California Republicans’ Munchausen By Proxy Problem

To paraphrase the oft-misquoted Mark Twain, rumors of the death of the California Republican Party are greatly exaggerated. The results of the November 2018 elections, while not completed until December, got worse each passing day until we came up with the final tally. It was, to use the technical terminology preferred by political

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Alexandria’s Suicide Note for America

Socialists have always had a problem with F.A. Hayek (The Road to Serfdom), Milton Friedman (Capitalism and Freedom) and other free-market economists. As the Democrats’ “Green New Deal” confirms, socialists also have a quarrel with Henry Ford, the Wright brothers, and other promoters of modernity. A classic movie provides the back story. “The

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A State of the Union 75 Years in the Making: Trump Answers FDR

No mere spectacle, President Trump’s State of the Union address will set the course of his campaign into 2020. The basic divide he sees—whether this is how he would characterize it or not—concerns the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. Does the American Founding celebrate recognizing an equality that calls us to expand

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The GND: Glitter, Nonsense, and Devitalization

The latest public policy bandwagon is the “Green New Deal,” or GND, whose acronym could well stand for Glitter, Nonsense, and Devitalization. Some of its proposals are so outlandish that they would be more appropriate coming from enthusiastic (but not very smart) second-graders than from members of Congress. It is astonishing that a

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The Mythologies of ‘Joe Being Joe’ Biden

Some polls put 76-year-old Joe Biden as the Democratic front-runner for the 2020 presidential election. There is certainly some logic to that reckoning. Biden has far more experience than any of his likely party rivals—36 years in the Senate, eight years as Barack Obama's vice president and two past presidential runs. He may

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The Democrats’ French Dilemma

An eminent former cabinet member and I are having an amicable running debate about what level of concern is justified by the steadily more extreme espousal of lunatic policy positions by influential Democrats. Personal income top tax rates of 70 percent (Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders), nationalized health care (Kamala Harris), open borders and

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White Privilege Doesn’t Mean Anything—And That’s the Point

If you’re intimidated by a racially loaded term such as “white privilege,” as so many conservative leaders and commentators seem to be, then you don’t belong in a position of power. A game is being played on you, and you don’t understand the rules. Here’s how it works. Take a look at this

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