The Wokeing Dead Horde Stopped the Red Wave

The results from the 2022 midterms are in and things don’t look good for conservatives now or America in the future. Joe Biden, the oldest and most decrepit president in American history, managed to get the youth vote that Democrats have long anticipated.

Simply put, Gen Z and some younger Millennials rolled out in record numbers, turning the tide in numerous states from a red wave to a purple trickle. 

There are questions demanding answers: Why did young voters turn out more than 300 percent above other recent elections? Why did they turn out for the likes of Joe Biden and John Fetterman, two of the worst candidates ever—two white men who can barely finish a sentence in a time when white men are openly despised? How did these inarticulate meat puppets get a single vote anywhere?

There are several answers, from abortion to the viability of the major parties’ brands, but one answer is surely the student loan buyout. The offer of what appears to be free money is tough to turn down, especially when you’re 20 looking at decades of college debt in your future. This was the Democrats’ plan all along when they tucked the federalization of the national student loan system into Obamacare. That reduced incentives to cut costs on the university side and injected all kinds of incentives to increase the number and size of loans handed out to kids who couldn’t qualify for a car loan. College costs have gone up astronomically since then, and so have the number and size of student loans. 

Clearly, younger voters turned out for their handout.

That’s not meant as an insult to them. We’re seeing the inevitable effects of the Left’s zombie horde marching through our educational system over the past several decades, reaching the top, and eating out its brain from the inside. Teachers unions, which shut down schools during COVID,  donate overwhelmingly to Democrats, and actually think they own your kids have spread woke, anti-American Marxist garbage throughout our entire educational system. Result: the majority of Gen Z and the tail end of Millennials are fine with socialism. So they’re fine with getting something for nothing, and lining up for government handouts, never aware that they’re just taking money today that they or someone else will have to pay back later. Socialism leaves that last part out and our educational system dropped teaching real economics and civics decades ago. The rising generations who will soon take over America are woke, and the Democrats own them.

Some of that will change once they buy houses and start families. But it just got more difficult to buy a home, thanks to firms like BlackRock pouring trillions into buying up houses, driving prices up in urban centers. And Biden’s high interest rates make it more difficult to qualify for home loans. It turns out Biden’s student loan handout was unconstitutional, so those kids who voted for Democrats still have to pay off what they signed up for, and they won’t be getting that cash infusion they expected. Believing anything Democrats say is always risky. 

If this all sounds planned, it mostly was. The Democrats don’t want a middle class that votes Republican, they want poor dependents and urbanites with multiple, expensive degrees in underwater basket weaving paid for with money laundered through leftist universities who vote Democrat. 

The Democrats want the next generations beholden to them, addicted to government largesse, scared of rising crime to the point that they’ll voluntarily disarm . . . but economically incapable of doing the things that create Republicans—becoming parents, owning property, and starting businesses. The Democrats’ systematic policies stand in the way of all that, by design. The middle class has a target on its back.  

Thanks to their lack of serious education, but strong woke indoctrination, Gen Z and Millennials mostly won’t see any of this coming and won’t know who should properly get the blame. They’ll blame capitalism for the problems intentionally created by the socialists. 

Zombies don’t think; they just mindlessly hunt for food. The wealth that Boomers and Gen X currently hold after their decades of hard work may become one source for younger voters to feed on. All those older generations have to do is die, naturally or otherwise, but that’s no problem to generations that have been fed a steady diet of propaganda teaching them to hate their elders and America itself.

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