So You Don’t Like President Donald Trump?

There is a vaunted prize in American politics: the undecided, apolitical “middle.” These are the independents and late bloomers who make their voting decisions in the last few days before going to the polls. 

Apparently, you people decide elections. This is for you.

I am not going to name any political party. I’m not even going to mention a specific politician or candidate. I will only ask you about your principles.

We are told that style matters. How a politician speaks in public, how he talks about other Americans, how he tweets. We have been told that this election is about “character.” So let’s talk about character, shall we?

What is the character of a man who drives drunk with his mistress, crashes the car, and walks away, allowing the young woman to drown? And what is the character of a political elite that knows what he did, covers for him, and then builds that man up to become “the lion of the Senate”?

What is the character of a man who, as vice president, frequently used the “n-word” to describe his fellow Americans who happened to be black and who, he believed, he could simply buy with a massive expansion of the welfare state he called the “Great Society?”

What is the character of a man who, not only has credible allegations of sexual assault and even rape made against him as governor and state attorney general, but when elevated to the presidency, has sex in the Oval Office with an intern 27 years his junior? And what is the character of the media and political elite that says such a transparent sexual abuse of power and degradation of the most sacred office in the world is just a “private” issue?

And finally what is the “character” of a man who implements a “high-tech lynching” of a black man simply because he was a conservative? Particularly when this high-tech lyncher is a man whose son is currently under investigation by the FBI for a money-laundering campaign involving his entire family? 

Yet today you think the moral issue is presidential tweets?

Conversely, consider the following:

What is the character of a man who says he will fight for the “forgotten men and women” of America as the first non-politician or retired general to run for the office of president and win, who then proceeds to bring us the lowest unemployment rates since 1969 and the lowest unemployment for blacks and Hispanics since record keeping began? How does that compare to wanting to buy black America’s loyalty through dependency on welfare handouts?

What is the character of a man who, after 23 years of broken promises by multiple Democratic and Republican presidents, finally keeps our promise to Israel and who recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and moves our embassy there? How does that compare to calling black Americans the “n-word”?

What is the character of the first president ever to attend the March for Life in person and swear to the “eternal truth” that “Every child is a precious and sacred gift from God.” And that “Together, we must protect, cherish, and defend the dignity and sanctity of every human life.” How does that compare to oral sex under the Resolute Desk?

What is the character of a man who—incredibly—nominates and stands by three originalist judges who love and respect the Constitution after they are nominated to the Supreme Court and viciously attacked and falsely slandered, including one who is a mother of seven and a faithful Christian? That’s a little different from killing the secretary you were having an affair with, no?

So, it’s time for some tough love.

Get over yourselves suburban women, establishment Republicans, independents, and undecideds.

You want to lecture others about morals, principles, and “character”? Then don’t stand by those who have none. Don’t make excuses for those who preach water and drink wine. Have courage. Push back on the outrageous double standards. Stand up for those who have stood up for you.

You know it’s right. 

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7 responses to “So You Don’t Like President Donald Trump?”

  1. Something that should be posted in every polling location…

    “Elections have consequences. If you elect those who can’t do the job, then be prepared to live in the shithole (‘a disgusting, run-down, unappealing, or objectionable place’ – Merriam-Webster) they create.”

  2. Every undecided voter should read this. There is a man out there that has worked tirelessly for The greater good of our country. The stats prove his accomplishments. Vote for what is right. Vote for the he businessman, not the corrupt politician.

  3. You described obama/biden’s America. Eight years of complete orwellian stagnation!!😱😖🇺🇲🦅🇺🇲

  4. What is the character of a man who supports white supremacy.
    What is the character of a man who tear gases protestors so he can walk to a church and hold up a bible.
    What is the character of a man who does nothing about mass shootings.
    What is the character of a man who grabs women by the pussy.
    What is the character of a man who screws porn stars whilst his wife is pregnant.
    What is the character of a man who eliminated USAs disease response unit leaving the country defenseless against a deadly virus.
    What is the character of a man who knew the virus was deadly but lied to the public about it saying it would go away.
    What is the character of a man who has now given up on the virus leaving hundreds of thousands to die as a result.
    What is the character of a man who destroyed the economy costing tens of millions of jobs because he failed to take the virus seriously.
    What is the character of a man who gives tax cuts worth $1.6 trillion to billionnaires.
    What is the character of a man who never pays tax to teh US treasury.
    What is the character of a man who thinks its “smart” not to pay US tax.
    What is the character of a man who pays more tax to China than he pays to the USA.
    What is the character of a man who has personal loans for $450 million to unknown lenders probably outside the USA which are due in the next 2-4 years.
    What is the character of a man who is in the supreme court now fighting to take away medical care in the middle of a pandemic.
    What is the character of a man who says he has a better plan for affordable care but nobody has seen it (after 4 years)
    What is the character of a man who is actively engaged in voter suppression by any means including US Mail sabotage.
    What is the character of a man who has threatened not to respect the democratic vote.
    What is the character of a man who does not care if the world we live in is destroyed by climate change.

  5. Well said. Unfortunately, if the apolitical source their news from CNN and the like, and naively believe them, Trump is a racist who hasn’t achieved much and was elected with help from the Russians.

  6. Just what has been needed saying….

    The president “fights back” with words, but those words are always because someone ELSE has done something first. I’m not saying this to defend him (there is no reason to defend anyone for standing up for himself) but because it’s so silly that the gullible ones don’t see this — that the FIRST person started it, and therefore is the one who is “rude,” “crude,” “brush,” a “buffoon” or whatever PDT is called.

    It’s a little like a kid in school having a rep for being a bully or a fighter when he’s the picked-on kid who fights back when someone takes a punch at him. So this kid should be called a “troublemaker” or “bad kid” because he follows up? The other kid would be laughing his ass off at all the fools letting him get away with it.

    Just amazes me, though it shouldn’t, how people believe the stupidest things — all of the character assassination of PDT should be laughed at for the ridiculous nature of the “gossip” (what else has most of this been, but one official after another whining “I don’t like the way he did”…whatever? )