Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity

President Trump has turned a public health challenge into an invitation for more temperate political discourse that his opponents will continue to scorn at their peril. 

The Greatest Fear Is Fear Itself

President Trump is the first serious businessman to be president and undoubtedly is a talented executive. He still has an opportunity to turn this to account politically, by approaching the crisis with no regard to politics, other than to lead the country through this challenge.

President Trump and Coronavirus

No matter what ravages the virus causes elsewhere, if it never gets to general municipal shutdowns in the United States, the administration will be able to claim a victory. 

The Bloomberg Is Off the Rose

The former New York City mayor remains the Democrats’ best bet, but his bantam rooster-moneybags routine is off to a rocky start and at this point he is no match for Trump and his army of supporters and strong record in office.

Failure of the Democrats’ Bloodless Assassination Attempt

The Democrats will have to give up their pretense of playing moral custodians of the national virtue against a monster who has usurped and abused power. They will have to try to find a presentable nominee from the puny harvest of their declared candidates to run against the incumbent fair and square.

A Contemptible Tissue of Lies Surrounds Impeachment

Impeachment is just an effort to strengthen the Democrats as they make the uphill battle to persuade the voters to evict President Trump next year for confected moral turpitude, since he can’t be challenged on his accomplishments in office.

The Cacophonous Fantasyland of Anti-Trump Hysteria

Right now, and for the last three years, the American public square has been a cacophonous fantasyland and the president’s enemies have been somnambulating. If it comes to it, they will awaken themselves on Election Day, but such a climate of artificially incited hatred will not vanish quickly.

A Shameful Abuse of Congressional Power

The sleazy Schiffite proceedings at the House Intelligence Committee were so lopsided, arbitrary, and contemptuous of the rights of the Republican minority on the committee and of the president as the investigated party, no American court could possibly accept a requested prosecution that emerged from such a tainted proceeding.