President, why this is the first time in decades that America has seen this level of violence?” Wheeler said. “It’s you who have created the hate and the division.”

Lovell said he couldn’t determine yet if the shooting was politically motivated, saying that it could have just been a problem that erupted between individuals.

“So it’s hard for me to classify it as more of a Black Lives Matter thing or kind of a political ideology case,” he said. In response to a reporter’s question, Lovell also said police could potentially build a case against caravan members who deployed bear spray and paintballs at the “peaceful protesters.”

In a series of tweets following the press conference, Trump blasted the weak Democrat leadership of Portland for allowing their great city to be destroyed by agitators and anarchists.

“The only way you will stop the violence in the high crime Democrat run cities is through strength!,” Trump tweeted.

“Ted Wheeler, the wacky Radical Left Do Nothing Democrat Mayor of Portland, who has watched great death and destruction of his City during his tenure, thinks this lawless situation should go on forever. Wrong! Portland will never recover with a fool for a Mayor,” the president continued.

“He tried mixing with the Agitators and Anarchists and they mocked him. He would like to blame me and the Federal Government for going in, but he hasn’t seen anything yet. We have only been there with a small group to defend our U.S. Courthouse, because he couldn’t do it,” Trump argued.

The president went on to characterize Wheeler as “the dummy running Portland,” and referred to his opponent Joe Biden as “the guy right now in his basement.”

“The people of Portland, like all other cities & parts of our great Country, want Law & Order. The Radical Left Democrat Mayors, like the dummy running Portland, or the guy right now in his basement unwilling to lead or even speak out against crime, will never be able to do it!” Trump concluded.


Blake Sexually Assaulted Victim in May, Defied Restraining Order

According to news reports, Kenosha police were responding to a 911 call related to an existing warrant on Jacob Blake for felony sexual assault, trespassing, and domestic abuse before Blake was shot on August 23. The Kenosha Professional Police Association issued a statement on Friday that detailed the May assault; police filed charges against Blake in July.

Blake allegedly broke into the bedroom of the victim, an ex-girlfriend, in the early morning of May 3 and sexually assaulted her while one of her children slept beside her. The victim told police that Blake attacks her “around twice a year when he drinks heavily,” the New York Post reported August 28. A 911 call from that same residence triggered Blake’s encounter with police, which sparked looting and rioting in Kenosha, a city located on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, that spread to other cities across the county.

Police also confirmed that Blake had a knife in his possession; video taken during the incident supports that claim. Blake resisted arrest and ignored officers’ commands before he was shot in the back. He remains in stable condition at a Milwaukee hospital.

Political leaders, celebrities, and athletes have rallied to Blake’s defense. In a video message taped at his home, Joe Biden said Blake’s shooting was another example of “systemic racism” and fretted about what Blake’s children watched unfold. “Our hearts are with his family, especially with his children,” Biden told the camera. “It’s horrible what they saw.” (Blake, 29, has six children under the age of 8.)

Biden’s running mate spoke with Blake’s family this week. Sen. Kamala Harris said she did not think the shooting was justified. “The man was going to his car, he didn’t appear to be armed,” Harris, a former prosecutor, said in an MSNBC interview Friday. “And if he was not armed, the use of force that was seven bullets coming out of a gun at close range in the back of the man? I don’t see how anybody could reason that that was justifiable.”

LeBron James is outraged at the Blake incident; he has referred to the serial sexual abuser as a “gentleman” and encouraged his fellow NBA players to boycott the playoffs in Blake’s honor. On Friday, NBA officials negotiated a resumption of the playoffs in exchange for various promises to promote social justice causes. NFL quarterback Drew Brees taped Blake’s name on his helmet.

Blake’s father and other family members spoke at Friday’s March on Washington in honor of the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Blake’s sister told the crowd that it was time to stand up to the “genocide” of black men in America and urged black women to be their “brother’s keeper.”

No comment from her brother’s victim.


Rand Paul Calls on FBI to Investigate Organizers of ‘Crazed Mob’ Outside White House for Interstate Crimes

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Friday that he and his wife would have been violently assaulted or killed by the “crazed mob” outside the White House Thursday night had the police not intervened, and called on the FBI to investigate potential out-of-state crimes because he believes the anarchists were paid by shadowy organizers to harass Trump’s supporters.

Masked agitators harassed, threatened and assaulted multiple Trump supporters as they exited the White House grounds.

A bus carrying Republican convention attendees back to their hotel was also set upon by the mob.

Paul appeared on Fox and Friends Thursday morning to describe the harrowing ordeal that he, his wife, and two female friends experienced upon exiting the White House following President Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

“I truly believe this with every fiber of my being, had they gotten at us they would have gotten us to the ground, we might not have been killed, might just have been injured by being kicked in the head, or kicked in the stomach until we were senseless,” he told host Steve Doocy.

In 2017, Paul suffered six broken ribs, including three displaced fractures, and an injured lung after his crazed leftist neighbor attacked him. The beating also caused fluid and blood around his lungs, and pneumonia. In August of 2019, part of his damaged lung had to be surgically removed.

Paul said that he suspected that at least some of the agitators were from out of town, and were paid to “incite a riot.”

“I think we’re going to find out that these people are hired and from out of town specifically in our case. I believe there are people who are going to be involved in the attack on us who were actually paid to come here, are not from Washington D.C., and are sort of paid to be anarchists,” Paul said. “This is disturbing because really, if you’re inciting a riot that’s a crime, but if you’re paying someone to incite a riot that person needs to go to jail as well.”

“It was horrific,” the Republican senator told Doocy, explaining that it was impossible to get to his hotel across the street because it was being blocked by the unhinged mob of agitators.

Paul said the Secret Service instructed his group to get on a bus and head to the Trump Hotel, and said that it took 45 minutes to get through all the mobs. Once there, he said they got an Uber to drop them off at their hotel, but because the streets were blocked, they could only get within two blocks of their hotel.

“I regret that I made this decision, but I said ‘we’re going to walk the two blocks,'” Paul recounted. He said they were able to walk one block before they saw police in the distance but also a mob of about 30 rioters “marching and yelling.”

Paul said they spotted him just as they were reaching the policemen, “fortunately or I don’t think we would have survived.”

The Kentucky Republican said the police didn’t seem to know who he was, but the agitators did, and when they started screaming his name, the mob “doubled to 60 and then it doubled again to 120.”

Paul explained that as the mob closed in, the police formed a barricade around his group with their bodies.

“I whispered to the policeman, ‘they know who I am. You’ve got to get reinforcements—it’s going to get worse,” he said.  He said they stayed in place waiting for reinforcements, but they never came, meanwhile the mob was getting louder and more aggressive.

“They were yelling threats, they were trying to push the police over to get to me, they were grabbing at us, and it got worse and worse and worse,” Paul recounted.

At this point, he said, they had no choice but to try to walk the block through the mob to his hotel.

“They were shouting threats to us, to kill us, to hurt us, but also … shouting ‘say her name,’ Breonna Taylor,” Paul noted. “And it’s like you couldn’t reason with this mob, but I’m actually the author of the Breonna Taylor law to end no-knock raids, so the irony is lost on these idiots that they’re trying to kill the person who’s actually trying to get rid of no-knock raids.”

Paul pointed out that he’s authored 22 criminal justice reforms with President Trump and former President Obama, but the demonstrators were still yelling: “We’re not going to let you go alive unless you’ll say you’re for criminal justice reform.”

Paul told Doocy that he was well aware of danger his group was in.

“You’ve seen the pictures of what they do to you. If the police are not there, if you defund the police, if we become Portland—if America becomes Portland, what’s going to happen is people are going to be pummeled and kicked in the head and left senseless on the curb,” Paul maintained. “That would have happened to us I promise you had we not had the D.C. Police to support us. We are thankful that we have police but we’ve got to wake up,” he added. We can’t walk down the street in D.C. safely now. That’s how bad it is.”

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway tweeted Thursday morning that other victims of the left-wing mob were incensed at Mayor Bowser for enabling the attacks.

Earlier this summer, Bowser, it should be noted,  refused to allow the National Guard to come into D.C. to restore order and had city workers paint “Black Lives Matter” in giant yellow letters down a street near the White House.

Paul argued that the reason Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris were late to condemn the rioters is because those people are their voters.

“This is the new Democrat party and if we don’t resist this, the United States is going to become Portland,” the senator declared.

“They were inciting a riot and they would have killed us had the police not been there,” the senator added.

Paul stressed repeatedly that the police were the only thing that prevented them from being swallowed up by the violent mob.

“Thank God for the police. Had we not gotten to the police … I truly believe that the police saved our lives and we would not be here today or we’d be in a hospital today had the police not been there,” he said, adding that some of the agitators even followed them into the hotel.

Following their ordeal, Paul took to Twitter to thank the Washington D.C. Police Department for coming to their rescue.

The senator’s wife, Kelley Ashley Paul also thanked the cops for coming to their aid.

Paul said because of the ongoing left-wing demonstrations, Republicans are not safe to walk the streets in Washington D.C., and called on the FBI to make arrests to investigate potential interstate crimes.

“My feeling is that there’s interstate criminal traffic being paid for across state lines, but you won’t know it unless you arrest them,” he said. “I promise you that at least some of the members of the people who attacked us were not from D.C., they flew here on a plane, they’ve all got fresh new clothes, and they were paid to be here.”

Paul stressed that the organizers of the mahem had to be investigated to get to the bottom of it.

“It is a crime to do that and it needs to be traced. The FBI needs to investigate,” he said, adding that “they were inciting a riot and they would have killed us had the police not been there.

“Something’s going on here and it’s much bigger than people think,” Paul said.





Rand Paul and Others Mobbed by Rioters After Leaving Trump’s RNC Speech

Multiple videos have gone viral on social media showing attendees of President Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech being mobbed by far-left rioters, including Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Several videos emerged of the attack on Senator Paul and his wife, as they were being escorted away from the White House by D.C. Police. At several points, the rioters violently shoved some of the officers who are defending the Pauls, causing them to nearly fall over. Paul and other attendees were leaving the White House, where President Trump officially accepted the nomination of the Republican Party for the 2020 presidential election. Paul, who has already been targeted for assassination by radical leftists twice in recent years, tweeted his thanks to the D.C. Police for protecting him and his wife.

Other attendees were mobbed and harassed by rioters all the way back to their hotels, with many openly threatening them just for being Republicans. Their targets ranged from delegates and speakers to civilians in attendance, including several elderly attendees simply crossing the street.

The violent actions by rioters only confirmed a key point of President Trump’s speech, where he denounced the violence in some of America’s biggest cities, carried out by domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and specifically called out the Democrats and their presidential nominee Joe Biden for refusing to condemn the violence.


5-Year-Old with Autism Kicked off School Bus for Not Wearing Mask

In Arizona, a school is facing backlash for its poor treatment of a 5-year-old student with autism who did not wear a mask on the bus for his first day of school, as reported by the New York Post.

On Wednesday, Jack Griffith was heading to his first day of Kindergarten at Bush Elementary School in Mesa. His mother, Beth, recalled to a local newspaper how Jack was nervous about his first day, but at the same time was excited to finally start school.

However, despite his condition being made known to the school, which had already arranged for him to be in a special-needs classroom, a bus driver refused to let Jack board the bus in the morning. When Jack’s parents, Beth and Troy, were told by the driver that Jack had to wear a mask in order to ride, Troy countered by pointing out that the school’s guidelines had an exemption for students with special needs.

The bus driver still refused to let Jack board, even calling a district staffer who agreed with the driver and wouldn’t let Jack on. Jack’s mother pointed out that there were already only three other students on the bus, thus meaning that social distancing was entirely possible without a mask.

Troy eventually drove his son to school himself, where he was told by a staffer that the bus driver’s decision was an error. The staffer then assured the parents that Jack would be allowed to ride on the bus without a mask in the future.

However, Beth later said in a social media post that the experience had left Jack “terrified to ride the bus now.” Although several staffers apologized for the incident, a statement from Mesa Public Schools tried to place blame for the incident on the parents. Spokeswoman Heidi Hurst falsely claimed that “the parent voluntarily chose to have their child not ride the bus. There was not a denial of transportation.” Hurst described the situation as “a favorable result” for the school.

In a later statement, Beth refuted the school district’s claims, saying that the statement “couldn’t be more inaccurate.” She added that Jack has been “very overwhelmed and confused by everything that’s happened over the last two days.”


Jeff Bezos’ Net Worth Reaches $200 Billion

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post, solidified his status as the world’s wealthiest man after his net worth reached the $200 billion mark, according to the Daily Caller.

Bezos reached the astounding milestone on Wednesday, with the Caller noting that he is not alone in expanding his wealth during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, which has significantly increased business for Amazon due to the rise in online shopping. Two other prominent CEOs who saw their net worths reach significant landmarks are Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who both reached $100 billion.

Bezos and Amazon have come under heavy fire in recent months from both political parties, for widely varying reasons. Some Democrats have criticized him for his immense wealth and a near-monopoly on online shopping with Amazon, while Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have criticized him and the Washington Post for their overwhelmingly left-wing bias in their “reporting” of the news.

The American economy, while clearly on the rise from the worst of the coronavirus lockdowns in April and May, still has millions of Americans out of work due to the virus. There are still roughly 16 million Americans out of work, although the unemployment rate recently fell below 10 percent. The stock market has also made significant gains in recent days, with the Nasdaq and S&P both achieving record highs, and the DOW Jones nearly back to the same level it was at right before the virus first hit.