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Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D., is former deputy assistant and strategist to President Donald Trump, host of the nationally syndicated "America First" radio show, and author of Why We Fight: Recovering America’s Will to Win You can follow him on Twitter @SebGorka.

Why Ocasio-Cortez Isn’t Amusing

Hardly a day goes by without the new face of the Democratic Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), unconsciously giving the Right more ammunition to ridicule her so-called “policies.” The latest was an SNL-like video she made in her kitchen cooking chili during which she berated America for the impending environmental apocalypse. The inanity of

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How President Trump Broke the Left

Whatever happens in the years to come, American politics can never return to what they were before November 8, 2016. Why, you ask? Because a brash TV celebrity businessman from Queens broke the media, broke Washington D.C., and broke the self-appointed “elite” on both coasts. The stake he drove through their hearts will endure

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The Art of the SOTU

Do you remember Hillary Clinton? I know, I know. Now, do you remember her campaign slogan? It was “I’m with her!” Incredibly, I still see the peculiar blue-on-white bumper sticker with an “H” on the odd Prius or Volvo in Washington, D.C. It always reminds me of the international symbol for “Hospital.” Appropriate,

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What the Covington High Schoolers Taught America

What is the real lesson of the Covington Catholic School incident last week at the Lincoln Memorial? Decent Americans are rightly appalled at the deliberate lies propagated by the “mainstream” media, the knee-jerk surrender to Leftist narratives by allegedly “conservative” commentators, and the resultant abuse and death threats hurled at children and their

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Why the Media Couldn’t Care Less About Khashoggi

People die. Every day. It’s our lot. Some deaths attract more attention than others. Sometimes for good reasons. Sometimes for nefarious and dishonest ones. The largest metropolitan U.S. cities see deadly violence every weekend. And those run by the Democratic Party for the last several decades are especially prone to it. Recently, Baltimore

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To Secure the Blessings of Liberty, Rein in the ‘Permanent State’

The following are remarks delivered by Dr. Sebastian Gorka at Hillsdale College's eighth annual Constitution Day celebration in Washington, D.C. on September 19, 2017. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Never go anywhere without your copy of Imprimis. It really is a high honor for me to address this august audience. My wife and

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