A Real Crisis Yields Real Politics

No one envies President Trump’s enormous burden right now. And that’s why most of his critics have either been muted or ineffectual. This is a time of real politics. Even Trump’s critics know they have very little to say about that.

An Ideal Deep State Figurehead

Far from being concerned about Joe Biden’s creeping senility, the deep state may be rallying for the former vice president precisely because he will be weak, easily manipulated, and no threat to their agenda and habitual overreach.

Democracy’s Backbone: A Strong Middle Class

When Trump says “Make America Great Again,” the message is one of restoring the wealth, honor, and status of this shrinking group, which has been crushed by a pincer movement of a hateful elite and a grasping and desperate underclass.

The Organization Kid Runs for President

Like all organization kids, Pete Buttigieg looks good on paper and always got an “A.” But sometimes the “C” student gets to be the boss, because he takes chances, is good with people, and can come up with something other than the “book answer.”

Open Corruption

If there is not already a law against the Biden family’s self-dealing, there should be. It’s not unique, and the fact that it’s met with a shrug by many of our lawmakers suggests a much bigger problem in their attitude about public service.

Republicans Learn How to Use Political Power

Whatever Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is doing—and he is doing most of it discreetly and behind the scenes—is working. Combined with President Trump’s message and popularity, this has proven to be a powerful combination. As all warriors know, it pays to be a winner.

Leak Culture Protects the Powerful

The intersection of journalism and leaking in the nation’s capital, far from being in the service of a pursuit of truth or a check upon powerful interests, is simply another mechanism for the elite to consolidate power.

Can the Senate Dismiss the Impeachment Without a Trial?

Just as civil and criminal trials cannot proceed to trial when the allegations of misconduct are fundamentally flawed, the Senate too has the power—indeed, the duty—to dispose of flawed and partisan impeachment articles without conducting a full-fledged trial through the familiar mechanism of a pre-trial dismissal.

The FBI, Impeachment, and the Question of Motive

Without having committed a crime nor broken any particular rules, an impeachment is underway. All this when the abuses of the FBI in the last election represent a form of interference that far eclipses anything foreign or domestic that has ever occurred in the history of the republic.

What Happened to ‘Just Say No’?

Figures on both the Left and the Right have engaged in moral retreat, forgetting the moral dimensions to drug abuse. This retreat is just part of their broader abandonment of the rich western tradition of ordered liberty and its replacement with absolutist libertarianism.

Attack of the Groypers

The young men of the Right want real change. They want their country back. They want to fight a real culture war, not a facsimile of one.