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Christopher Roach is an attorney in private practice based in Florida. He is a double graduate of the University of Chicago and has previously been published by The Federalist, Takimag, The Journal of Property Rights in Transition, the Washington Legal Foundation, the Marine Corps Gazette, and the Orlando Sentinel. The views presented are solely his own.

The Mental Health Punt

While Hillary Clinton unironically titled her biography Hard Choices, it is exceedingly rare for politicians to make them. More often, we are offered alluring and facile solutions that promise good results without costs or tradeoffs. For example, in the face of a bloated, overreaching federal budget, Donald Trump, like Ronald Reagan before him,

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Worst Responders

The Parkland Shooting has emboldened the gun control lobby yet again. The same activists who spent the better part of the last two years speaking about “police racism” now say, without any apparent awareness of the contradiction, that only the police and military should have guns. While it is true the right to

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Signs of the Times

When we think about “Making America Great Again,” surely one such feature that would contribute to it would be the end of nihilistic crimes, such as serial killings, riots, and, of course, the hallmark of our times, the mass shooting. These things simply did not happen very much in the good old days,

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Why Did the FBI Set Up Trump?

The FBI spied on the Trump campaign. The pretext was that the campaign, and possibly Donald Trump himself, was compromised by the volunteer efforts of foreign policy advisor, Carter Page. Stories diverge regarding Page, his reputation, and his involvement with the Russian government. Some sources say energy consultant Carter Page was a shady

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Trump’s Generosity Reveals Democrats’ Hard Heartedness

The immigration issue is mostly presented in the mainstream media as a story of big-hearted humanitarians versus mean bigots. Immigration restrictionists, by enacting the policies of the despised Dwight Eisenhower, will tear families apart and defy America’s core principles. By contrast, immigration enthusiasts will do the opposite, welcoming newcomers, celebrating their diversity, and

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No Such Thing As An Independent FBI

Of the many criticisms of President Trump, perhaps one of the more ill-considered is the suggestion that he is interfering with the “independence” of the FBI. The FBI, the argument goes, is not only a high-skilled, highly trained, and highly professional law enforcement organization—which it undoubtedly is—but should do its work free from

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More Than an Idea—a Nation

Both the far Left and the neoconservative Right were appalled by Donald Trump’s reported skepticism about taking in immigrants from “shithole countries.” The usual script ensued; he was called vulgar, impolitic, insane, and, of course, racist. Today not only are all men created equal, but apparently, all nations, all cultures, and all lifestyles

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Another Mideast War?

In romantic tones echoing the 2003 Iraq campaign, protests in Iran have inspired maudlin swooning by interventionists. “It’s the West’s job in these coming weeks to support our real allies, the Iranian people demanding freedom," said Bill Kristol the other day. Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton proclaimed “our goal should be regime change

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