Trump-Kennedy: The Only Solution to Voter Fraud

I said before the 2022 midterms that our choice of candidates doesn’t matter—and the elections won’t matter—unless we address voter fraud. That remains the case today, as we look forward to the next presidential election. 

Democrats have known for a long time that voters by and large do not want them running the country. Voters don’t want to live in a feudal oligarchy where they work their entire lives to subsidize a jet-setting elite who tell them they can’t own gas stoves or prevent drag queens from visiting their children in school. And while it was enough, for a time, simply to lie about what they intended to do, Democrats discovered that it was more effective in the end to disconnect voters from the process of choosing who runs the government.

Election reform is difficult in part because the mechanism of fraud varies from state to state. 

In Arizona, where it is legal for a single voter to deliver up to 10 ballots as long as he promises they’re from family members, all one has to do is wait more than 75 feet away from a polling place and pay people to take in stacks of pre-filled ballots. In Georgia, where voting multiple ballots isn’t legal, they had to spend millions on dropboxes to achieve the same effect. 

The technical details are different from state to state, but the fundamental principle is the same everywhere: Voter fraud works by creating physical separation between the voter and his ballot. When states permit votes to be mailed in, permit voting over the course of weeks and months, permit votes to be cast without confirming the identity of the voter, they disenfranchise not just minorities or the poor, but the entire country. All Americans, whether they voted for the current administration or not, and whether they know it or not, are equally helpless and equally abused. (At last, equity!)

But the main reason reform is difficult is that no politician is going to reform the system that put him in power. Voter fraud is mostly organized by and for the benefit of Democrats. But it turned out in 2020 they had at least the tacit support of many Republicans, even those serving in Congress. Republicans who claimed to be eager to expose voter fraud suddenly, when it came down to the wire, melted into the background, never to be heard from again. This boat was not to be rocked. 

Aside from a vanishingly small number of national-level Republicans, such as the redoubtable Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), there is no interest whatsoever in taking any action that might threaten the power of those already in power. Which is why so many members of Greene’s own caucus were eager to strip her of committee assignments and otherwise punish her on the basis of ridiculous accusations of racism and antisemitism that not even the accusers believed. Any honest politician is a threat to all of politics.

My own conversations with those high up in the Republican power structure indicate that nothing has changed since 2022 or 2020. No action is being taken. Voter fraud, they seem to hope, will disappear as an issue if it can be ignored for long enough. And, for the large number of higher-ups who can’t admit to themselves that this is what corruption looks like, the enabling philosophy is their secret belief that ordinary people really shouldn’t be in power anyway, because ordinary people are stupid. Politics on both sides is a club—the same club—managed for the benefit of its members and with snide contempt for the poor dumb peons who pay the bills.

What I would like for reform is a constitutional amendment requiring all ballots to be cast in-person, on Election Day, with proof of identity. According to politicians, this proposal makes me a racist (which I think is just their codeword for “someone who’s on to us.”) And I know this amendment is not going to happen because, again, you can’t expect people to reform the system that put them in power. It’s precisely this catch-22 that has led people, historically, to seek a complete overhaul, or overthrow, of the existing system as the only solution.

Fortunately, a real alternative exists: Trump-Kennedy 2024. A unity ticket. Not unity between the Republican and Democratic Parties, but unity among American voters. The similarities between these two men are striking. They are hated and feared by professional politicians, even and especially by the members of their own parties. The media (and even their own Wikipedia pages) bash them relentlessly as conspiracy theorists who suggest crazy ideas—for example that COVID vaccines might not actually work—and accuse them of putting thousands or millions of lives at risk by their wreckless invective. One simply can’t go around suggesting that the powers that be might not be 100 percent trustworthy. Where might that lead?

Just as Trump attracted a great deal of support from unlikely places on the Left, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has the unlikely attention of voters on the Right. As a lifelong Republican myself (until recently) I would rather have Kennedy as president than any Republican contender excepting Trump—and that includes Ron DeSantis. Kennedy is a courageous, original thinker who has focused relentlessly on the corruption of our government as by far the greatest threat to America. 

Kennedy, like Trump, understands the problem from which all our other problems issue: Why are our taxes so high? Why is our economy so poor? Why are we flooding our borders with non-Americans? Why are we paying for a proxy-war against Russia? 

Trump and Kennedy would likely answer all these questions in the same way. And the average American voter would likely agree.

Kennedy has said publicly that he won’t run with Trump.  I can understand that, but I want him to consider it—and I want Trump to consider it, too—because these two men could rescue America by joining forces.

Despite the intense election fraud which has been emboldened by two consecutive cycles of success, the excitement for a Trump-Kennedy ticket would be unparalleled pandemonium. So thoroughly would it galvanize and excite the American voter-base, so deeply would it derange the entrenched political class, that fraud would not be able to keep up. Republicans and Democrats have run their course. Throw the bums out. All of them. I’m ready for an American presidential ticket.

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