Doctors Said the Vaccine Was Safe

Last week, German Euro Member of Parliament Christine Anderson called vaccine coercion “the worst crime ever committed on humanity.” This would conveniently replace the previous record in this category, held by the Germans. But she may turn out to be right. “There is so much coming to light,” she said. “All of the adverse side effects, numerous studies now available, on fetal disfigurements . . . genetic defects of babies born to women who got vaccinated . . .” 

Also last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson drew attention to a recent study published in the Journal of Food and Toxicology claiming to have observed “diverse adverse consequences to human health” from the vaccine, potentially including “a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, immune thrombocytopenia, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.” 

I happen to be unvaccinated. I also never caught COVID, but that may be purely a matter of chance. My being unvaccinated however has nothing to do with chance—it was an act of willpower in the face of pretty substantial pressure from a lot of directions. New York wouldn’t let me indoors without my vaccine identity papers and I refused to carry a fake card. I have friends who went through much worse, including one facing de facto expulsion from Columbia University for refusing the vaccine. Her religious exemption was denied. Columbia probably figured her religious faith was nothing compared to theirs: She might believe in Christianity, but they believe in the vaccine, and who is anyone to question their faith? 

I was all primed to take the vaccine when it first became available, and might well have gotten it—were it not for the very religious character of the pressure to do so. That made me suspicious. We were repeatedly assured (remember the early days!) that those who took the vaccine were completely invincible to COVID, so I figured that by not taking it I could harm only myself. But, mysteriously, this was not the case: The vaccine was, on the one hand, completely effective. On the other hand, I was posing a danger to the vaccinated by not getting it. No doctor was willing to explain the contradiction to me. 

And I think the problem was that a lot of doctors had already gotten vaccinated—and gotten their children vaccinated—without thinking logically about the potential consequences. Then, when potential consequences began to look bad, it was better to pretend that everything was going to be fine than to admit that they might have poisoned themselves—and their children. 

I had a lengthy conversation on this subject more than a year ago with a doctor friend of mine, a good fellow and a friend from school. He was trying to convince me to take the vaccine, if not for myself then for those around me. By this point we’d shifted from “you won’t get COVID with the vaccine” to “you won’t get COVID as bad.” (This may also be false, but it was on that day’s Menu of Truth.) And so the new argument was that I could still hurt other people by not getting vaccinated. The doctor assured me it was completely, totally safe. 

But how could we know that? That is all I asked him. How could we know? Even if this vaccine weren’t a brand-new technology, even if it were something conventional, long-term side-effects could not possibly be known until there was time for them to develop and be observed. 

The doctor told me that the CDC assured us the vaccine was safe, so there could not possibly be any risk. But how could the CDC know, I asked? We began moving in circles. He refused to see the logical fallacy, and I refused to acknowledge that the CDC could know something that only the passage of time would reveal. So he finally fell back on the initial argument: This is an emergency, and you should get it for the good of society. Think of the women and children! Think of your elderly family members! You might be killing them! 

Well now. Who has been killing whom? I don’t want to say “I told you so,” to people who got vaccinated. God forbid. I just want to ask all the doctors who injected their patients and promised total safety—when they knew they had no right to make such a promise—what are you going to do now? What if it gradually becomes clear that you have harmed and damaged hundreds or thousands of people, perhaps permanently? 

We already know the answer to this: They’re going to say, “It wasn’t our fault! The CDC told us it was safe! Pfizer said it was safe! We are victims too! We were deceived! We had no way of knowing!” 

But you doctors did know: Not that the vaccine was necessarily dangerous, but that there was no way of knowing, for certain, that it was not. And you are responsible for the damage done by every injection administered, whatever that may turn out to be. 

Ultimately I believe this scandal will bring down Pfizer and Moderna. They may have all sorts of indemnity against harm caused by their vaccines, and it may take 20 years, but ultimately public outrage will reach such a fever pitch against these drug companies that they will implode. They will have traded massive, unheard of profits today in exchange for ruin tomorrow. 

And one of the reasons Pfizer and Moderna won’t survive is that tens of thousands of doctors will need somewhere to put the blame that should also rest on their shoulders: “We were just following orders,” the doctors will say. We’ve heard that one before.

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