Joe Biden Is No Franklin Roosevelt

Dragging Roosevelt into the Barrett nomination even to criticize Democrats about prevenient court packing confers upon them a dignity that their evasive and deceitful conduct does not deserve.

Their Rantings Betray Them

By flaring up like aroused peacocks over replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Democrats are committing the tactical error of being drawn into battle on ground less favorable than that which they already occupy.

The Biden Slime Operation

This is the Democratic canon: malicious lies supported by stupid lies and disseminated to the world by the morally bankrupt, reflexively partisan Trump-hating media.

Trump for the Win

Barring another catastrophe on the scale of the coronavirus, this president will be reelected and be the only chief executive whose second term was more successful than his first.

The Biden-Harris Levitation

Don’t buy the illusion. The forces of righteous discernment should be heard from as soon as the public focuses on the election after Labor Day.

Whatever Happens, Kamala Harris Wins

If the ticket is successful, her chances of being president are excellent. And if the Democrats lose, the ranks of defeated vice presidential candidates include many who went on to greater things.

Biden’s Pretend Campaign

Democrats are all still singing from the same song sheet. But they are not going to be able to wing it to election day with this pretend campaign.