The Left Goes “Bananas”

Given Hollywood is a bastion of the Left, it is not surprising their “narratives” are oft recycled by Democrats into political fictions, fantasies and plots. The latest example is the Left’s clamoring to have President Trump declared “unfit to serve” and removed from office under a “novel” interpretation of the 25th amendment. I’ve

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The Unkindest Tax Cut

A well-to-do acquaintance, I encountered on the street. His brow was deeply furrowed, wearily he dragged his feet; Such consternation marked him, that I hurried to his side “What’s wrong?!” “They’ve cut my taxes,” he despairingly replied. “Oh, I’m so sor…wait, what?” I asked him, as he gave a sob. “You looked as

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Flight 93 Has Not Landed

Like many readers of American Greatness, I have watched the unfolding debate over what can only be called “the Flight 93 question” with equal parts interest and annoyance. Observers like Henry Olsen fret about the potential for a protracted apocalyptic conflict between an ascendant Trumpian Right and a vengeance-obsessed Social Justice Left, and

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Sacramento Democrats Fire on Fort Sumter

Heading into 2018, but still flying below the national radar, the state of California is on a confrontation course with the federal government in Washington, D.C. Given that Washington is crawling with reporters—because, these days, there is apparently no news that somehow does not involve or concern Donald J. Trump—it might seem odd that

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A Special Prosecutor Should Probe Democrats’ Malfeasance

When the 2016 presidential election ended, the media somehow found the time to expose one of the greatest scandals of that or any other election cycle: active efforts of the Democratic National Committee favoring Hillary Clinton’s nomination and undermining the campaign of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Now it appears that former interim

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Taking Trump Seriously

Trying to take Trump seriously, Michael’s Barone’s column in the Washington Examiner on Thursday, is significant for at least two reasons. One is that anything Barone writes is certain to be thoughtful, authoritatively researched, and grounded in reality. His columns, like his work in general, are not fired mainly by ideology but by

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Lessons in Swamplarking: How to Speak Swamplark

In this week’s study of swamplarkers—those political critters who wallow in the muck to tell the world you suck and pile drive the country through rock bottom—we prick up our ears to understand their lexicon. Each instance of how they conduct their social intercourse with their fellow predators, their prey, and the public

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The Politics of Caesar’s Wife

In 62 B.C., the tribune Clodius Pulcher was caught sneaking into Julius Caesar’s house during a religious ritual forbidden to men. Clodius was allegedly attempting to seduce Caesar’s wife, Pompeia, who was hosting the ceremony and was rumored to welcome Clodius’ advances. Because the scandal happened at Caesar’s house, he divorced her. At

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