A MAGA Bay of Pigs

After the lockdowns and election issues of 2020, the MAGA movement is now a full-on “anti-regime” movement rather than a Trump-focused one. 

Racial Triage

The Black Lives Matter movement meant exactly what they said: all lives don’t matter equally, and therefore white lives should be placed lower on the list of COVID-19 vaccine priority.

What Is To Be Done?

We have to face reality and fight the good fight effectively on the terrain on which we now find ourselves. Ordinary politics are essentially over.

Rage for the Machine

The Left has co-opted the anger of the disaffected. The Right needs to figure out who its friends are, play to win, and devote its energies to community-wide organizing that goes beyond electoral politics.

The Saddest Memorial

We honor the lives lost on 9/11 by remembering the victims and saluting the bravery of the first responders. But the worst memorial of all is continuing the fruitless war in Afghanistan.