Tony Bobulinski: Biden Clan ‘Stole’ Millions ‘From Me and My Other Partners,’ FBI Ignored Multiple Felonies

Tony Bobulinski, the Biden family’s former business partner, shared documents with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson  Tuesday night that showed how Hunter and Jim Biden “defrauded” him and two other partners of at least $5 million from the Chinese energy firm CEFC and “took the money for themselves.”

He also revealed for the first time that Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, attempted to contact him by phone while he was being interviewed by the FBI in October of 2020.

The phone call, which Bobulinski missed, came at 1:37 p.m. on October 23, 2020, as he was telling two FBI agents about Joe Biden’s 10 percent cut in the family’s lucrative business deal with CEFC, a Chinese Communist government-linked energy firm.

“On my BlackBerry, Jim Biden called me via WhatsApp,” Bobulinski, a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, explained. “My phone starts ringing in the middle of this interview. So, I looked down and I’m like, ‘Is he really calling me right now?’”

So, I show the phone to my lawyer and … then I showed it to the agent. The agents got up out of the chair and left the room. They were like, ‘You can take that call if you want.’ And so, I answered it and there was nobody on the other side. So, I don’t know if it was a mistake or that he tried to send me a message, or what it was. But that’s the last interaction or communication I’ve had with the Biden family.

Bobulinski gave the FBI a five-hour interview and handed over the contents of his three cellphones which reportedly contained “encrypted messages between Hunter and Jim Biden and their business partners, emails, and financial documents detailing the Biden family’s influence-peddling operation in foreign countries during Joe’s vice presidency.”

“I wish I had pictures of the two main agents that were interviewing me,” the whistleblower told Carlson. “Because I would say something, and you could just see the shock on their face.”

Bobulinski said that at certain points during the interview, the agents would decide to take an impromptu break and leave the room. “The agents would convene, and then they’d come back and restart the interview,” he said, adding that he was disclosing facts that had profound implications for the country, and for national security,

A bombshell text exchange from Hunter Biden’s laptop had just hit the news in conservative media that same day, but was ignored by the corporate media. It revealed how the conspirators actively sought to conceal Joe Biden’s involvement in the CEFC deal: “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when you are face to face,” the text read.

The FBI has done nothing with Bobulinski’s evidence, which allegedly reveals multiple felonies.

Bobulinski told Carlson that he fears that the years-long investigation into Hunter Biden is being purposefully dragged out by the US attorney in Delaware, David Weiss.

“The reason why I’m sitting here is I’ve been sitting on my hands for two years, great legal counsel, and they’ve been advising me to let the process work, you know, let the DOJ, let US Attorney Weiss in Delaware and the FBI in Baltimore and, apparently, Delaware work through it,” he said. “And you know, almost on a monthly basis I’d have that debate and argument with my lawyers [asking] when are the facts coming out? The American people deserve the facts.”

Bobulinski said he was told that Timothy Thibault—the FBI agent who was reportedly forced to resign in August—was assigned by the Washington Field Office as “point man” to manage his allegations. FBI whistleblowers disclosed to Republicans in Congress over the summer that Thibault, who was the FBI assistant special agent in charge at the Washington field office, covered up derogatory info about Hunter Biden, and deep-sixed the investigation.

According to the Washington Times, Thibault was also “known for pushing out unvaccinated agents from the FBI’s election squad that he suspected to be Trump supporters.”

Thibault has a history of partisan activity on social media, which includes “liking” a Washington Post article titled “William Barr has gone rogue,” tweeting to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) that her father was a “disgrace,” and retweeting a 2020 Lincoln Project post that said  “Donald Trump is a psychologically broken, embittered, and deeply unhappy man.”

Bobulinski said he was told that Thibault would conduct a follow-up interview, but he never heard from him again.

“I haven’t heard from him since, nor have my lawyers,” the whistleblower said.

“When I … found out that Tim Thibault, the FBI agent that was assigned to run point on all the information I and my lawyers provided the FBI, had walked out of the building, I was sort of flabbergasted,” says Bobulinski. “You know, like what? This is crazy. Like when are the American people going to get the facts on all this?”

The whistleblower told Carlson that the FBI’s malfeasance on this matter amounted to election interference in 2020.  “The fact pattern is the FBI alone altered history in that election,” he said.

One of the facts that the corporate media has studiously avoided, was then-candidate Joe Biden’s deep involvement in the family’s influence-peddling operations.

During a press conference in Nashville, Tennessee two hours before the presidential debate on October 22 2020, Bobulinski revealed that he’d had an hour-long meeting with Joe Biden in May of 2017 to discuss the joint venture between the Bidens and CEFC.

“In my approximately hour long meeting with Joe that night, we discussed Biden’s history, the Biden’s family business dealing plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar, at least at a high level,” Bobulinski said at the time.

Another piece of evidence that shows Biden was well aware of the family’s shady foreign business dealings, was found in a voicemail from Hunter Biden’s iPhone. The elder Biden called Hunter in 2018 to discuss a New York Times article the family’s dealings with CEFC.

Biden appeared to be pleased with the Grey Lady’s whitewash of what should have been a massive scandal. “I thought the article released online—it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times—was good,” he said in a voicemail obtained by the Daily Mail. Biden told his scandal-plagued son: “I think you’re clear.”

Bobulinski said the voicemail, which was first revealed in June of 2022, was “staggering.”

“The sitting president of the United States … that’s Joe Biden in his own voice telling the American people, ‘I was always well aware of the business ventures my family was involved in.’”

Bobulinski also told Carlson that Hunter and Jim Biden “defrauded” him and two other business partners, Rob Walker and James Gilliar, of at least $5 million and “took the money for themselves.”

Bobulinski’s allegations of fraud revolve around a contract between a Delaware firm he set up in May 2017, Oneida, owned by him, Jim and Hunter Biden, Walker and Gilliar, to form a joint venture with CEFC, the Chinese firm that was supposed to give them $10 million of working capital.

He alleges that Hunter Biden copied the contract and diverted more than $5 million of the Chinese money into his own pocket.

“It appears that Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, and the Biden family literally copied the same document down to typos [and] the serial number and they removed [the name] Oneida Holdings—which was the Delaware LLC that represented Jim Biden, Hunter Biden, myself, Rob Walker, and James Gilliar—and Hunter and his lawyer George Misires replaced it with Owasco, which was Hunter Biden’s law firm or business that he operated,” Bobulinski explained. “So, he effectively swapped out an entity that he owned 20 percent of to a business that he owned 100 percent of, which is fraud.”

At the time, he said, the Bidens were indicating to him that they were pulling out of the deal, but were actually diverting the money from Oneida Holdings to Hunter’s business.

“Hunter Biden and Jim Biden defrauded [us] and took the money for themselves … stole it from me and my other partners, Rob Walker and James Gilliar,” he said.

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