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Ben Boychuk is managing editor of American Greatness. He is a regular columnist for the Sacramento Bee, a former weekly syndicated columnist with Tribune Media, and a veteran of several publications, including Investor's Business Daily and the Claremont Review of Books. He lives in California.

State of Resistance: San Francisco Is a Toilet

The San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday has a long feature on what the city's homelessness epidemic is doing to a particular residential block just south of Market Street. The headline sums up the situation nicely: "Poop. Needles. Rats. Homeless camp pushes SF neighborhood to the edge." From the story: Some of the city’s biggest names

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State of Resistance: Berkeley Calls for Population Control

In response to a "climate emergency," of course. The Daily Caller reports: The California city that was home to 1960s radicals and known for excessively liberal politics declared a “climate emergency” on Tuesday evening, backing policies to “humanely stabilize” the human population. The Berkeley City Council unanimously voted to mobilize other California governments “to initiate

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State of Resistance: Californians to Vote on Splitting into Three

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper's proposal to split California into three states qualified for the November ballot . . . which is nice, I guess? It's not as ridiculous as Calexit, anyway. Draper's Three Californias scheme comes on the heels of his ill-fated Six Californias scheme, but both proposals are about as likely to

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State of Resistance: What John Cox’s Top-Two Win Means

Now it’s a proper race. Republican John Cox finished second in Tuesday’s top-two gubernatorial primary. He’ll face Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in November’s general election to see who will succeed Gov. Jerry Brown. The odds of a Cox victory are long—but then again, Hillary Clinton was a mortal lock to win the presidency,

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State of Resistance: Dems Propose Tax Cut for Illegal Aliens

They're just trolling us now, right? From the Sacramento Bee: The California state budget could extend a tax break to low-income families of undocumented immigrants. Assembly Democrats want Gov. Jerry Brown to expand the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit in such a way that people who do not have Social Security numbers can apply for it.

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State of Resistance: California is ‘Our Most Racist State,’ Says Dem

Michael Shellenberger, a heterodox Democrat who is running for California governor on a platform that includes building new nuclear power plants, has a fascinating and provocative essay at Forbes on why the Golden State isn't as "progressive" as its boosters believe. Comparing California's progressive elite to the residents of the science-fiction film "Elysium," Shellenberger writes: [T]here

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