Whatever Happens, Kamala Harris Wins

If the ticket is successful, her chances of being president are excellent. And if the Democrats lose, the ranks of defeated vice presidential candidates include many who went on to greater things.

Biden’s Pretend Campaign

Democrats are all still singing from the same song sheet. But they are not going to be able to wing it to election day with this pretend campaign.

Reckoning With the Riots

The people’s enemies must be dealt with by measures of whatever severity is required to end this intolerable state of lawlessness.

Democrats Don’t Have the Winning Hand

Even with the incessant Democratic media effort to terrify the entire population out of its wits over the COVID-19 pandemic, it will no longer be possible to represent Trump as President Chaos.

Trump’s Goose Isn’t Cooked Yet

In their preemptive exuberance the president's enemies have begun what amounts almost to a post-mortem on the Trump era. This prematurely fattened goose is cackling too loudly and too soon for several reasons.

The Real Reform We Require

Never mind the police. The greatest failing of the American judicial system is the fact that prosecutors have practically unlimited power.