It’s About President Trump’s Manhood

Name for me one member of the left-wing, Democratic, political elite who reminds you of John Wayne. Or George Patton. Or Charles Bronson. Don’t rush, I’ll wait. 

Well, have you got one? Just one’ll do. 

Strange isn’t it? You can rack your brains with this simple exercise for hours—probably days—and fail to identify one political figure from the Left who has even a gentle musky whiff of masculinity. 

Even their generals don’t pass muster, not even the most famous ones. David Petraeus, the vaunted commander in Iraq and later CIA Director to President Obama, or the image-conscious “Mad Dog” Jim Mattis both fail the test. They may paint themselves as warrior monks but they impress no one with their tawdry affairs or betrayal of their Commander-in-Chief in whose cabinet they agreed to serve. (I will never forget the story told to me by the wife of a CIA Station Chief who had to host Petraeus in her residence on his official visit to the capital where her husband was serving: “He made such a scene over us not having the right sweetener for his coffee!” Ahh, leadership).

America is a masculine nation. From the first settlers, to the later gold prospectors, to the legendary figure of the plains cowboy, and then the GI and the Marines of World War II, ours is a nation defined by the classic ideal of a man—an individual who is strong, unemotional, resilient, and prepared to use violence in the cause of righteousness. Even the the first, original Americans, our native Indians, are forever depicted as stoic, self-reliant warriors. 

The Democrats lack such archetypal figures. And that’s why Trump must be destroyed. 

COVID Crusher

It’s truly amazing, even for someone like me who should not be surprised, just how American President Trump is. 

I first met him in the Summer of 2015 when he asked me to advise him on national security issues during the GOP debates. Then, after our miraculous MAGA victory, I served in his White House as his strategist, and then last month he appointed me to one of his Defense Department boards. But despite all my experience with Trump the man, I didn’t expect last weekend. The idea that the 74-year old president, who works more than 20 hours a day, could contract a disease that had caused a global pandemic, be admitted to hospital, and be back home in the people’s house 72 hours later, surprised even me. And then there was the balcony. 

I understand that he helmed one of the most successful reality TV shows for 14 years, but even so, the visual flourish and spiritual depth of that moment on his return was without peer in the last 4 years. The removal of the mask, the salute to the crew of Marine One, and the unspoken message: “I’m here, it’s OK America, we got this” was how it is meant to be done, and you know that from the legacy mainstream media’s response. 

From the deranged reports of his rapid deterioration on Friday and Saturday, the calls for the invocation of the 25th Amendment to remove him, to his return being compared to displays from Mussolini, North Korea, and the Tsars of Russia, the Institutional Left was wrecked. And why? Very simply because they detest the fact that Donald is an unreconstructed, classic American male. He makes no apologies for his values and will not submit his existence to paralyzing fear. 

Donald Trump the man hasn’t shown fear since taking his oath to America on Inauguration Day. Not when North Korea launched missiles over the Sea of Japan. Not when ISIS threatened to kill Americans across the globe. Not when Russia deployed mercenaries into Syria, or when China seeded the world with the coronavirus. Instead he took action and saved millions of lives and always placed America first. 

And arrayed against him we see what?

  • A Democratic Party that has been captured by radical extremists who want open borders, the police defunded, amnesty for 11-20 million illegal aliens, and a Green New Deal that would strangle America’s economy.
  • A legacy media which has colluded with Obama holdovers and former cabinet members to cover up a silent coup and then propagate a Russian-sourced smear campaign against candidate and then President Trump as well as “journalists” who want you to be paralyzed with fear because of a virus that has a 0.2 percent mortality rate.
  • An establishment Republican Party that never surrendered to the will of Republican voters after 2016 to support the non-politician whom they had chosen as their president. A party that did nothing for 4 years as the Democrats, the media, and deep-staters tried again and again to remove him from office—except for the tiny band of Freedom Caucus fighters who understand and support the MAGA movement.

And then there are the most beta of them all. The spurned, failed Bushies. 

If you really want to understand just how much the hatred for the president is not really a political detestation but one founded on the effete nature of most of his critics, just compile a list of his most vocal RINO detractors. Whether it’s the oleaginous Bill Kristol or the risible characters of the Lincoln Project like Tom Nichols, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, or George Conway, one word describes them all: eunuchs. 

Not one of them is the “man” you would want in the foxhole next to you. In fact, real Americans would avoid simply being seen with any one of them in public, simps that they are. And when they see a man who just won’t stop, who just doesn’t care for the approval of the morally bankrupt “elite,” and who just will not be cowed it drives them insane. 

America became the greatest nation in the world for a reason. It wasn’t just a result of the genius of our founders or the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It became the freest and the mightiest because of real men. Men like Donald Trump. 

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21 responses to “It’s About President Trump’s Manhood”

  1. Exactly right. The entire time I was reading Sebastian, I had your fabulous deep voice narrating it in mind.

    • True. Once heard, you cannot un-hear those booming tones!

  2. Amazing isn’t it? Almost no one leaves any comments anymore on American Greatness since they decided to adopt this onerous comment system and discard Disqus. Someone dumb, really dumb made that stupid, idiotic decision.

    • And ironically, they aren’t “man” enough to admit it.

      By the way, outstanding article, Dr. Gorka.

    • Prodded by your earlier complaint, I sent an email to American Greatness lamenting the abandonment of Disqus: “Samsara Guru is quite right. Disqus is a far superior system of encouraging and presenting reader feedback. The sites I frequent and comment on most frequently all use it, and it often provokes a far superior grade of commentary than the usual “I am not!” / “You are too!” rants fruitlessly experienced elsewhere (and now on American Greatness; as the few…). I encourage American Greatness to live up to its name by returning to this valuable service with all possible speed!”

      I received a prompt and considerate reply from Editor & Publisher Chris Buskirk: “We’re working on it. We had to move off of Disqus because the developer who created it has basically abandoned it and it’s getting buggy and insecure and as a result was crashing our servers. So we’re trying this new comments platform and upgrading it on the fly.”

  3. A spot on assessment of the “effete nature” of the president’s critics, lol. There isn’t another man capable of leading our country back to greatness like Donald Trump, he is fearless and unapologetic against attacks from those who hate our country and irrationally hate the man.

  4. We definitely need to de-wussify our male population while there is still time. We need to teach young boys about the days of wooden ships and iron men that made this country great. Ignore the PC that there is no differences between the sexes. It was a childhood dream that was realized when I served aboard a submarine during the cold war, and raised my son to be a man, not a whimp. People that go along to get along, not fighting back, will find themselves under the oppressive boot of tyranny.

    Mr. Trump, you go girl!

  5. I was actually thinking of this the other day. Donald Trump represents the best (and some would say the worst) of what it means to be a man. He is the kind of guy who, upon having been attacked relentlessly in every way possible every minute of the last four years, responds not with apologies but with a lob at his most vicious enemy, Planned Parenthood. Instead of cowering like every other limp-wristed politician at the first sign of disapproval, he takes 4 years of unbelievable abuse and instead goes for the jugular of Satan’s favorite organization! It’s that kind of fearlessness, of courage, and yes, of manliness, that makes you want to stand up and cheer! And then you see the power of the world’s elite, who have strongarmed and blackmailed and cajoled our Presidents into giving up everything to their globalists agenda. And they invite President Trump to join in their elitist group, enticing him with all of the perks and threatening him against resistance, and in their face he says “no, I’m not going to do that.” Check out the Remnant’s video on that moment. It’s beautiful! “No, the leader of a country needs to look out for the welfare of his own people,” he said (paraphrased). He wouldn’t play along and defied them to their face. So now it is war–the globalists against America, against nationalism (caring about your own country). He’s like a modern-day David, a man after God’s own heart. God bless this man!!! A true hero against the darkness, Donald Trump has defied evil and has caused all Hell to break loose trying to attack him. All of them have been exposed and frustrated by him. The man-hating spirit of the age–at once both effeminate and militantly feminist—rages against him. This same spirit goes insane–literally insane—when it sees Trump. It points out his crudeness (what it considers the worst of man) but it actually goes mad because of his strength and the frustration of its evil goals. I wonder if even this great man’s name, “Trump,” is a sign of God’s wonderful sense of humor. Donald Trump is definitely a gift from God and an answer to our prayers.

  6. Our dear president, Donald J. Trump is a MAN’s MAN! (and a woman’s man too!)
    He instills in us his pride in our once great county, sadness for what it has become, and hope for what it could become with his steadfast leadership.
    There is not ONE on the Democrat side that can dare stand even in his shadow! His strength and energy are beyond that of most men and are exactly what is needed in this dark time of our country.
    God Bless our dear president, and may he be granted the four extra years he needs to get this country on solid footing again!

  7. Same vibe as a 16 year old girl writing about Tom Cruise. Can I say that I loved your masculine photos wearing a leather vest and holding a gun in front of your 4 cylinder Mustang?

  8. I’m just enough man to be able to say “I’m enough of a man to say I agree”
    I’m coming on my birthday, 92 Years on 23 December.
    Jim Weir

  9. The snowflakes of the left prefer their candidates to be a little bit feminized, and even more than a little is OK too. Unless the candidate identifies as a woman, then she must be masculine.

  10. “…one word describes them all: eunuchs. “
    Castrated by the morally bankrupt elite!

  11. Excellent article, sadly it is almost shocking to read such truth in our cucked society.

  12. Most excellent! There are millions of us out here who go by the code of the West. “There ain’t no brag to it when you know how to get it done and do it.” Keep on rockin’ Doctor Gorka. You’da man, too!