The Counter-Coup Has Begun

If God blesses us again and President Trump is reelected this November, it would be nice to have people working for the man chosen by the American voters to lead them and upon whom we don’t have to use lie detectors.

Vindman Is Not Enough

God willing, should Donald Trump win reelection to a second term as our 45th president, his whole legacy will stand or fall on one question: Will he begin to drain the swamp in earnest or not?

How President Trump Loses in 2020

If President Trump wants to have a second term and cement his reputation as the most successful leader we have had since World War II, he needs to disrupt the Republican machine as much as he disrupted politics in general. MAGA hangs by a thread.

Our 9/11 Generation

This should not simply be a day of remembrance. It is the best time—the right time—for reflection and reassessment, a time to ask and answer the question: What are the right lessons to draw?

Death and the Democrats

Our nation is unique. Most every other nation was established in a capricious fashion. Whether defined by an ethnicity, a linguistic community, or the happenstance […]