A Tale of Two Countries

What else is there to say about the Brett Kavanaugh controversy? His testimony has been pored over, analyzed, compared with earlier statements, and subjected to […]

Fahrenheit 111000011

The digital world, like the modern world generally, is ephemeral. Entire universes appear and disappear in the space of days or weeks. In the mid-2000s, […]

The Price of Tacos

Rob Tibbetts said something quite remarkable during his eulogy for his daughter, Mollie, whose body was discovered in an Iowa cornfield last week. Instead of […]

The Trump Effect in Florida

Donald Trump’s support of Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis has propelled DeSantis in front of the early establishment favorite, Adam Putnam. Far from being a […]

What Good Is NATO?

The old aristocracy was born of battle, a warrior aristocracy. Then the reins were handed off to the  bourgeois, the wealthy capitalist class. Today we […]