Articles by Conrad Black

Democrats Must Live with Consequences of Their Foolish Impeachment Farce

The NeverTrump campaign has sputtered to a ludicrous and pitiful end with this year. Having dragged its media lackeys and the dwindling curiosity of the country through an absurd burlesque of a “solemn, sad,” impeachment process—without alleging any actual illegalities—the NeverTrump campaign has rushed through in a procedural Star Chamber because of the “urgency” of […]

A Contemptible Tissue of Lies Surrounds Impeachment

Even as the House Democrats voted to impeach the president this week, there was universal recognition that the effort to remove him was a dead pigeon on arrival at the Senate (assuming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi summons the courage to apprise the Senate officially of the results of the House vote). The battle, for some […]

After the British Elections: Making the Anglosphere Great Again

The greatest significance in last week’s decisive and seminal British election is the victory it contains for the solidarity of the English-speaking peoples and the strength, coherence, and legitimacy of what Europeans frequently refer to as the Anglo-Saxons. Of course, broadly, the English-speaking advanced democracies have much in common with Western Europe, and to a […]

Trump ‘Disdainers’ Are Worse Than the Haters, But Equally Irrelevant

While Donald Trump’s haters intrepidly maintain there are grounds to impeach the president, the mere Trump disdainers at times can be more tiresome, because they approve of Trump’s policies but do everything necessary to avoid being branded Trump apologists. There is a slight redemptive quality in the helpless, irrational, and often demented fury of the […]

They Were a Great Generation of Americans

The 78th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Saturday was widely observed and brought back to public discussion the achievements of what has been called “The Greatest Generation.” This was the term popularized, I believe, by NBC newscaster Tom Brokaw to describe the generation of Americans that came through the Great Depression, […]

The Cacophonous Fantasyland of Anti-Trump Hysteria

The disgraceful hooting and whistling that greeted Melania Trump last week when she spoke against the opioid epidemic in Baltimore, and particularly the somewhat supportive description of it in parts of the anti-Trump media, illustrate the depths that have been plumbed by the Trump-haters. The first lady’s performance in her difficult position has been entirely […]