Dan Proft Commentary: When People Who Play By The Rules Revolt

DAN PROFT COMMENTARY: When will the New Marxists’ cultural revolution overreach and unify a broad coalition of the non-criminally-insane to bring about an American restoration of good sense and common decency?


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When People Who By The Rules Revolt

When will the New Marxists’ cultural revolution overreach and unify a broad coalition of the non-criminally-insane to bring about an American restoration of good sense and common decency?

It’s a question conservatives have been pressing for some time.

It didn’t happen when marriage was redefined to no longer be marriage. 
It didn’t happen when criminals were redefined as victims and victims as oppressors depending on the respective races of the two groups.

It didn’t happen when men and women were redefined to be independent of their chromosomal content.

And, all the bluster aside, there is little electoral evidence to date that it will happen with the redefinition of American citizen to be anyone who is in America at any time by any means.

It’s difficult to gauge what indignity will strike enough of a chord with enough Johnny Punchclocks across the necessary range of demographics to stoke a revolt that leads to a reset.

Decriminalizing retail theft in major cities didn’t do it but perhaps decriminalizing the illegal taking of people’s homes could. 

If not, we’re a grab of the shirts of people’s backs away from Naked & Afraid on a mass scale.

My hope is people are taking notice of the spike in squatters’ rights cases.

This isn’t just a mediocre Michael Keaton-Matthew Modine-Melanie Griffith movie.

From Manhattan to Beverly Hills, both illegal immigrants and full-fledged U.S. citizens are stealing people’s homes in plain sight and in the one Manhattan case even murdering the rightful property owner in the process.

It’s became enough of an issue that Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans have moved legislation to prevent this usurpation of property rights.

DeSantis is absolutely right about the squatters’ rights advocacy in the form of how-to guides online and social media influencer like this Venezuelan who’s clarion call to shiftless recently went viral.

But it’s even worse than that. Just ask New York couple Susana and Joseph Landa.

If you don’t want to gather up a posse and head to New York to throw that bum out of the Landa’s home so they can enjoy their earned retirement and be secure in the knowledge their son will be properly cared for than you are the problem.

Adverse possession of our country by the Left leads to open-ended occupation by parasites.
These instances are nothing short of unconstitutional takings under the 5th Amendment. Just as the federal government illegally used private sector cut outs in the form of the Big Tech companies to censor Americans free speech to do indirectly what it couldn’t do directly, so are state and local governments doing with respect to Americans property rights.

But what are our Constitutional rights worth if they won’t be protected? How can we live as free people if we cannot restrain our government?

Big questions.

We can be creative and turn the system against its designers and illegitimate beneficiaries the way Flash Shelton did as he recently explained to John Stossel.

In fact, this episode prompted Shelton to start a business called Squatter Hunters to help others experiencing the same plight. While every business solves a problem and the Flash Sheltons out there serving as Equalizers for the victimized are laudable, that play is not scalable.

The People Who Play By The Rules in this country need to rally.

The people who worked and saved and paid in and colored inside the lines need to
assert themselves.

For It is the People Who Play By The Rules and who lived lives in keeping with the traditions of western civilization who represents America’s true rainbow coalition. Their ranks include every race and religion and country of origin.

And it’s time they drew a line: we are going to fight for our way of life which produced our individual homes to save the group home for which we, who play by the rules, have an equal share called America.

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