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Congress vs. Normal People

Public duties should be seen as George Washington saw them—a tremendous personal inconvenience to be undertaken with reluctance. Special privileges should be abhorred.

The Coming Military Purge

An increasingly hostile ruling class, who conceive of themselves as occupying a disloyal, irredentist America, is a formula for weakness abroad and conflict at home. 

Impeachment Trial Redux

This unprecedented effort by the Democrats is about nothing more than trying to disqualify their political opposition.

Biden’s Honeymoon Interruptus

Donald Trump will prevail in the Senate impeachment circus, and at the end of it, the country’s impatience will be rising for Joe Biden to do something useful.

Chief Justice James Boasberg?

The D.C. Circuit Court judge’s clearly biased performance raises questions about the FISA court over which he presides. That secret body is America’s true robed politburo.