The Quiet Quitting President

The lemming media are at it again. Once a headline generates clicks, they all follow each other, writing about the same topic from the same angles, never digging down to find out what’s really going on. The latest version of this behavior is “quiet quitting.” Once one story using that phrase went viral, just about every media outlet in the world decided to write about it. Google the phrase “quiet quitting” and you’ll see what I mean. That phrase went from nowhere to everywhere in a flash. 

Typical of the propaganda media, they are all getting it wrong. CBS writes that it’s about being dissatisfied with the workday existence: “It’s called quiet quitting, where people who may not necessarily be ready to throw in the towel but feel fed up with the seemingly unrewarding hustle culture of the workforce are no longer going that extra mile to impress their bosses.” Note the subtle attack on the basic value of working for a living and trying to get ahead.

Forbes, once owned by conservatives but now owned by a Chinese blank check firm, takes the management point of view on “quiet quitting,” offering advice for companies dealing with the issue. Fortune says Americans are falling in love with hating their jobs. Take a deep dive on Reddit’s antiwork sub, and you’ll see a lot of people claiming to quit quietly, but mostly they’re promoting some form of socialism.

There may be something to quiet quitting now that we’ve been through years of pandemic stress and lockdowns, years of conflicting medical edicts you weren’t allowed to question, and years of relentless propaganda by the social and corporate left-wing media behemoth. People are stressed and fed up. It’s only natural when you’ve gone through an authoritarian dress rehearsal disguised as a medical emergency.

But there’s something else, deeper and more insidious, happening at workplaces. The summer of 2020 unleashed a tidal wave of woke on the American workforce. Corporation after corporation, from your local school and bank to the big defense contractors, pushed woke diversity, equity, and inclusion training and policies on an unsuspecting workforce. One day you were an average American dad just working hard to feed your family; after wokeness you were the world’s greatest monster. Diversity policies are designed to divide and intended to poison any system they infect.

Two years after woke Coke and woke church and woke kindergarten, here we are. No one feels safe or comfortable talking to anyone. Meeting co-workers for a drink after hours is now one of the most dangerous things you can do. An innocent remark can be used against you, years later and wildly out of context, to turn you into a devil. Heaven forbid you’re a man who gets nominated for any major government job. You will be hunted down by some seethingly angry former co-worker and made to pay for things you never thought, never said, and never did. Don’t complain—you’re just part of the institutional patriarchy now.

One of many possible responses to the woke revolution is to withdraw. Don’t go above and beyond at work, lest a co-worker make up some woke lie and ruin your career. Don’t interact with colleagues. The woke American workplace is now shields up, all the time. It’s a natural reaction to an actual threat.

You are now inside the totalitarian Truman Show of the human resources department. They are all watching you. 

So have Joe Biden’s policies created the quiet quitters?

As I write in my book, The Woking Dead, from the Biden White House on down, wokeness is being forced on Americans despite the fact that an overwhelming majority from all backgrounds despises it and wants nothing to do with it. In fact, in Joe Biden, we have the presidential level of quiet quitting. His advisors, including chief of staff Ron Klain and Susan Rice, are as woke as can be. 

While Biden checks out for yet another vacation, essentially quiet quitting because he’s not up to the task, Klain and his drones have turned the White House into the nexus of the woke web. They’re forcing it down our throats from every angle. Every government agency and department is enforcing wokeness across the entire federal workforce. Companies of all sizes are doing it, too. As older non-woke workers leave, they are being replaced by younger workers who’ve come through America’s woke college campuses and are now fully on board with hateful, divisive, anti-Americanism.

The quiet quitting president is on board with all of it, despite running for the office promising normalcy and unity he never intended to deliver.

The next time you read a report about quiet quitting, question it. Why are they writing about this, and what are they not digging into? Odds are they’re doing two things: They’re assaulting the traditional U.S. work ethic, and they’re covering for the radical woke zombie virus that’s plaguing and tearing apart every workplace in the country.

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