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Joe Long lives in Cayce, South Carolina. He holds a master's degree in history from Georgia College and State University. He has a very patient wife, five homeschooled children, and a job.

Reforming the Miss America Pageant: Brains Trump Beauty

The leadership of the Miss America beauty pageant announced this week it would eliminate the historic “bathing beauty” or swimsuit portion of the competition. The decision was explained as a reform to stop the young ladies who compete, from being judged on their appearance. Those statements were made as if they were obviously

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Culture Wargames

The classic Marxists of the 20th century wanted to bring the entire world under Communist domination. The new Millennium’s heirs to that movement on the progressive Left are more ambitious: They strive to dominate all the worlds—even the ones that exist only in your imagination. Perhaps especially those. Using strategies reminiscent of campus

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Requiem for McCain

This is our lot if we live so long and labour unto the end—Then we outlive the impatient years and the much too patient friend:And because we know we have breath in our mouth and think we have thoughts in our head, We shall assume that we are alive, whereas we are really dead.We

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Trayon White, the Antisemite

The recent revelation that Washington, D.C. city councilman, Trayon White, is an avowed antisemite makes is a kind of poetic confirmation of Leftist projection. Everything they say about the right turns out to be a reflection about something deep and nasty within themselves. So to send this up in proper form, what better that

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The Cry Bully vs. the Chaplain

U.S. Army Chaplain Scott Squires is the latest Evangelical Christian military clergyman to be sued for being reluctant to affirm gay marriage wholeheartedly. The Fort Bragg, North Carolina minister is being sued by a lesbian soldier for rescheduling a “Strong Bonds” marriage retreat he had planned. Apparently, she wanted to receive his Southern

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Wolf at the Door

Remember when the Left was actually funny? Deliberately funny, I mean, not simply ridiculous. For the youngsters who literally do not remember that (and that would be a major demographic, actually), I mean Tom-Lehrer-in-the-1960s funny; Berke-Breathed-in-the-’80s, funny. Some insight, some irony, some wit, some comic timing; an occasional moment when even we on

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Kanye’s Epiphany

Rudyard K. might have tweeted, if Rudyard could tweet, “Trump is Trump; West is West, and they never will meet.” Yet they met, and it seems an affinity grows… What did they have in common? Reality shows! No, no, not the shows they each had on TV; (Those had little resemblance, to reality)—

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A Tall Skinny Grande Venti Scolding

On May 29, eight thousand Starbucks locations in the United States will close for their employees to undergo “education about racial bias.”  Bigotry, apparently, is judged by the company’s CEO to be a persistent institutional problem among the ranks of the notoriously progressive employees of the coffee chain. Starbucks might want to use

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Divers Measures

Recently, distinguished University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax opined that a group of students who were subject to lower admission standards than their peers did not, in her experience, perform as well in her classes. Outrage ensued. Many commenters have insisted that she was wrong in her impression, and they might be

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