Can Mueller Force Trump to Testify?

Ted Olsen, the former U.S. solicitor general, writes at the NeverTrump Weekly Standard that a “constitutional crisis” may be in the offing—but that Special Counsel […]

Democratic Party Agonistes

We think a lot around here about what ought to happen with the Greatness Agenda—that is, the agenda of fair trade, tougher immigration enforcement, and […]

Hey, Girls: Karl Marx Was a Monster

Teen Vogue, the leading journal of #TheResistance, has a feature lauding the ideas and intellectual contributions of Karl Marx (whose 200th birthday was last week). […]

John McCain Should Resign

Our friend Steve Hayward at PowerLine makes the case: McCain should resign, and allow Arizona’s Republican governor to appoint a replacement so that the Senate […]

Will John Kerry Be Arrested?

The question serves as the RealClearPolitics headline for Charles Hurt’s column in the Washington Times. The Times’ headline is unambiguous: “Throw John Kerry in jail.” […]