Who Will Win the Coronavirus War?

It may be that Americans after coronavirus will be more skeptical of progressive projects, less individualistic, more desirous of national self-sufficiency, more closed off as a society.

Fear and Loathing at the Las Vegas Debate

None of these candidates deserves to be president, and the way things are looking none of them is likely to be burdened with the task. People who know how to do nothing but apologize for America, and even for their own existence, have no business being in the White House.

Elizabeth Warren’s Desperate Trick

If there’s one thing Americans can’t stand, it’s a phony. Warren’s attempt to smear Bernie Sanders makes the Vermont socialist look like a saint. It’s a sign of desperation, not strength.

Donald Trump Is
An American Hero

Trump has made possible a revolution in conservative thought and principles. He has inspired a new generation of conservatives to assert themselves, to re-think old loyalties and allegiances, and most of all to repudiate the worthless conservatism that came before him.

Democracy in Decline

Under ideal circumstances, American politics would be centered on the national common good of all citizens. But instead the Left embraces illegal foreigners as the moral superiors of American citizens, indeed as the rightful heirs of the historic American nation.