A Second Wave of Stupidity

The coronavirus panic was starting to ebb after the successful state reopenings of May and enthusiastic public protests of June. Rather than acknowledging this good news story, the same lunatics are clamoring to tighten the screws again.

Unmasking Marble and Bronze

This frenzy of destruction is a symbolic expression of the demand that the people and ideals depicted in these statues must give way before an uncompromising political program of abolishing the American people and the nation they built.

Night of the Generals

The unelected parts of the government, including the military, are revolting against the electoral control by the people enshrined in the Constitution.

Life Is Risky

Continuing these measures going forward is unconscionable. We are depressed, demoralized, put upon, and now a poorer nation on account of our elites’ panic about the coronavirus.

We Were Never Asked

Common sense and the interests of the common people are increasingly opposed to the managerial class, whether in business or government.

Georgia On My Mind

The insistence on continuing the shutdown appears as much about spite and saving face as it is about actually following the science.

2000 and 2020

The fact that we still have computers and civilization to lose would have come as a surprise to the more exuberant prophets of Y2K doom. But we do, and life will go on after this too.

Can We Trust the Experts?

It’s easy to make mistakes in life, and this is as true for the president as it is for any of us. Mistakes are made more likely, however, when experts and their strident, certain, and fancy-looking models are involved.

Is Nothing Sacred?

We have a duty to preserve our earthly lives, but not at all costs. This is true both for individuals and for nations. We cannot help but notice the eagerness with which some leftists have embraced the shutdown of churches.

A Real Crisis Yields Real Politics

No one envies President Trump’s enormous burden right now. And that’s why most of his critics have either been muted or ineffectual. This is a time of real politics. Even Trump’s critics know they have very little to say about that.

An Ideal Deep State Figurehead

Far from being concerned about Joe Biden’s creeping senility, the deep state may be rallying for the former vice president precisely because he will be weak, easily manipulated, and no threat to their agenda and habitual overreach.

Democracy’s Backbone: A Strong Middle Class

When Trump says “Make America Great Again,” the message is one of restoring the wealth, honor, and status of this shrinking group, which has been crushed by a pincer movement of a hateful elite and a grasping and desperate underclass.

The Organization Kid Runs for President

Like all organization kids, Pete Buttigieg looks good on paper and always got an “A.” But sometimes the “C” student gets to be the boss, because he takes chances, is good with people, and can come up with something other than the “book answer.”