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Morning Greatness: Social Distancing Directive Extended to April 30

Good Monday morning.

Here’s what is on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has lunch with the Vice President
  • 5:00PM  Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

Here’s my latest at Real Clear Policy: Media is Woefully Irresponsible on Supposed Link Between Vaping & COVID-19

Put it on your to-do list: The latest episode of Happy Hour with Julie and Liz is in the can. Go and listen!

Here’s the latest on the Chinese Virus:

Buckle up, kids, the social distancing has been extended to April 30. “The better you do, the faster this whole nightmare will end,” the President said Sunday . According to CNN, the president said “that modeling shows that the peak of the death rate will likely hit in two weeks. We can expect that by June 1st, we will be well on our way to recovery, we think by June 1st. A lot of great things will be happening.”

Dr. Fauci says the U.S. could have 100K+ Chinese Virus deaths and millions of people infected. Fauci appeared on a Sunday political snuff show and said, “We’re going to have millions of cases,” Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said, noting that projections are subject to change, given that the disease’s outbreak is “such a moving target.”

The FDA has approved chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for emergency use for patients hospitalized with the Chinese Virus.  Also, the USDA has also approved a new technology “to sterilize protective masks worn by those treating coronavirus victims.” Battelle, a Columbus-based non-profit, makes a machine that can sterilize up to 80,000 masks a day. The FDA originally only allowed Battelle to decontaminate 10,000 masks a day.

Trump says some hospitals are hoarding ventilators. Well, I don’t blame them, what happens if they need them? Can they get them back? I hope my neighborhood hospital doesn’t give up their ventilators. “We have some healthcare workers, some hospitals … hoarding equipment including ventilators,” Trump said at the White House following a meeting with corporate executives. “We have to release those ventilators — especially hospitals that are never going to use them.” I don’t think so.

Do you rely on Instacart for delivery? I have some bad news for you. “A group called the Gig Workers Collective is calling for a nationwide walk-out Monday. They’ve been asking Instacart to provide workers with hazard pay and protective gear, among other demands.” The company is trying to hire 300,000 more contractors to make deliveries and already has 200,000 contractors working for the company. Instacart says it will make “hand sanitizer available to its full service shoppers.” Did you think you could just use Amazon Prime Now? Not so fast. Amazon workers are also staging a walk out. “Employees are protesting Amazon’s decision to keep the Staten Island warehouse open despite news of a confirmed case of the virus there last week, said Christian Smalls, an assistant manager at the facility who is leading the walkout.” Amazon said they are testing temperatures at their facility sites.

Trump spars with CNN reporter when confronted with past remarks
Trump extends federal social distancing guidelines to April 30
Trump Admin Names Gun Makers, Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwide
Florida coronavirus checkpoints screen for motorists from hardest-hit areas
Instacart makes more changes ahead of planned worker strike
State Department says it’s retrieved over 18,000 US citizens stranded abroad amid coronavirus pandemic
A Rhode Island police officer bought groceries for an elderly shut-in who had no food at home
TSA lists airports where 61 screeners tested positive for coronavirus
At least 6 Alabama nursing homes have coronavirus patients, report says
Coronavirus quarantines, stay-at-home orders lead to pollution drop, studies find
These national and state parks are closed amid coronavirus outbreak
Maryland man arrested for breaking coronavirus order, hosting bonfire party
Trump: Coronavirus-fighting supplies have landed at JFK
Here’s the next big problem after New York gets ventilators
Media bias is real and the lack of coverage of these two Trump actions on COVID-19 prove it
Trump boasts White House briefing ratings in attack of ‘Lamestream Media’
Armed vigilantes in Maine chop down tree, block driveway to force neighbor to self-quarantine amid coronavirus pandemic
At least 8 strains of the coronavirus are spreading across the globe
Texas expands quarantine requirement for out-of-state travelers
Poland’s coronavirus-crisis election unleashes political warfare
‘That’s Enough’: Trump Attacks, Then Cuts Off PBS Reporter During Coronavirus Briefing
Michigan state lawmaker dies of suspected coronavirus infection
Liberty University students report symptoms that suggest coronavirus: report
Emergency field hospital being built in Central Park for coronavirus patients
Graham: Pelosi comment on Trump is ‘most shameful, disgusting statement by any politician in modern history’
Former FDA commissioner says it’s ‘too early to lift’ coronavirus restrictions
White House coronavirus coordinator: All governors and mayors need to ‘prepare like New York is preparing now’
Experts warned Trump off New York-New Jersey-Connecticut lockdown
Chinese Markets Reopen — And They Still Sell Bats, Dogs And Cats
Sen. Cotton: Chinese government ‘still lying’ about coronavirus as evidence indicates rising death tolls
Kudlow won’t reveal timeline for opening up economy devastated by coronavirus: ‘I don’t know’
Coronavirus Jailbreak: Eight Sex Offenders Freed in Cuomo’s New York

Other morsels:
NY Times called ‘ridiculous’ for labeling Sen. Tom Coburn ‘ultraconservative,’ ‘Dr. No’ in obit
Trump says US will not pay for Prince Harry and Meghan’s security. They say they don’t need the help
Justice Department reviews stock trades by lawmakers after coronavirus briefings
At least 17 reported tornadoes hit Central US during severe weather outbreak

And that’s all I’ve got, not go buy some toilet paper!

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Morning Greatness: Media Freaks When Trump Mentions Restarting Economy

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • The president participates in a phone call with non-profit organizations on COVID-19 response
  • 5:00PM Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

Senate reaches stimulus deal

Very early this morning, the Senate finally came to an agreement on a highly controversial stimulus package hijacked by progressive Democrats. “At last, we have a deal. After days of intense discussions, the Senate has reached a bipartisan agreement on a historic relief package for this pandemic,” Majority Leader McConnell announced on the Senate floor. The full details of the agreement have not been released yet so who knows what might be in it.

According to CNN:

But over the last 24 hours, the elements of the proposal have come into sharper focus, with $250 billion set aside for direct payments to individuals and families, $350 billion in small business loans, $250 billion in unemployment insurance benefits and $500 billion in loans for distressed companies.

The stimulus bill also has a provision that would block President Donald Trump and his family, as well as other top government officials and members of Congress, from getting loans or investments from Treasury programs in the stimulus, according to Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office.

There will be relief for workers and working families as well as some businesses and hospitals, I guess we will just wait and see what the final bill says. The next step will be a vote in the House to approve the Senate bill. Pelosi said she does not want to bring the full House back to D.C so she will pass it by unanimous consent. Any member can block the unanimous consent so let’s hope that threat keeps Pelosi’s wishlist in line.

Now the Senators are free to get out town.

Media, Resistance freak out after Trump says he would like to restart country for Easter

Oh boy, I heard him say it in real time and I knew we were going to get a meltdown. Political tabloid Reuters has a headline that reads: Amid worsening pandemic, Trump pushes to re-open U.S. for business by Easter.

Is the pandemic worsening? I don’t know. The numbers that are showcased refer to the number of people who test positive for the virus, but those aren’t the only important numbers even though those are the ones the media is constantly screeching about. We know the numbers will go up because there is more and more testing available. The important metrics are the numbers of people admitted to the hospital, which taxes medical resources, and the fatalities. The more people who test positive for the virus but don’t need hospital attention and and survive, the less powerful and deadly the virus really is. And no matter what the positive count is it will still not account for people who got the virus and recovered before testing started and those folks  probably date back to November when China says their virus first surfaced. But the number of hospitalizations is not an easy number to come by.

So Reuters writes, “U.S. President Donald Trump pressed his case on Tuesday for a re-opening of the U.S. economy by mid-April despite a surge in coronavirus cases, downplaying the pandemic as he did in its early stages by comparing it to the seasonal flu.” He didn’t really “press” his case, Trump said, “I would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter.” He went on to say, “We lose thousands and thousands of people a year to the flu. We don’t turn the country off,” Trump said. “You can destroy a country this way by closing it down.” When Trump further explained himself he said, “We’ll only do it if it’s good.” Trump also made another point which no one wants to address: what is the cost to our country on the whole? The president mentioned suicides. Is there enough government money to repair someone who had their family business destroyed? Will this cause people to get depressed? The media and the Left dismiss this but it’s a real concern. Nevertheless, the media drags Trump for wanting to get America back on its feet.

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on Fox News to talk about the CHINA VIRUS and discussed Trump’s Easter remark. “The president clearly listens. I mean, he has this aspirational goal of hoping that we might be able to do it by a certain date. We talked him about that. We say we need to be flexible. He realizes that and he accepts that,” Fauci said. “I mean, he doesn’t want to give up his aspirational goal, but he’s flexible enough to say, ‘OK, let’s look at it on a day by day basis,’ we say, and we will give him data to inform that decision.”

And finally, more bad news for the Left: 60 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of coronavirus: Gallup poll

WTF: Nevada Governor Bans Use of Promising Drug Chloroquine to Fight Coronavirus 
Clinical trials for coronavirus treatments begin in New York
Donald Trump Defends Dream of ‘Packed Churches’ on Easter Despite Coronavirus Fight
Is Trump using the Defense Production Act?
Harvard President And His Wife Test Positive For Coronavirus
Trump, Pence held call with investors on economy: administration official
Pompeo will not self-isolate after Afghanistan, Qatar trip
New York to release 300 nonviolent Rikers inmates amid pandemic
Atlanta mayor says ICU units at capacity
Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard Waive April Rent For Tenants Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Here Are The Media’s Biggest Coronavirus Flubs, Contradictions, And Walk-Backs
Gun Shop Owners Warn Northam Against Closing Their Shops Over Coronavirus, Report Skyrocketing Gun Sales
Andrew Cuomo to Trump administration: ‘You pick the 26K people who are going to die’
Oh FFS. Pandemic sparks new front in abortion wars
Legal battles escalate over virus dangers to immigration detainees
Disgusting. New Jersey man charged after coughing on Wegmans worker, saying he has coronavirus
Prominent Staten Island rabbi, Holocaust survivor dies from coronavirus
Expert warns of ‘dire’ situation at NYC hospital amid coronavirus
New York hospitals treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C
White House coronavirus taskforce advises people who’ve left NYC to quarantine for 14 days
Idris Elba slams claims that stars are paid to say they have coronavirus
Moscow’s mayor, a Putin ally, says coronavirus outbreak in city worse than it looks, report says
New Rochelle was a major coronavirus cluster two weeks ago. Here’s where it stands now.
Who ‘dis? Joe Biden begins media blitz as he tries to break into the coronavirus conversation
Idiots. A group of young adults held a coronavirus party in Kentucky to defy orders to socially distance. Now one of them has coronavirus
Homeland Security warns terrorists may exploit COVID-19 pandemic
Greta Thunberg: ‘Extremely Likely’ I Had Coronavirus

Other morsels:
Sanders set to appear at Dem debate in April if it happens, campaign says
Sixty-four bodies found in shipping container in Mozambique
Biden in Awkward Exchanges with MSNBC’s Wallace: ‘It’s Probably Best I Don’t’ Keep Talking

And that’s all I’ve got, now go wash your hands.

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De Blasio Defends Gym Workout Amid Outbreak

According to The Hill, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) defended visiting the gym Monday morning just hours before ordering all commercial gyms to close their doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and at a time when Americans are being told to stay home and avoid public spaces.

Mr. de Blasio, a former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate was asked about attending the Brooklyn, YMCA public gym at a press conference and responded he knew he was entering a “very socially distanced situation.”

“There was almost no one there. I had heard that information prior,” he said. “I suspected that we were all going to be about to close them down, and this would be the last time to get some exercise.”

The mayor added that he didn’t get to exercise “whatsoever” during the weekend because he was “in this building.” De Blasio said that he will find a “new way” to exercise “going forward.”

“I did not think for a moment there was anything problematic because I knew the dynamics,” he said. “And again, I have to stay healthy so I can make the decisions for the people of this city.”

Several states and cities have shut down bars, movie theaters and other public facilities amid the coronavirus outbreak. Gyms across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were scheduled to close at 8 p.m.

His gym visit provoked criticism and ridicule from some reporters and city residents, including by former Fox News and NBC News personality Megyn Kelly.

A spokesperson for the mayor defended Schumer’s visit in a statement, saying that the mayor wanted to “visit a place that keeps him grounded one last time.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that he is working around the clock to ensure the safety of New Yorkers. After today, gyms will close and he will no longer be visiting the YMCA for the foreseeable future,” Freddi Goldstein said in a statement.

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Schumer Wants $750B+ to Combat Coronavirus

U.S. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is working on a plan to pile at least $750 billion into efforts to combat the Coronavirus, his office said in a statement Monday. The proposal is set to be presented to appropriators as early as Tuesday, Reuters reports.

Congress already passed $8.3 billion in funding earlier this month. The House also passed a multi-billion-dollar package over the weekend to provide for paid leave for some employees and strengthen unemployment insurance, the statement said.

Schumer’s plan includes measures that would boost hospital capacity, unemployment insurance, increase Medicaid funding, and provide immediate forbearance of all federal loans, small business assistance, child care, remote learning, food delivery and public transportation costs, among other provisions, according to the statement.

Democrats are a minority in the U.S. Senate therefore Schumer may not get some of what he desires in the spending package.


Amazon to Hire 100,000 Workers to Deal with Coronavirus Demand

USA Today reports “Retailers are ramping up hiring for positions ranging from the warehouse to the checkout counter, as delivery and service workers increasingly become indispensable to Americans largely confined to their homes because of concerns about the coronavirus.”

Amazon says it will hire 100,000 new workers for warehouses and online deliveries in the U.S. The retailer will also temporarily increase its pay through April raising their minimum pay to at least $17 an hour in the U.S. and similar amounts in the United Kingdom and Europe.

“We are seeing a significant increase in demand, which means our labor needs are unprecedented for this time of year,” Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations said in a blog post Monday. “We are opening 100,000 new full and part-time positions across the U.S. in our fulfillment centers and delivery network to meet the surge in demand from people relying on Amazon’s service during this stressful time, particularly those most vulnerable to being out in public.”

Meanwhile, Kroger, the supermarket chain, says that it has “immediate positions available … across our retail stores, manufacturing plants and distribution centers,” and “we are expediting the hiring process in order to get people to work quickly.”


Mainstream Media Deliberately Misrepresents Trump Quote to Governors on Coronavirus

Nearly a dozen media pundits, mostly from the New York Times as well as CNN and the Huffington Post, deliberately misrepresented an edited quote from President Trump during a conference call with several governors over the response to the coronavirus, as Breitbart reports.

On the call, President Trump was discussing the subject of medical equipment that would be needed to test for and treat the coronavirus, including “respirators” and “ventilators.” The President then suggested that the states “try getting it yourselves,” before adding “we will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

In response, at least eight reporters from the New York Times took to Twitter to share only the first half of President Trump’s quote, ending it simply at “try getting it yourselves.” The eight reporters in question are Julie Bosman, Mara Gay, Peter Baker, Mike Baker, Michael Cooper, Sharon LeFraniere, Clifford Levy, and Aaron Carroll. The talking point was subsequently repeated by CNN’s Oliver Darcy.

Despite facing widespread backlash on social media, none of the individuals in question have deleted their tweets or issued retractions or apologies.


Trump Administration Debunks False Story About Alleged Coronavirus Vaccine Purchase

The Trump Administration denied that it had attempted to pressure a German company to sell its coronavirus vaccine to the United States, after multiple media outlets claimed it did.

As The Daily Caller notes, the report initially came from the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, which claimed that the Administration pressured the German company CureVac while its executive, Daniel Menichella, was visiting the White House. Further speculation arose after Menichella, who previously announced that CureVac was “confident” in its ability to “develop a potent vaccine candidate within a few months,” confirmed that he was leaving CureVac.

CureVac subsequently confirmed on Twitter that the story was false, and that it had not received any offer from the United States government. United States Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell further debunked the story, calling it “not true,” while also criticizing the media, including Business Insider and Reuters, who “went with it anyway despite not having their own sources.”

Breitbart then reported that Reuters had quietly edited its initial version of the story, adding in comments from Administration officials confirming the story as false, though the story had already been shared by other reporters before its edit.


DOJ Drops Charges Against Alleged Russian ‘Troll Farms’

In the latest development that has further debunked the “Russian interference” narrative, the Department of Justice on Monday filed a motion to drop its prosecution of two Russian companies that have been accused of running “troll farms” during the 2016 election, as reported by Fox News.

The DOJ was granted its request by a federal judge to drop charges of “conspiring to defraud U.S. agencies” as a result of alleged election interference, which the Left had claimed was due to these companies and other Russian entities setting up “troll farms” to spread memes and disinformation during the election.

The charges against Concord Management and Consulting LLC, and Concord Catering, were thus dropped. As the charged individuals were all Russian nationals, they were unlikely to face any actual punishment, and pursuing such charges could have presented a threat to America’s national security. In response to the charges originally filed by Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, Concord had actually entered an appearance in federal court vowing to contest the charges, which was an unexpected move for the Mueller team.

There was never any concrete evidence of “troll farming” or any Russian interference in the 2016 election. The additional allegations of “collusion” between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government was eventually debunked by Mueller’s own investigation.


Swedish Priest Accused of Helping Migrant Escape Detention in Suitcase

A Swedish priest in the city of  Gävle, has been accused of smuggling an Afghan migrant out of a detention facility in a suitcase, Breitbart News reports.

The 20-year-old migrant, who was being held pending deportation, disappeared on February 23 after he was visited by two women, one of whom was a priest from the Church of Sweden. The priest was carrying a large suitcase which she told authorities was to be used for an adult baptism ceremony.

Sweden’s Migration Board accused the priest of helping the migrant to escape. Its Director General, Mikael Ribbenvik wrote a letter to the Church of Sweden Archbishop Antje Jackelén concerning the matter, saying it had seriously damaged the agency’s trust in the Swedish church.

“A priest has abused our trust. In normal cases, you can’t bring a bag, but they got confidence and then this exemption was made. We’ve been tricked,” he said.

In February the Swedish news website Samhällsnytt made allegations that Camilla Ulén, a priest who serves the Värmdö parish in Stockholm, was the one carrying the suitcase and behind the smuggling of the migrant.

The news website identified the migrant fugitive as Abdullahi Ibrahimi, also known as Matin Ebra.

Samhällsnytt stated the migrant was an Afghan national who had been in Sweden since 2015 and that the Migration Board had serious doubts about the validity of his Christian conversion, which was the reason he was seeking asylum in Sweden.

A reporter from Samhällsnytt spoke to Ulén by phone and the priest dismissed the allegations that she helped the migrant escape.

The Swedish church has staunchly defended migrants and  since the height of the migrant crisis began in 2015, they clashed with police in 2017 over migrant deportations in Skåne after a raid on a church-sponsored migrant camp. The church  has gone out of its way to accommodate Muslims, in particular.

In October 2015, Stockholm archbishop Eva Brunne, the first openly lesbian bishop in the world, asked churches to remove crosses and allow for the creation of Muslim prayer spaces, according to Brietbart.

She later went on to say that she had more in common with Muslims than she did with conservative Christians.


US Attorney Charges Alleged MS-13 Gang Members in San Francisco

ABC  News reports,

Federal authorities in San Francisco announced charges against 17 alleged members and associates of the international MS-13 gang in connection with a number of crimes in San Francisco including racketeering, drug dealing and a “brutal beating and stabbing”, carried out in the heart of the city’s Latino district.

The individuals were taken into federal custody Thursday and appeared before a federal judge Friday, said U.S. Attorney David Anderson. Their alleged crimes range in punishment from 10 years to life in prison, he said.

“Violence is at the core of the organization,”Anderson told reporters at his office at a morning press conference.

Anderson launched an initiative last year to clean up open-air drug dealing in the city’s notoriously rundown Tenderloin neighborhood, he was appalled by the violence carried out by gang members in family-friendly parts of the city, including Dolores Park in the Mission district.

“Mission Playground lies at the center of this territory,” the indictment claims, noting that the gang also controls Dolores Park and Bryant Square Park.

“San Francisco is suffering from gang violence and gang claims on our public spaces,” Anderson said. “Our parks and playgrounds and other public spaces do not belong to transnational criminal organizations. Our public spaces belong to all of us.”

Separate from the grand jury indictments, San Francisco Police Department Chief Bill Scott told reporters, police started looking into MS-13 related crimes in 2017 and found the 20th Street clique was responsible for two Mission District homicides: 44-year-old Jorge Martinez and 23-year-old youth counselor Abel Esquivel. The police reached out to the federal government when they realized they needed more resources.

President Donald Trump has been particularly critical of MS-13, also called La Mara Salvatrucha, and used their criminal activity as a reason to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. The gang originated in Los Angeles decades ago. Many members hail from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and operate in at least 20 states, according to ABC News.

The complaint alleges 10 criminal acts that took place between 2016 and 2019. Three of the defendants went after a family with two minors in January 2019, punching and kicking near a playground, according to the complaint.

Anderson said he did not know the citizenship status of the 17 defendants, who range in age from 19 to 30. Eleven of them were already in custody in local jails.

“There are certainly some folks who have … lawful status and those who have no lawful status and no right to be here,” he said.

Friday’s briefing was live-streamed and the press conference limited to a handful of reporters, in keeping with new social spacing guidelines issued to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Since Anderson launched the crackdown on drug dealing in August 2019, the effort has resulted in charges against more than 150 people.

Scott told reporters that the “arrests provide a sense of comfort and relief to the residents of the Mission District and the residents of the City and County of San Francisco.”


WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin Claims, Without Evidence, That More Republicans Will Die of Coronavirus than Democrats

Jennifer Rubin, the left-wing columnist for the Washington Post, claimed that the coronavirus will kill more Republicans in America than Democrats, according to Breitbart.

She made the comments on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” show, claiming, without evidence, that it was the Democrats who “immediately cancelled all of their rallies” and let “their political figures really portray” the disease first, ahead of Republican leaders. She also falsely claimed that President Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax,” saying “this is how they do it at Fox News.”

She also speculated that, if the spread of the virus worsens, “the brainwashing” among Republican voters will be “so strong as to carry on and make excuses for Trump.”

Rubin is considered by some on the Left to be a conservative, but has been one of the most outspoken critics of President Trump since his candidacy in 2016.


President Trump Says He is ‘Strongly Considering’ a Pardon for General Michael Flynn

President Trump tweeted on Sunday that he is “strongly considering” a presidential pardon for former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, as Fox News reports.

In the tweet, President Trump mentioned that the federal charges against General Flynn, for a single count of allegedly lying to federal investigators during the “Russian collusion” investigation, have “destroy[ed] his life and the life of his wonderful family (and many others also),” adding that he is “strongly considering a full pardon!”

Flynn initially pled guilty to a single count of lying to federal authorities, but his defense team has since filed a motion to retract that guilty plea, claiming that investigators acted in bad faith. His sentencing has been delayed on multiple occasions, and the prosecutors have since changed their minds after initially recommending that he be sentenced to probation.


Biden Vows to Ban Fracking, Implement High-Speed Rail, in Debate with Bernie Sanders

In the latest Democratic debate on Sunday night, former Vice President Joe Biden said that if he becomes president, there will be “no new fracking” taking place in the country, according to The Daily Caller.

Biden made the declaration after his rival, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), claimed that he wasn’t tough enough on big oil companies. Biden went even further by claiming that, as president, he would push for a high-speed rail system that would “take millions of automobiles off the road,” without providing any specifics as to how it would work.

The comments reflect Biden’s increasingly leftward shift on the subject of energy, as he sacrifices his previously moderate positions to appeal to the party’s far-left base. He had previously said that he would gladly sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar energy jobs in order to make America more “green.”

Biden and Sanders are two of the last three remaining candidates in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, along with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), who was excluded from the debate stage by the DNC. Biden is once again considered the frontrunner for the nomination, after multiple candidates dropped out and coalesced behind his candidacy to stop Sanders.


Morning Greatness: Geezers Debate as Wuhan Virus Shuts Down America

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

10:30AM   Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

  • The president participates in a video teleconference with G7 Leaders on coordinated action in response to COVID-19
  • President Trump participates in a video teleconference with Governors on partnership to prepare and respond to COVID-19
  • The president has lunch with the Vice President
  • President Trump receives his intelligence briefing

Old geezers shake fists at the sky during “debate”

Medically-fragile Democrat duo Biden and Sanders met in some sort of clean room to “debate” last night. One of the most irritating things about these set ups is that the pretend moderators never question what the candidates say. They don’t know enough or don’t want to discredit any of the crazy crap these jokers are spitting up. No one says “Well, who will pay all the people that will lose their job or be out of work because our country is in the middle of a pandemic? Will you force companies to pay? What if the company can’t afford to pay their employees when they have no revenue coming in? Will the government force them out of business? Is it better for businesses to close temporarily and rehire their workers or should the government jackboot drive them from operation forever?” We don’t hear anything about reality from these fools or the “moderators.”

Tomorrow there are some primary elections with more than 500 delegates up for grabs. People are supposed to “socially distance” especially those who are vulnerable but those people are the Joe Biden voters. Could Bernie sweep with the younger people who ignore instructions to distance and go to restaurants and bars and primary elections while Biden voters are busy washing their hands? It could happen.

‘The Thing In Africa’: Biden Stumbles Over Virus Names, Can’t Remember Ebola
Bernie Attacks Biden For Flip Flopping On Gay Marriage, Abortion
‘No New Fracking’: Biden Calls For High Speed Rail To Move US Away From Oil Drilling
Biden Defends Wall Street Bailouts: ‘This Was About Saving An Economy’
White House calls for federal agencies to maximize telework
Biden says he would mobilize the military to address coronavirus
Biden gets backing from largest U.S. teachers union
Joe Biden Promises to Nominate Black Woman to Supreme Court for ‘Representation’
The biggest takeaways from the Biden-Sanders coronavirus debate
Let’s all ‘go to the YouTube’: Bernie Bros jump on 78-year-old’s call

Wuhan virus shuts down America

Read Deb Heine’s article about the pork-filled Wuhan Flu bill from the House and their sneaky games.

Businesses, restaurants, Disneyland, Broadway…it’s all shutting down. Social distancing is the new normal. What will this do to our economy? What unforeseen consequences will we see from such rapid changes? These are the kinds of events that leave a big mark.

The fedgov, a hero to some and enemy to others, is not designed to mobilize rapidly in a health crisis. Perhaps there will be an overhaul to agency bureaucracy that is dragging down our ability to respond with speed. Ridiculous processes for drug companies, labs, health care professionals to spring into action do not serve us.

A good example of this is the benevolent FDA allowing pharmacists to compound hand sanitizer now there’s a national shortage. Really? Compounding pharmacists make our drugs all day long but the FDA had give approval to for them to mix aloe vera gel and alcohol? The agency said “it won’t take any enforcement action against certain facilities or licensed professionals who make hand sanitizer for consumer use as long as they use high quality ingredients and follow a recipe laid out by the agency.” Good grief.

I’ve heard several media-lefties squawk about how the U.S. turned away the World Health Organization’s Wuhan virus test. Why did we refuse? Was it because the test would need to undergo a burdensome approval process by health agencies and it would be faster to develop our own?  South Korea had a WuFlu test very quickly but testing came from four private corporations. Our corporations have no incentives to do that because their tests would be stuck in a red tape mess for a year or more. Also, South Korea is a surveillance state.

It’s no help that our pharmaceutical supply comes from foreign countries.

The media and the Democrats continue to use this tragedy as a political hammer. At these (mostly) daily pressers they ask gotcha questions to Trump or Pence instead of asking the scientists for information that would be useful for for the public. On the one hand, the media pretends its message is “don’t panic” but the media and the Democrats are constantly manufacturing reasons that the leadership is incompetent, lying, misleading them. We have disgusting ghouls like Democrat scribbler Jen Rubin calculating that more MAGA idiots will die than Democrats.

Wash your hands, if you’re in a vulnerable population, wait it out in the safety of your home.

Amid coronavirus buying, Amazon sold out of bottled water and toilet paper, too
The race to find a coronavirus treatment: One strategy might be just weeks away, scientists say
Washington state orders all restaurants and bars to close over coronavirus
California calls for all seniors to stay home, closure of bars and wineries
Los Angeles shuts down bars and clubs, limits restaurants to takeout and delivery
Las Vegas Strip resorts closing as a result of coronavirus: MGM, Wynn, Encore
Trump Tells Consumers To ‘Relax’ In Grocery Stores
United warns of cash bleed, empty planes even after more schedule cuts
Americans will have access to more than 2,000 labs for coronavirus testing, Pence says
U.S. eyes aid for airlines; sees no domestic travel curbs for now
White House urges against ‘hoarding’ as Trump talks to grocery store executives
WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin: There Will Be ‘Less Democrat’ Coronavirus Deaths
Source: U.S. Will Need up to 500,000 Ventilators for Coronavirus Victims
Thousands left cruise ship without screenings after ex-passenger got coronavirus
Peace Corps suspending operations, evacuating all volunteers over coronavirus
Emergen-C responds to boozy ‘quarantini’ with vitamin C: ‘We do not recommend’
Idiots. Coronavirus ’emergency’? Oregon police ask people to stop calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper
Nike, Urban Outfitters and other retailers shuttering stores temporarily because of coronavirus
Lindsey Graham says he tested negative for coronavirus
Here’s a complete list of every state health department’s coronavirus website
Tenn. brothers donate sanitizer products bought for resale
Federal vaccine development sites ill-suited to counter covid-19 epidemic

Other morsels:
Swedish Priest Accused of Smuggling Migrant Out of Detention in Suitcase
Clyburn calls Trump a racist, warns US could ‘go the way of Germany in the 1930s’
Trump ‘strongly considering’ Flynn pardon
Andrew Gillum entering rehab, stepping back from politics following Miami hotel incident
Trial of Robert Durst delayed for 3 weeks amid virus fears
US attorney charges alleged MS-13 members in San Francisco

And that’s all I’ve got, not go wash your hands!

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2 Texas Men Charged with Violently Attack on Federal Officer at US-Mexico Border

Two men from Irving, Texas were charged with violently assaulting a federal officer last month while trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a press release from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Fox News reports.

The incident began after Juan Alfredo Crisencio Martinez, 20, and Jaythan Trevonne Phillips, 20, applied for admission into the United States at the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge in Laredo,  a border town in south Texas. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer began to conduct an immigration inspection and asked them to exit the vehicle. They refused, according to the allegations.

The charges allege authorities swarmed the lane to arrest the two men. Martinez allegedly reached for the officer’s belt from inside the vehicle and opened the driver’s side door in order to prevent a responding officer from assisting, according to the allegations.

Martinez continued to resist, according to the allegations. Law enforcement allegedly had to deploy a Taser in order to subdue him.

Law enforcement agents allegedly had to physically carry Phillips to an inspection area. Martinez continued to resist and law enforcement allegedly had to deploy a Taser in order to subdue him.

The incident significantly impacted the port’s daily operation, because officers from passenger booths, secondary inspection and bus operations had to assist. Most of the travel lanes were closed until they could resolve the incident, according to the allegations. The bus traffic was allegedly backed up into the Mexico side of the bridge delaying dozens of passengers, ICE said.

A Laredo grand jury returned the indictment on Feb. 25 against both men and they may face up to 20 years in federal prison and a possible $250,000 maximum fine if convicted.

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Morning Greatness: Media Fuels Coronavirus Panic to Damage Trump

Good Monday morning.

Here’s what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president  participates in a roundtable with supporters in Longwood, Florida
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a fundraising committee luncheon
  • The president returns to Washington D.C.

Media continues to fuel coronavirus panic, points finger at Trump

The media is in overdrive fueling panic, freaking out Americans so they buy rice and toilet paper and of course blaming Trump for the disease. So far there have been 21 deaths, with 554 confirmed cases of the virus. All but three of the deaths have been in Washington State and many have been in that nursing home, which is the worst possible place to introduce a highly contagious pathogen. Considering this virus has run amok all over the plant for at least two months, it’s amazing we don’t have a bigger spread. It’s very likely that people were infected with it before we knew about the novel coronavirus and sick folks thought they had the flu. If you are older and vulnerable with underlying health conditions, stay home. Please.

Just to put this in perspective, the CDC reports that so far this season, 34 million people have gotten the flu and about 20,000 have died from it. Even more perspective, the CDC reports about H1N1: “from From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus.” Guess who was president during that outbreak? Do you remember experiencing the level of hysteria about H1N1 we are seeing now? Of course not.

This virus is just another opportunity to drag Trump.

We need to shut down visits to nursing homes. The number of confirmed cases will certainly rise as more test kits become available. If you think you are sick with the flu or coronavirus, quarantine yourself unless you need medical attention in which case you should go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the infected Princess cruise ship is set to dock today in Oakland, CA. CNN reports 21 people on board are infected so far.

Wash your hands and stay home if you are sick.

Ted Cruz, Paul Gosar to self-quarantine due to possible coronavirus exposure
U.S. Health Experts Say Stricter Measures Are Required to Limit Coronavirus’s Spread
New York City could hit 100 coronavirus cases in two to three weeks: mayor
Oh, is he a pulmonologist? Smoking or vaping increases risks for those with coronavirus: NYC mayor
Schumer, Gillibrand call for less federal restrictions on coronavirus testing in New York
About 4M coronavirus tests available by end of next week, White House expert says
North Korea quarantines nearly 10,000 amid coronavirus fears
Fauci says ‘anything is possible’ when asked about widespread coronavirus quarantine
Harvey Weinstein may have suffered concussion while jailed on Rikers Island: report
Facebook says it will ban ads for medical face masks

Twitter removes clip of Biden’s word salad, claims it’s deceptively edited

Here we go folks. White House social media director Dan Scavino tweeted out a clip of sleep Joe Biden stumbling over his words and mumbling about Trump and Twitter labeled it “deceptive.” Here’s the tweet:

Biden says, “Turn this primary from a campaign that’s about negative attacks into one about what we’re for,” Biden said in the clip posted by Scavino. “Because we cannot reelect, we cannot win this reelection. Excuse me, we can only reelect Donald Trump … ”

Well, he said it. It’s not like these kinds of things are out of character for Biden.

There will be a debate between Biden and Sanders on March 15, and sleepy Joe wants it to be a sit down debate. “Why does Joe Biden not want to stand toe-to-toe with Sen. Sanders on the debate stage March 15 and have an opportunity to defend his record and articulate his vision for the future?” senior Sanders advisor Jeff Weaver told CNN. Is it because sleepy Joe can’t stand for so long?

Tomorrow there will be primary elections tomorrow in seven states including Michigan. Will the coronavirus impact turnout?

Sen. Kamala Harris joins the growing list of lawmakers endorsing Joe Biden
Biden will pick a woman as his running mate. But who?
Trump campaign attacks Biden on trade, health care and fitness for office
Sanders doesn’t plan to limit rallies amid coronavirus outbreak
Biden pushes for sit-down debate format amid mounting healthrelated concerns, report says
[email protected]’pro-gun safety’ Pro-gun safety Brady group endorses Joe Biden for president

Other morsels:

Trump to skip St. Patrick’s Day Hill luncheon, blames Pelosi
Elise Stefanik Goes Shopping, Comes Back To Nasty Note On Her Car
Christopher Steele Refuses To Cooperate With US Prosecutor Looking Into Origins Of Trump-Russia Probe
After threatening ‘momentous’ action, North Korea fires weapons
Hunter Biden ‘willfully and contemptuously’ defying court order to turn over sensitive financial docs, contempt motion says
Devin Nunes responds to Christopher Steele defense of dossier: ‘Preposterous’
Illinois Supreme Court Won’t Dismiss Charges Against Jussie Smollett

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


Morning Greatness: Virus-Laden Ship Waits for Coronavirus Test Results

Good Friday morning.

Here’s what is on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president visits tornado victims in Nashville, Tennessee
  • President Trump participates in a roundtable with supporters at Mar-a-Lago.

Tests flown to virus-laden cruise ship

The Grand Princess cruise ship is hovering off the coast of California with 3500 passengers on board, some probably infected with the coronavirus. A military helicopter dropped the tests down to the ship and results should be available on Friday. “Princess Cruise Lines said fewer than 100 people aboard had been identified for testing,” reports AP. I’m sorry what? They aren’t testing everyone on the ship? Why not?

“Many of those people have recovered and are no longer showing flu-like symptoms,” Mary Ellen Carroll, the San Francisco Director of the Department of Emergency Management, said. “Once we have results from the (coronavirus) tests (that will be run Thursday), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the state will determine the most appropriate location for the ship to berth. That location needs to provide for the safety of the surrounding community as well as the passengers.”

Some passengers on the ship were on the previous cruise with infected passengers. Seriously, WTF is going here? Why were these people not removed from the next sailing? I’m not a scientist but this doesn’t seem like a very aggressive move to contain the virus.

In other news, Politico reports, “A squabble is breaking out over whether respirator mask manufacturers need more protection from legal liability as the Trump administration presses them to ramp up production amid a major shortage during the coronavirus crisis.”

Guess who doesn’t want to extend liability protection to the mask manufacturers? “House Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, viewed the effort as an expansive legal waiver and blocked it from being added to the final version.” Liability protection does not cover products the FDA does not regulate which includes the n95 masks.

Why on earth would a company panic-manufacture protection if some ambulance chasing liberal shyster can sue them out of existence because a room temperature IQ Democrat can’t use their mask correctly? Good grief.

Coronavirus cases surge across U.S. as Americans face looming outbreak
Journalists Spread Fake News About Coronavirus And Trump … Again
Squabble over mask shortage erupts as coronavirus spreads
White House sidelines Azar from coronavirus response
Maryland declares state of emergency as 3 coronavirus cases confirmed
Australian doctors with coronavirus attended seminar with dozens of others
Fears of coronavirus have canceled tech conferences, concerts, sports and more. Here’s a list.
Pence greets state officials with elbow bump while holding coronavirus task force documents
Doctors can now approve coronavirus testing, CDC says
Hand sanitizer being rationed at grocery store chain amid coronavirus buying frenzy
Capitol Hill braces for coronavirus contingencies, politicians consider world without handshakes
Costco says it’s getting a lift from coronavirus panic shopping
China has made eating wild animals illegal after the coronavirus outbreak. But ending the trade won’t be easy
EPA releases list of approved disinfectants to kill coronavirus, and why homemade sanitizer won’t work
Facebook, Netflix and Twitter back out of South by Southwest over coronavirus fears

Elizabeth Warren drops out of the race

Oh no, Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the Democrats’ presidential primary and now there’s no girl in the race. The media and the Democrats are distraught but hey, you guys didn’t pick the girl or the person of color, not the racist Trump Republicans. You own this.

So now the Democrats have two old white guys competing for the prize. It’s only a matter of time before Biden announces he’s got Amy! or that nutter Stacy Abrams as his VP to mitigate the old white guy optics.

Warren did not endorse a candidate after she tapped out of the primary. Why? Well I suspect Warren stayed in the race to screw Bernie for the DNC. Remember Warren is a Democrat unlike Sanders who is not. The party has more control over Warren and she’s not on bad terms with the establishment even though she talks a good game. So I think she agreed not to drop out and not to endorse Bernie to usher in the fake “Biden wave” and it was probably in exchange for some position or regulation.

Warren says a woman can still be president, ‘it’s just going to be a little longer’
Pelosi cites ‘element of misogyny’ after Warren drops out
Rigged: Inside the 72 Hours Establishment Democrats Took it from Bernie, Gave it to Biden
Trump defends rhetoric: ‘When they hit us we have to hit back’
Bloomberg Super PAC to replace campaign, aid Democratic nominee
Bloomberg releases new anti-Trump ad
‘Element of misogyny’: Pelosi, others, lament that Warren exit leaves presidential race to men

Other morsels:
Federal judge blasts William Barr for Mueller report rollout, asks if it was meant to help Trump
Right on. Trump says if Schumer was a Republican he’d ‘be in jail right now’
Actress Busy Philipps Claims She Owes Her Success to an Abortion at Age 15
Study: American Taxpayers Billed up to $133K per Refugee Resettled in U.S.
Former Auto Union Workers President Accused of Embezzling $1 Million
Alabama man executed by lethal injection for role in 2004 killing of three police officers
House Oversight panel calls on GOP to stop sending ‘census’ mailers
Hachette employees walk out in protest of decision to publish Woody Allen memoir
LOL REPORT: Bill Clinton Says Cheating On Hillary Helped ‘Manage My Anxieties’
DHS To Allow 35,000 More Seasonal Workers Into The Country
Trump Supporter Says Her Family Won’t Talk To Her — She’s Sticking With Trump Anyway
Romney could derail Republican subpoena targeting Bidens
Jewish student’s lawsuit describes years of anti-Semitic harassment at elite NJ school
Kill it. Nadler tells Fox News he’s willing to let FISA expire if no reauthorization agreement
Conn. lawmakers want to expand ‘red flag’ gun confiscation law
2 Texas men charged with violently attacking federal officer at US-Mexico border
Anti-PornHub petition gains steam, accuses adult video giant of facilitating sex trafficking
DOJ open criminal probe into potential contraband flow at NYC jail where Epstein was held: report
Former Nazi concentration camp guard living in Tennessee sent back to Germany for decades-old human rights violations
NOPE. Replace red meat with plant protein or dairy to live longer, two new studies suggests
Ben Carson gets into testy exchange with Democratic lawmaker over transgender access to homeless shelters
Harvey Weinstein moved to Rikers Island prison

And that’s all I’ve got, now go put on some hand sanitizer!

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U. of Illinois Offers ‘Buyback’ on ‘Racist’ Indian Chief Mascot Merchandise

Breitbart reports, “the University of Illinois student government is offering a “buyback” of “racist” merchandise featuring the school’s former mascot, Chief Illiniwek.”

The students want to remove the so-called “outdated and racist imagery from campus.”

“Help remove outdated and racist imagery from campus!” reads a recent Facebook post by the Illinois Student Government. “Exchange your former mascot clothing for brand new, official Illinois merchandise at any of the locations listed above, while supplies last!”

The post goes on to inform students to “reach out to your Multicultural Advocates if you reside in University Housing to perform exchanges of clothing as well! The Illinois Student Government is proud to partner with the Native American and Indigenous Students Organization for this Buyback Event.”

The University of Illinois student government is dedicating $5,250 to host its “t-shirt buyback” event according to a report by Campus Reform.

“[T]he Illinois Student Government takes a firm stance against representations of ‘Chief Illiniwek’ because of the disrespect the symbol conveys upon the Native American community,” reads the resolution.

The school retired the mascot in 2007 after complaints from various Native groups and individuals. In 2017, the school decided to do away with its fan-favorite “War Chant” song at university games.

“I find it deeply disturbing that the University of Illinois has seen fit to label any representation of Native culture, authentic or not, as inherently offensive and worthy of censorship,” said president of the Honor the Chief Society Ivan Dozier — who is of Native American descent — to Campus Reform.

“Other schools like Utah and Florida State work closely with local tribes and honor their imagery and history with pride,” he added. “Why has Illinois not made any effort towards a similar partnership?”

“The University of Illinois certainly sends the message that Native Americans are not wanted nor welcome,” affirmed Dozier. “Perhaps that’s why the school posts a paltry 0.0601% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders, and 0.0539% American Indian or Alaska Native student enrollment.”


Vatican Praises UK Jesuits’ Divestment of Fossil Fuel Stocks

Breitbart reports, “The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano has held up British Jesuits as an example of an effective commitment to combating climate change, which it calls ‘the most urgent challenge’ we face.”

Jesuits in Britain announced late February (Ash Wednesday), they were dumping all fossil fuel stocks from their half-billion-dollar investment portfolio because of the fuel companies involvement in the “climate crisis.”

“Our trustees took the decision to completely divest from oil, gas and coal-producing companies because they felt these companies were not making enough progress towards better solutions,” declared Jesuit Brother Stephen Power, the order’s British Province Treasurer.

The Jesuits in Great Britain — the country’s largest male religious institution — have decided to give up investing in companies whose main source of income comes from the extraction of fossil fuels, the Vatican newspaper noted Wednesday, as a means of responding to “the clear moral imperative to act to safeguard our planet for future generations.”

The paper cited Father Damian Howard, the order’s provincial superior, insisting that “climate change is the most pressing challenge the world faces as climate disasters wreak more and more destruction, hitting poorer countries the hardest — despite them having done the least to cause them.”

“The entire planet is facing a serious climate emergency,” Father Howard calls on “all institutions to react to this ecological crisis and take courageous actions to reduce energy consumption and switch to renewable sources,” the article adds.

The Jesuits have been part of a group of institutional shareholders in Barclays who have pressured the bank to phase out all its financing of fossil fuel companies.

A resolution drawn up by the group, which accounts for some £130 billion in investments at the bank, would oblige Barclays to draft a plan to stop providing financial services to companies in the energy sector “that are not aligned with the goals of the Paris climate agreement.”

“The world must respond to the enormous challenges and opportunities of climate change with far greater urgency,” said Paul Chitnis, Director of Jesuit Missions.

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Man Released Under ‘Sanctuary City’ Rules Sexually Assaults 3-Year-Old

An illegal immigrant was released under Chicago’s “sanctuary city” policy and went on to sexually assault a 3-year-old girl and leave her sobbing for her father in a McDonald’s bathroom, according to the New York Post.

Mexican national Christoper Puente, 34, who allegedly raped a 3-year-old toddler in a bathroom stall nearly two weeks ago, was only in Chicago because cops refused to hold him for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after he was arrested last year, ICE charged in a statement.

He was then arrested last month after luring the toddler  to his bathroom stall while her dad helped her brother in the restaurant restroom, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

“The victim called out ‘Daddy, Daddy,’” Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy told a bond hearing last month.

Puente confessed, telling cops he was “f–ked up and thinking dirty,” Leighton Criminal Courthouse heard — but seemed stunned when he was held without bail for predatory criminal sexual assault, the paper said.

“You don’t understand. This is my first time,” the hearing-impaired defendant signed rapidly in court, the Sun-Times said.

Puente, who already had a long criminal history which included two felony convictions for forced-entry burglary and forgery, was deported in 2014, but illegally crossed the Texas border just five days later, ICE said last week.

Agents filed a formal request for him to be detained and ultimately deported when he was arrested for theft last June. The “detainer was not honored” leaving him free for his latest attack.

“How many more victims must there be before lawmakers realize that sanctuary policies do not protect the innocent?” asked Robert Guadian, field office director of Chicago enforcement and removal operations. “Puente should have been in ICE custody last year and removed to his home country. Instead, irresponsible lawmaking allowed him to walk free and prey on our most vulnerable.”

Chicago police defended their decision not to cooperate with ICE on immigration-related business, ABC News said.

“The Chicago Police Department remains committed to protecting all Chicago residents regardless of their immigration status,” Chicago police said in a statement. “Our pledge to restrict ICE access to our information systems and our refusal to cooperate with ICE immigration enforcement measures has not changed.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said ICE should “do their job better,” ABC said.

“They’re critical because we have said very clearly we are a welcoming city, a sanctuary city,” Lightfoot said, according to the network. “Chicago Police Department will not cooperate with ICE on any immigration-related business.”