Monsters Among Us

Larry Correia and Sarah A. Hoyt give fans a lively, politically incorrect bestseller with the latest installment of "Monster Hunter International" series.


It seems the Dalia Lama Has chosen to calm a Storm of speculation, With new information. Seem that a burning question Of lamaic succession, Had […]

Are We Overdoing Father’s Day?

Like most American households, mine carries on all of the old-time Father’s Day traditions. Last weekend, we put up the Father’s Day tree. We’ve bought […]

Only a Razor

The marketing geniuses at Gillette have discovered a way to pander even more to the woke Left. Gillette launched its first salvo against “toxic masculinity” […]

Courageous Homesickness

Many social conservatives excel at diagnosis of our social ills, but often fail or stop short of prescription. They can tell us where we’ve gone […]

Virginia Follies: A Summary

Northam says he’s very sorry; also says, “That wasn’t me!” Fairfax finds the facts unfair, and also says—“Eff that B!” Bobby Scott knew quite a […]

The Trans-Right Tantrum

In a now familiar scenario, a man with a cherished sense of identity, understanding himself to be something that he’s not, threw a tantrum because […]

Cory Booker’s Commodus Moment

This is the closest I’ll get to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.” Thus spake U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.), who “violated (a) rule knowingly” in […]

Culture War Profiteers

For shrewd corporations, wars can offer opportunities. Our national “cold Civil War” is no exception. A few years ago, for instance, when Chick-fil-A found itself […]

Denying McCain’s Last Wishes

A wonderful book for young people is Hero Tales from American History. That book was an effort by Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge to […]

The Jacket and the Jackasses

A lady wore a jacket, on a ramp onto a plane; Predictably, the media went instantly insane. There arose at once amongst them, quite an […]