They’re Not Insane, They Have a Plan

What has happened to politics in America? I know we should never look to Hollywood for sagacity or nuanced political analysis, but things are out of control. Do you remember the TV show “Beauty and the Beast”? Or the original “HellBoy” movie? Ron Perlman starred in both and made a name for himself over the years play-acting tough guys. He seems to have forgotten it was all make-believe and that he’s only an actor. 

In the reaction he posted online to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signing a bill to prevent the systematic sexualization of children in Florida, Perlman ranted in an expletive-laden tirade like a character out of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” And it’s not just actors who have lost the plot. 

In response to the eminently reasonable law, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a former cop who should know better, has spent taxpayer dollars on billboards in Florida to lure gay Floridians to move to New York. He seems to think homosexual Americans should love high taxes and skyrocketing crime rates. 

Is it just deranged thespians and virtue-signaling politicians who have been driven mad? Not quite. The ideological infection has spread all the way to the White House, with outgoing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki breaking down at the prospect of the excellent Florida Bill becoming law. 

I could go on. Just consider the organized indoctrination in our schools by delightful teachers parading their trans agenda on TikTok. But at least the lunacy can’t affect the real world that you live in, where 2 + 2 = 4. The empirical world of real jobs, free markets, and concrete bottom lines will remain apart from this nonsense, right? Wrong. Thanks to the investigative journalism of Christopher Rufo, we now have internal videos from one of the biggest for-profit, capitalist entities in the world, the Walt Disney Co. These videos show their perverse agenda to sexualize their young viewers.  

Where did this all come from, and what do we do about it? Well, as with most diabolical movements in Western Civilization today, the radical transgender project can be traced back to the Frankfurt School of neo-Marxists. Whether it’s environmentalism, globalism, open-borders policies, or just systematic anti-Americanism, it can usually be traced back to that motley crew of malcontents. 

Transgenderism itself is particularly rooted in something called “queer theory,” the best analysis of which can be found in Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay’s crucial work Cynical Theories.  In it, using the works of key postmodernists, we learn that: “Queer Theory is a political project [designed] to challenge what is called normativity—that some things are more common or regular to the human condition.” If it’s normal, if it’s morally sound, if it’s traditional, it must be challenged and eventually overturned. 

How else can you explain the fact that a federal judge recently confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court can’t say what a woman is, despite being one. But it’s not just confusion over simple words a 2-year old could explain to you. It’s far more sinister. This judge isn’t simply confused over what an adult human female is, her strange attitude to sex extends to pedophiles and child rapists. Over the years Ketanji Brown Jackson has persistently sided with the purveyors of pedophilic pornography—so much so that she even gave a repeat offender just 12 months in jail for raping his 13-year-old niece. As far as I am concerned, this is why a decent nation has the death penalty. 

Looking back at the corporate world, why is anyone surprised that Disney has such a strange attitude toward the sexualization of minors or that its executives are fighting DeSantis? Could it have something to do with the pedophiles it employs inside its company and its theme parks? Is this a pattern of scandal or a one-off? Unfortunately, it is hardly uncommon. According to law enforcement “at least 35 Disney employees were arrested since 2006 and accused of sex crimes involving children, trying to meet a minor for sex, or for possession of child pornography,” and “so far, a total of 32 have been convicted.” 

So what is to be done? First, all of us must cleave to the truth. Never ever bend to the demonic cult that is endangering our children and our civilization. The facts are plain. God is on our side. So is science. Just ask MIT. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. At conception new and unique DNA is created. If that human has XX chromosomes she  is a woman until the day she dies. If that chromosomal make-up should instead be XY, he is a man until the day he dies. Those are the incontrovertible facts. Nonnegotiable facts. No matter what drugs you inject yourself with, whatever surgery you mutilate yourself with, or the clothes you wear, it remains true. All we need now is courage to speak the truth. Always. 

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