This Just In . . .

The mainstream media in general and the commentariat in particular are obsessed with Donald Trump! But don’t take my word for it. Here’s Nicholas Kristof in […]

Happy May Day, Comrades!

Ha! Just kidding! Communism is a genocidal ideology that belongs on “the ash heap of history”! (And please don’t be fooled: all of those rallies […]

Calexit 2020? Yeah, Right!

California sometimes reminds me of an old Mad Magazine novelty record, “It’s a Super-Spectacular Day.” Maybe you remember it. The song starts out as a […]

Jonah Goldberg on Michael Anton

Jonah Goldberg’s new book landed at my front door today. Because I am a consummate professional, I turned immediately to the index. I figured American Greatness […]

Ted Cruz on Donald Trump

This is a surprisingly succinct, remarkably astute, not-really-objectionable take on Trump from one of the men the president utterly curb-stomped in the 2016 Republican presidential […]