Will the West Be Lost?

No one could have imagined that we would so quickly squander the West’s mighty and bloodless strategic victory in the Cold War. 

A Post-Trump Era? Not So Fast

The former president enjoys an immense following and those who united to depose him are going to have to do much better than they have to maintain their coalition and prevent his successful return. 

Biden Is No FDR

At this point, Joe Biden doesn’t look any more like Franklin Roosevelt than he does like Donald Trump.

Biden’s Honeymoon Interruptus

Donald Trump will prevail in the Senate impeachment circus, and at the end of it, the country’s impatience will be rising for Joe Biden to do something useful.

The Nature of the Chinese Threat

Richard Nixon spoke nothing but the truth when he famously remarked, “No power on earth can defeat or humiliate the United States, except the United States.” Will we?

Can Joe Unite Us?

If Biden’s idea of unity is to try to impose the far-Left Biden-Sanders Unity Program on the country his administration will be a prodigious one-term fiasco.