When Will the NAACP Issue a Travel Advisory for Chicago?

Did you hear the news? The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People thinks the entire state of Florida is hostile to black people. No sunshine for blacks in the Sunshine State. 

They said so explicitly: “Florida is openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color.”

This is probably news to the 3.38 million black Floridians, never mind the gay partygoers who descend on Key West every year. Some of them are probably new to the state, but some have been there for generations. Suddenly Florida is hostile to them? Or is it hostile just to black people who travel there? It is as if all of Florida can spot an out-of-town black person on sight. The NAACP issued a travel advisory, after all, and didn’t tell the millions of black Floridians who live there to get out while they can. Where would they even tell them to go?

The NAACP objects to Governor Ron DeSantis battling against full-woke politics being injected into every school, workplace, and nook and cranny of American life through biased courses on history and diversity training.

Meanwhile, black men, women, and children are dying in cities run by Democrats daily, and the NAACP doesn’t say a word about it.

Take Chicago, for example. The Windy City is a bloody mess. Under the leadership of former Mayor Lori Lightfoot, wokeness reigned so supreme that she refused to grant interviews to any reporter who didn’t win the intersectional sweepstakes. Outside her office, all over the city, murders went way up. Most of those killed were black, despite blacks not being a majority in the city. 

Lightfoot took office in 2019 as the city’s first gay female mayor who is also black and hails from the Democratic Party. Did the city instantly become a safe place to live and work? Well, no. 

When Lightfoot took office in 2019 homicides had reached a long-time low of 500. By the time she lost her reelection bid, homicides were way up to 802. December 2022 saw 55 homicides, one of the deadliest months in Chicago since the 1990s. Overall, the PBS affiliate WTTW reports that while 2022’s homicide numbers declined from the previous year, they were still at 688—much higher than when Lightfoot took over. The numbers don’t lie—Chicago became deadlier on her watch.

Lightfoot was openly hostile to the Chicago Police Department. She was brazenly pro-criminal. She was openly racist. The city’s biggest newspaper backed her to the hilt. She was everything the NAACP could dream of in a political leader. Competence and leadership skills don’t factor in.

But black people died by the hundreds on her watch, violently and most often at the hands of other black people. So why no travel advisory for Chicago, NAACP? It’s a dangerous place, much more dangerous than Miami. In 2020, while Lightfoot’s Chicago suffered 776 murders, Miami suffered just 61 murders. You could argue that Chicago is much larger than Miami and you’d be right—Chicago is home to more than 2 million people versus Miami’s 442,000. But the murder rate in Chicago is roughly double that of Miami.

But no NAACP travel advisory for Chicago, even though its new mayor is even softer on crime and more hostile to law enforcement than Lightfoot was. Could it be that the NAACP doesn’t really care about black lives at all?

It certainly hasn’t raised any issues with the organization that competes with it for media focus and attention, Black Lives Matter. That group jumped to prominence during the violent, deadly riots—which killed a lot of black people and destroyed a lot of black neighborhoods and businesses—in 2020 and raked in massive millions from corporate America and other donors. Now it’s mired in accusations of corruption, nepotism, and apparent theft. 

Does black people stealing from other black people and even killing other black people matter to the NAACP? Not any more than black families matter, black jobs, black hope, or actual black lives. The NAACP relentlessly supports the party that has destroyed city after city where black people live, pushed policies that devastate families, and allows criminals to run free from the unprotected border all the way to Chicago. 

Just Google “girl shot Chicago” and you’ll find the latest example of a black life not mattering at all to the NAACP, which hasn’t and never will issue a travel advisory against one of the most dangerous cities in America. The NAACP is silent about the scourge of black homicide victims while it focuses on its woke politics and supporting the Democratic Party no matter how much it lets down black America from Joe Biden down to the latest failed big city mayor.

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