The Russia Time Bomb

What is going on now is a farce, but also a time bomb, and because of the players and principles involved, if not managed carefully, like all time bombs, it could blow up. 

Biden’s Ukraine Scramble

Joe Biden appears to be attempting to scramble through the present crisis without giving away too much or being humiliated once again, but better options are available.

America Gone Mad

A report from abroad: Knowledgeable British and Europeans not only do not think America is back, they think it has gone mad.

The Bidenization of America

Those responsible for the elevation of this regime still cling to the theory that the dangers of reelecting Donald Trump justified drastic, unconstitutional means to install an alternative.

A Full-Court Press for Biden

Repairing all this damage will take time, and if anyone is really listening to the nonsense about Joe Biden's courageous abandonment of Afghanistan, that will only make the reckoning more painful.