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History Will Grind Out the Truth

As the second-century A.D. skeptic philosopher Sextus Empricus noted, eventually the truth emerges and cosmic justice is rendered: “The millstones of the gods grind late, but they grind fine.” 

Woodrow Wilson’s World

We are free to choose peace—to keep the peace—with liberty and justice for all Americans. This much—and more—we owe the nation and our veterans.

The Emptiness of ‘Finch’

In yet another sign of our artistically arid times, “Finch” gives us no glimpse into human nature or soul, and all attempts at it are extremely simplistic.

Life Without the Vaccine

It’s lucky they made me watch all those films about peer pressure in high school. Because I have never in my adult life—or even in high school—experienced peer pressure like this.