Impeachment Will Fail

The Democrats are being led by a coalition of constitutional renegades, political tricksters, and would-be Maduros. They are speeding over a political cliff. The force of gravity will assert itself.

Another Pivot on Impeachment

With Democrats stepping slowly away from claims that President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president is an impeachable offense, the press once again is relying upon unspecified, unimaginable, and surely nonexistent evidence of presidential misconduct.

Trump is Winning the Great Game of American Political Football

The system can punish venal politicians on election day; a national press corps that can’t distinguish real from false assaults on democracy is an almost inoperable malignancy. The media is on trial now, not the president, or even his accusers—though some of them soon will be.

Only the People Can Decide

The system is substantially gridlocked between two alternatives that cannot be bridged. The people must choose the way forward—that is the one incontestable political legitimacy.

Trump’s Taliban Gambit

President Trump made the correct decision in canceling the peace talks with the Taliban. These were never really peace talks in the first place. They were surrender talks.

Amid Facile Reports of Chaos, Prudent U.S. Strategy Emerges

The Trump Administration has followed the Churchill-Roosevelt advice of the 1930s and moved to challenge Chinese trade aggression, industrial espionage, and monetary manipulation in good time rather than appeasing it until it is too late to avoid a serious and possibly dangerous rivalry. And that's just for a start.

Masters of Unreality

With the Russian collusion dream in the dumpster, the president’s enemies have turned to conjuring “white supremacy” and wishing for economic collapse to thwart his re-election chances.

Shame on Robert Mueller—Again

Nowhere is the collapse of the Democratic Party as a coherent political organization more evident than in the astounding metamorphosis of Robert Mueller. He returned […]

What’s the Matter With Europe?

For all the flak President Trump gets for insufficient deference to America’s allies, Americans should be aware of the parlous condition of Europe, which long […]