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Joe Long lives in Cayce, South Carolina. He holds a master's degree in history from Georgia College and State University. He has a very patient wife, five homeschooled children, and a job.

Values on Parade

Historical perspective acts as a prophylactic against current events hysteria—so much so, in fact, that I sometimes think we should perhaps advocate the free distribution of historical perspective (perhaps through local school systems, though that may prove a bit too controversial).Take the matter of the apparently-terrifying proposal made by President Trump, that the United

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A Twisted Take on Yoga

Shreena Gandhi, a religious studies professor at Michigan State University, has made headlines with her provocative article calling the practice of yoga “white supremacy,” and referring to those to whom yoga “actually belongs” (hint: not YOU, you privileged villain). Ironically enough, a little research shows that modern yoga actually owes a great deal

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“Semper Petulant”

A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.—Proverbs 14:6 The congressional Democrats' group sulk during the 2018 State of the Union address seemed to indicate an inability, or more likely, a stubborn unwillingness, to learn from the experiences of the past year. That, we can

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Three 2018 SOTU Drinking Games

It’s a national tradition almost as venerable as  televised State of the Union addresses themselves, to honor the occasion with drinking games. Generally a charming custom, the tradition hit a new low during the Obama years, with a little game called “Drink Until This Guy Starts Making Sense” proving particularly problematic. (Especially when

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Telling Whoppers (Bigly)

In a rather odd and likely counterproductive foray into corporate partisanship, the venerable American fast food chain "Burger King" has created a video for social media, purporting to demonstrate the importance of the misnamed "Net Neutrality" regulations. In the video, customers ordering "Whoppers" are told that they must pay exorbitant fees for speedy

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Mueller and the Plan B Team

Through the files,  Karen “paged;” Remorselessly, Peter “struck;” Ruthlessly, Lorretta “lynched.’ Comey? He just ran amok. Thus a bureaucrat cabal  Turned political machine— Tried to exert influence Through maneuvers Byzantine. Now, reduced to lame excuses, Their conspiracy’s a fail; May their story be recorded, As a cautionary tale.

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Of President Oprah

Some of those whose Leftist schemes have been shattered, by DJT, To a million little pieces, have fled from reality. Lately, they have been  indulging in a daydream of perfection— A populist plutocrat to whom they’d have no objection. Her talk show has been popular, her magazine is slick; Best-sellerdom attends her every

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The Unkindest Tax Cut

A well-to-do acquaintance, I encountered on the street. His brow was deeply furrowed, wearily he dragged his feet; Such consternation marked him, that I hurried to his side “What’s wrong?!” “They’ve cut my taxes,” he despairingly replied. “Oh, I’m so sor…wait, what?” I asked him, as he gave a sob. “You looked as

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Having Your Cake

Well, the florist is gone and the petals have dropped. The baker’s made cake, or else closed down his shop. “Man and man?” “Wife and wife”? Anyhow, there’s a ring. No question about that. Well…maybe ONE thing.Are you quite satisfied with the point that you made Because the law coerced a merry charade? Were

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