Articles by Conrad Black

Trump Hate Is Not Enough

 have railed in this and in other outlets many times in recent months against what I have described as a pantomime horse of the Democratic campaign conducted by a “decayed servitor, a waxworks dummy . . . following the science” by hiding in the catacombs of his Delaware home and giving minimum access to docile […]

Trump Has Had a Historically Great First Term

s the latest Democratic assassination effort—the bunk about President Trump disparaging American war dead on the centenary of the end of World War I—fades into ignominy with its propagator, the egregious Jeffrey Goldberg, acknowledging that anonymous denunciators are insufficiently convincing, we may dare to hope that in the last seven weeks of this tumultuous campaign, […]

The Biden Slime Operation

n terms of political ethics and tactics, the Democrats have hit rock bottom. The Atlantic has worked hard to become a third-rate New Yorker in terms both of literary quality and the vitriol of its hatred for President Trump; the magazine has probably confirmed its position with the confection of the uncorroborated and totally implausible […]

Drain the Swamp, Or Be Drowned By It

he presidential race appears to have tightened in the last two months. President Trump’s approval rating has ticked up from 41 percent to 45 percent, while his disapproval rating has fallen from 56.5 percent to 53 percent. And these are averaging some clearly stale and dated polls, a number of which effectively are the products […]

The Democrats’ Laughable ‘President Chaos’ Strategy

t is humorous and even gratifying to see the Democrats—including the legion of their talking television plants—dragging themselves to the recognition that President Trump might actually be reelected. The powerful fragmentation grenade detonated at the Republican National Convention provoked the Democratic television commandos to brief outbursts of alarmist sincerity.  CNN’s Don Lemon, one of the […]

Trump for the Win

he Republicans have now forced the Democrats to change course and tactics, shed their narcissistic complacency, and recognize that they are in the fight of their lives. When the history of this astonishing political year is written, there will be amazement that the Democrats ever imagined that they could preserve the entire election as a […]

A Mister Rogers for the White House? Oh, Please

he Democrats managed to launch the pantomime horse of their nominees into the election campaign after a strained farce of a virtual convention. It is an ambitious exercise. An election platform, no major components of which could possibly receive the support of a majority of Americans, is fronted by an apparently inoffensive presidential candidate and […]

The Stench of Mendacity at the Democratic Convention

he opening two nights of the Democratic national convention this week produced the greatest deluge of monstrous political falsehoods in any two evenings of American television history. The champion mythmaker was the venerable Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). After the usual fictions about “systemic racism,” the most convenient way of ignoring this summer’s widespread urban terrorism, […]

The Biden-Harris Levitation

ach week in the inexorable march to Election Day, it becomes more challenging to believe how the campaign is unfolding and to rationalize it as a serious process for choosing the leader of the world’s greatest nation. After some reflection, it becomes clear that the extreme improbability of this process is the result of it […]

Whatever Happens, Kamala Harris Wins

he appointment of Senator Kamala Harris as Democratic candidate for vice president is a suitable final step in the increasingly goofy Joe Biden campaign, prior to next week’s virtual Democratic convention. She was a catastrophic candidate for the presidential nomination, starting out as a strong rival to Marxist Senator Bernie Sanders, and like Biden himself […]

Biden’s Pretend Campaign

he Democrats became so addicted to their need for President Trump to be permanently under a cloud of criminal suspicion for their media lackeys to endlessly celebrate, that their present discomfort is considerable as the weight of prosecutorial scrutiny shifts to another—that is, to their—foot. Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ performance at the Senate […]

Obama Defends Mob Rule

resident Barack Obama’s address at the funeral of Representative John Lewis in Atlanta on Thursday, for the most part, was a moving tribute to a courageous pioneer in the civil rights movement. The total immersion in beatific praise that was accorded to the congressman throughout his prolonged itinerary between his physical death and actual burial […]

Clouds of Summer Obscure the Coming Thunder of November

part from exposing once again the obtuseness, the moral bankruptcy, and the almost inexpressible hatred of the president that possesses the Democratic congressional leadership, Attorney General William Barr’s appearance at the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday clarified in a few minutes why the national interest requires the reelection of the administration. From the refusal to […]

Reckoning With the Riots

he showdown is coming over urban violence in America. The continuing rioting and destruction erupting in new cities every few days is almost certain to provide yet another profound demarcation of opinion over how to govern the United States and address the problems that have so stirred the country since the killing of African American […]

The Five Burning Questions of This Election Season

he presidential election result is now down to five questions. Can the president override the Democratic media’s thunderous campaign to terrorize the country over the coronavirus? Can the president successfully connect Joe Biden’s campaign to the hooligans, anti-white racists, and urban guerrillas who effectively are being encouraged by the corrupt Democratic mayors of many of […]

When the Sensible Take Leave of their Senses

lmost all observers of the current presidential election campaign, regardless of their leanings, recognize that the national political media is overwhelmingly hostile to the president. The results of this election will determine whether their determination to evict Donald Trump from the White House will enhance the reputation of the national political press corps for invincibility […]

Democrats Don’t Have the Winning Hand

t may be premature (as well as unoriginal), but I believe, in one of the Democrats’ former favorite phrases, that “the walls are closing in” on Joe Biden. The Rasmussen poll—one of the only regular polls consistently accurate in 2016 and one that tends to lead fluctuations in the current polling—has recorded a six-point gain […]