The Emperor’s New Hoodie

Mark Zuckerberg dangled more than he bedazzled, with his posterior atop a seat cushion while his ass was not on the line; while he traded his hoodie for a suit and tie, as if it were class picture day at a pop-up version of Sears on Capitol Hill; while he neither blinked nor belied his

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Wednesday Russia Collusion Roundup

    Jamie Kirchick: "The ‘collusion’ narrative is doing the Russians’ dirty work for them" (WaPo)  "In their haste to brand President Trump a tool, they’re unwittingly doing the Russians’ work for them: validating the notion that our democracy is a sham," Kirchick writes. "While Russia clearly preferred Trump to Clinton, so far no one

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China’s Long Arm Reaches into American Campuses

  Foreign Policy reports Beijing has spent millions of dollars funding Confucious Institutes at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Rachelle Peterson of the National Associaton of Scholars wrote about their insidious efforts for American Greatness here and here.

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Jeff Sessions: ‘There is No Nullification. There is No Secession’

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday addressed the 26th Annual Law Enforcement Legislative Day, hosted by the California Peace Officers' Association in Sacramento. As expected, Sessions criticized California's insane "sanctuary state" law, and explained the rationale for a new federal lawsuit, which names Governor Jerry Brown and state Attorney General Xavier Becerra among others.

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Milo on the French Surrender

Milo Yiannopoulos has a terrific piece at his site on the problem with David French: "War Heroes Make Terrible Culture Warriors." He writes: Establishment conservativism seems resigned to a mild-mannered and orderly decline, in which Brooks Brothers-suited 23-year-old debate club Republicans in bow ties sip on Manhattans in DC watering holes while the feral Left

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Chilling Sommers: Another Blow to Discourse

Among contemporary public intellectuals, Christina Hoff Sommers is among the most attacked by our illiberal Left. In the latest episode, student groups at Lewis and Clark Law School this week protested Sommers' Federalist Society talk. Prior to her talk, these groups released a joint statement titled “Refuse Fascism in All Its Forms,” voicing

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Russia is Destabilizing America with Democrats’ Help

Colonel Stanislav Lunev defected from Russia to America in 1992. He came with a warning: Never mind the end of the Cold War. Russia was increasing its subversive activities against America. Unfortunately, the authorities ignored his warnings. Lunev’s articles have been wiped from the Internet. His book is out of print. Lunev has only

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The Shape of Virtue

At the outset of this year's Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel joked that he’d give the person with the shortest speech a jet ski. I really wish there had been more of a competition for that jet ski. By the time the evening was over it wasn’t just that I was bored. I mourned

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