Donald Trump, First President of Florida

CNN writes that if Donald Trump is arrested this Tuesday it will mark “a dramatic escalation of his legal woes.” As though the arrest of Trump would be just a minor political inconvenience for him and his supporters. No mention of impending civil war, I see.

The rumors of arrest remind us the establishment still regards Trump as the greatest threat to their control of America. If they can get rid of Trump—by imprisoning him or at least indicting him—it will be smooth sailing for Project Deep State.

On January 6, according to the Left (and the complicit pseudo-Right) Trump managed to “incite” an “insurrection” without a single explicit order. They tell us Trump embedded his commands to riot in code in phrases like “let’s march peacefully down to the Capitol.” The same CNN article quoted above says Trump’s new call for protest “echoes his final days in office, when he repeatedly urged his supporters to reject the results of the 2020 presidential election, culminating in the deadly January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.”

But if, on January 6, Trump had been as reckless as the Left, or as bent on retaining power as they say he is, he might have started an actual riot by saying, “Riot.” He could have said, “Burn the Capitol.” He could have said, “Don’t let the forces of corruption steal the country from us. Come to Washington, D.C., bring your guns, and kill them all.” 

Project Deep State doesn’t have a good explanation for why the world’s most dangerous man didn’t do any of these things. There was Trump, the leading “threat to world peace,” with the world’s greatest megaphone, the world’s undivided attention, the power to cause limitless destruction and at least attempt to hold onto his office by force, and he forgets to issue the order? How careless! What a disappointing super-villain.

Our mass media replies: Trump couldn’t be explicit because he needed to maintain plausible deniability. So he could run for president again four years later? The problem is, if you believe Trump had the power to start an armed insurrection, you must acknowledge that he still has that power

Despite mass media polls to the contrary, Trump is even more beloved by his supporters in exile than he was while in office: Trump didn’t just win the recent straw poll at CPAC: He crushed his nearest opponent, 3-1. As long as Trump can still speak to the public—as long, in fact, as he remains alive—he could, in theory, launch a “January 6 but for real” any time he felt like doing so.

So Project Deep State is in the awkward position of trying to destroy Trump’s life while simultaneously relying on his good will not to issue a call to arms. They claim he’s the devil incarnate while also believing his love for America is stronger than his personal ambition. They must really think a lot of him.

Given that the establishment is not only the Democrats but also Uniparty Republicans, it is worth pointing out that the road to MAGA does not run through Washington, D.C. alone. Trump is the handy choice to become the first man since FDR to win a third presidential election. But I suggest a backup plan, should the Republican National Committee succeed their top priority of preventing Trump from getting the nomination:

Trump can become president of Florida. 

Though the president of the United States could try to dismantle the deep state from inside, and might make some progress before being assassinated, it might be more practical to reassert the states’ power to limit federal overreach. Trump has the imagination, the following, and the political courage to bring about a new birth of American freedom, not just from the White House, but from the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee. 

Trump, as governor, could nullify unconstitutional federal laws within Florida. And, should the federal government defy limitations on their power, Trump could lead a peaceful secession: “In 30 days, the state of Florida will declare its independence and will cease to acknowledge federal authority, pay federal taxes or expect federal aid. Those who wish to remain in the union are free, and will remain free, to leave the state.”

As Judge Andrew Napolitano recently pointed out, secession does not need to lead to war—unless the greed of the federal government insists on it. In a peaceful secession scenario, states would reassert an original anti-federalist interpretation of the Constitution, which leaves them just as free to leave the union as they were to join it. 

Florida under President Trump, after proving its viability, could be joined by other Republican states—and then by the rural parts of Democrat states, ultimately leaving nothing in the Old United States but New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, who will look silly without all that federal tax income to support their lavish spending habits. The leftist cities would have to petition to rejoin the New United States, and would be readmitted only after agreeing to a new constitution that would be the same as the old one, but with a new clause after the Bill of Rights, stating: “By the way, this actually means exactly what it says.”

So remember, Project Deep State, that it’s not going to be as easy to destroy Trump or to enslave America as you seem to think. Courage, imagination, and a relentless desire to be free may lead to all sorts of unexpected things. Donald Trump, president of Florida. It has kind of a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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