The Deep State is Back

When Biden says “America is back” and praises “our democracy,” it’s clear he means a return to the pre-Trump status quo, including the meddlesome and ungoverned Deep State.

America’s Yeltsin

The most powerful actor in a democratic system can do little to restrain other powerful actors when he is lethargic and drunk, as in the case of Yeltsin, or lethargic and demented, as with Biden. 

The Second Set of Books

These books, and the mandarin class that writes and interprets them, are the real law, determining what is permitted and what is forbidden. 

The Coming Military Purge

An increasingly hostile ruling class, who conceive of themselves as occupying a disloyal, irredentist America, is a formula for weakness abroad and conflict at home. 

Free Ricky Vaughn

The Left knows their biggest struggle and their biggest opponent are the American people, many of whom reject the system and its contradictions

Security Theater Redux

Far from being an exceptional response to an emergency, the sterile and militarized Washington, D.C. of Joe Biden’s inauguration was an effort at mass intimidation and a portent of things to come.