January 6

Where Are the Neon-Hatted Proud Boys?

It’s time to start asking questions about who hasn’t been arrested for their participation in January 6, including a group of orange-hatted “Proud Boys.” Who are they, really? 

Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy In Fact?

Something to keep in mind about January 6 is when the Soothsayer came to warn Caesar about the Ides of March, he wasn’t warning about a conspiracy theory. He was warning about a conspiracy in fact. 

Ten Months Later

The Washington Post finally reveals sketchy details on “pipe bombs.” Was it just another stunt to fuel panic and outrage about January 6?

Where Are the Real Domestic Terrorists?

It’s malfeasance for powerful government authorities, including Joe Biden, to intentionally mislead the American people by stoking unjustified fears of a pending domestic terror attack.

Very Fine People

These are the times that try men’s souls. Some will be found wanting. Others will come through with a pure and noble wrath.