These 5 Democrat-Controlled States Spend Over Three-Quarters of a Trillion Dollars Each Year

The five worst U.S. states for local and state government debt per capita are all run by Democrat governors and Democrat-controlled legislatures, according to data […]

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Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for Alecto Alecto says:

    Debt is a form of slavery, whether it is private or public. Apparently, that aspect of the Thirteenth Amendment escapes seniles and other morons occupying D.C. Imposing public debt upon citizens to pay for foreign wars (most recently the $2 trillion price tag in Afghanistan which Dubya told us in 2002 would total no more than $80 billion to remove the Taliban) should result in impeachment and removal of any Prezzie who involves the United States in ANY foreign war which does not threaten this country’s borders directly. Afghanistan is a perfect example of how Washington, D.C. exploits war as a commercial enterprise on behalf of evil corporations. May God destroy that filthy, corrupt city leaving not one stone unturned.

    In addition, the housing, education, healthcare and employment of foreign citizens present in this country legally or illegally (by now most Americans understand there is little distinction) ought to provoke citizens to renounce, and reject the debt entirely. I believe the younger generations as well as many older citizens being forced out of work by the demonic government-corporate alliance have every right to renounce any payments to a government which does not represent them.

    Since elections are a farce (see, also, excellent piece at American Thinker from Monica Showalter on The Great Replacement explaining the impact of illegal aliens on the abuse of the decennial Census) and districting which directly impacts citizens’ representation in Congress. The refusal of government to deport foreigners makes a solid case for the rejection of any public debt in the name of the “American” people when it is abundantly clear from recent actions in the Senate and House that those people represent no one and nothing American. On some level, citizens become slaves, debt slaves, while the elites enjoy subsidies, bailouts and access unavailable to citizens. Foreigners buy American land, assets, businesses, etc…, while citizens pay for misadventures, infrastructure and fraudulent pandemic assistance.

    So, what difference does it make how much debt these people run up in the name of Americans? It’s value is only based on Americans’ willingness and ability to pay it. They’re no longer willing.

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