Emma Watson and
the ‘Self-Love’ Scam

The imagined emancipation of dispensing with “unsatisfying relationships” to be alone smacks not of wisdom but of entitlement, bitterness, and unrealistic expectations of perfection from life partners. 

The Backward Logic of Cancel Culture Apologists

At one and the same time, cancel culture is imagined to be the harmless, spontaneous effect of virtuous citizens criticizing those who cross a line, and also a sweeping revolution that threatens to swallow up those destined for “irrelevance.”

Democrats Have Given Up on the Common Good

To an increasing degree, the Democratic party represents a detached elite. Their party line has shifted so far to the left that it no longer touches the common good, and as such, they must gaslight the public about their actual policies.

The Classical Tyranny of the Left’s Gun Policy

Beto O'Rourke is half-right. If we’re not able to speak clearly about what has gone wrong in this country, then the violence will never stop. With the shallow policy bromides controlling the dialogue, however, such clarity will never happen.

The Boomer Revolution and Its Consequences

The infantilized mentality of the times is an echo of the adolescent revolt of a half-century ago that produced it. If we’re really concerned about which way America is headed, we need to think about how we got here.

Immigration as Reparations?

The New York Times recently published an op-ed advancing a rather peculiar argument. Author Suketu Mehta builds on the familiar, hackneyed debate over reparations for […]

Abortion vs. Civilization

The recent push in Alabama to restrict most abortions has energized the culture war. But despite the seething passions on both sides, nothing has really […]

The Great Green Media Machine

Remember Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony? By now, it feels like ages ago. At the time, the media hyped what the president’s former attorney had to […]