Obama the Jacobin

Obama’s remarks at the John Lewis funeral amount to an ultimatum. Coexistence is no longer possible: America must choose between the Republic of the past and a glorious progressive future.

Twilight of the Founders

In our arrogance, we imagine that it is we who are disdainfully rejecting America’s Founders. They would want nothing to do with us.

Trump, Biden, and the Coronavirus Coup

Consider the last several weeks a test run for the Biden regency, a preview of what America might look like if, and when, rule by the “managers” becomes a permanent, irreversible fact, and democracy is part of the past.

In Coronavirus Era, the Media Plays God

Americans are living in a “Twilight Zone” of their own at the moment, but even in all of the weirdness of this era there is nobody with the supernatural ability to tell what comes next. In this moment of vulnerability, there are some trying to convince us otherwise.